Puberty Kicked Me in the Boobs and Laughed at Me - Orlando, FL

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Hi ladies, I like many others searching for the...

Hi ladies, I like many others searching for the possibility of Breast Augmentation feel like puberty kicked me in the butt or in my case "Boobs" and laughed at me. I am almost as flat as a board. 32/34AA bras don't fit me because they are too tight so the only choice I really have is a 34A PADDED which is also big for me.

At the age of 15 I had already decided that I wanted to undergo Breast Augmentation. My mom would laugh at me (she has double DD''s like we're not related) saying "just wait until you have baby, they WILL GROW, I promise" NOTHING, NADA! The very little milk I had probably made my tiny itty bitty boobs seem like swollen grapes more than anything. Then she was like "Just wait till you reach your 20's. Your boobs will grow and you will want them small again" Well, 20's came and nothing! Zilch! I am now about to turn 23 and I've got nothing to be proud of up top.

I have been the laughing stock of my family and yes friends. Whenever I would bump into something and complain about pain up top they would laugh and say "What boobs?" My friends would say they wish they had my pretty face and skinny body but a hell no on my boobs.

I dread summer time. I barely ever go to beach because I am sooo embarrassed by my padded swimsuits. I hate shopping for bra's. I usually end up crying inside the fitting rooms when my husband is not around. I hate to send my husband pictures because I feel like there is nothing to disproportional.

I have finally made up my mind on going ahead and getting breast implants. I am an egg donor so I intend to use the money that I get as a compensation for my breast augmentation. I AM NOT AN EGG DONOR SO THAT I CAN GET BOOBS OR EASY MONEY. just making that clear so that those of you reading this don't get the wrong idea. I decided to be an egg donor because I don't want any more kids and my husband has had a vasectomy so I wanted to help someone else. No judgement please.

I am very scared because I have read all the negative side effects but every time I read reviews and posts of women that have gotten them I quickly forget about the risks. I would like to achieve a small D and most likely I would be using Silicone.

I would appreciate any advice both negative and positive from those who have had this procedure done.

I have a consultation with a Dr. on 31st of this month (My BD)

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