Getting 500cc Moderate Plus Silicone. Going from A-D - Orlando, FL

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The time just became right in my life and I've...

The time just became right in my life and I've been wanting to do this forever. I'm getting married in January and I'm also going back to college in August. So, I need to get this one ASAP.

Anyway, I went to my first consultation today. Everything went well and I told the doctor that I essentially wanted to go from the A that I am now to a D. He suggested 500cc moderate plus silicone implants. If it seems to big at the time of surgery, he would bump it down to 450 or 475. I was very happy with the consultation and then I went to the scheduling desk. At the desk, I was told the next available appointment would be Aug 28th and then the I expressed that this is something I am willing to do right away because of the circumstances otherwise it may not work out for me. They were able to fit me in a week from now. I need to get my labs done tomorrow and get every thing ready to go. I'm scheduled for Friday June 14th!

I'm so happy that I am getting this done so soon and I can't wait!!

The pictures posted are some that I took today because I want to document the before & afters.
My stats are:
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 138lbs
Current Bra Size: 34Aish
Bra Aize Goal: 34D
Implant Size:500cc Moderate Plus Silicone

My 500cc's were added yesterday and they look amazing!

Hi all,

I actually bumped my surgery date to June 11, 2013 (Wednesday) instead of Friday. Wednesday worked out much better for me and my fiance.

Anyway, so the night before the surgery I was so excited and anxious I could barely sleep. I've wanted this for so long! When I went into surgery yesterday morning I wasn't nervous at all but when I woke up after surgery I was so cold and in pain lol. I was a little dizzy on the ride home and I didn't feel like eating anything. Finally by the afternoon, I was able to have a bite to eat and something to drink so I could take my medicine. Once the medicine kicked in, I felt a lot better. I was able to go to sleep but here and there I had to ask my fiance to keep changing my ice packs or peas. It is so hard lifting myself out of bed alone. I recommend for anyone getting this done to have someone help you open doors and get out of bed. The slightest moves can be very painful.

Later on in the day after surgery, I changed my gauze near the surgical strips and was able to actually see what my boobs looked like. As soon as I saw them, I was like "OMG, I don't even care about the pain anymore!! I look so amazing!!!"

I am so happy with my results already. This is definitely the best thing I've ever done. I'm going to look so good in everything I wear, my confidence is through the roof, and my fiance loves them too. He didn't even want me to get them at first but now he loves them so much. Now I will be able to wear some really sexy things to bed now hehe.

day 3.... looking pretty sexy!

I felt a pretty stiff this morning, but after I got moving around and stuck the peas in my bra, I felt a ton better. I feel like I'll be back to normal with my new tatas in no time! The only thing that hurts the most are my ribs, arms, and my back between my shoulder blades. Other than that, I can't wait to go shopping and dress up my sexy new boobs :) And by the way, I instantly gained 5lbs of boobs. I'm going to try my best to stick to my normal diet and monitor my weight. Once the swelling goes down and I lay off the meds, I want to see where my weight will stabilize. Either way, it's worth gaining 5 lbs of boobs! Helll yaaa! hehe

I am also posting my Day 3 pics....

post op day 6

Im feeling great so far. The only things that i am experiencing are some back/shoulder/ rib pain, left boob is a little more swollen than right boob, slight loss of nipple sensation in both sides, and both boobs have sort of a numb feeling to them because the nerves havent reattched yet. Like i said before, i think the first and second day after surgery are rough but i have been doing normal things while taking it easy.

I cant wait to get my stitches out and go in the pool. I also cant wait to start going to the gym again. Im just anxious to heal So i can get back to doing my physical activities.

I went to victoria secret over the weekend and got measured. Currently im a 34dd. So once swelling goes down hopefully ill be a nice d. they had some sales for summer so i bought 2 sports bras and a normal 34dd. I tried it on for size and i think it will still work even when swelling goes down. Ill post some new photos of this.

post op day 6 pics. 500cc silicone in both sides in now a 34dd

Updated pics added to gallery

watching your diet after surgery

I havent mentioned anything about diet or much about the whole weight gain that happens. I think its pretty interesting to see how the implants affect your weight and also how the meds can make you put on a few pounds, so ill go over my experience from this breast augmentation so far but i just wanted to let you guys knowtht i have been through two previous surgeries on my spine, so ive been through the battle to stay healthy, maintain your weight, and what kind of challenges to expect.

Before the breast augmentation, i was working out 4-5 days a week with 30 min cardio and about 30 min of weights. I started working hard on my fitness goals in february (shortly after my cervical fusion in nov 2012). I was weighing about 165lbs at the time and a month before my surgery i had consistently weighed about 138-140lbs. i knew after surgery that the pain meds would make you constipated, backed up, bloated, and not have to poop for several days. When this happened to me before, i also wasnt watching what i ate and i really didnt know what to do about the constipation. Well, i made sure this time that i had fiber supplements, colon cleanse boosters, ducolace (or any otc type of med like this), enemas, fresh fruit, canned soups, super healthy lean cuisine frozen meals in case i couldnt cook, lots of coffee, low calorie gatorade, plenty of water, fresh vegetables for snacks, etc. ill explain the reason for all of this but first i just wanna talk about the food situation and why.

I think it is so important to drink hot coffee or tea in the morning especially while you are on pain meds. It helps get your metabolism moving and helps speed up the process to poop. I like to take my pain medicine with coffee first thing in the morning and have some watermelon or cantalope. Just something light to give me energy and get my metabolism going.

For your meals you have to be strict. You need to eat salads, soups, fiber foods and eat small portions. It is so easy to eat junk food when you dont feel good and its easy to say "oh its just this time, no big deal, ill work it off later when i get better". It definitely is easy to say and do that when you are NOT on pain meds, but when you are on the meds your metabolism slows down, you get backed up, and they weight/fat just racks up on you so fast. It makes it even more difficult to get back to your nomal self once you have recovered. So take my advice and dont fall off the band wagon. Just because you are in pain and feel bad, doesnt mean you can have a pity party and eat whatever you want and let stuff slide. Ive been down this road a few times. If you want to make it easy on your self and keep your figure looking nice for your new boobs, stay focused. I felt like when im not active after surgeries, i have a tendency to snack. So try to keep yourself busy and away from the fridge. Lol. Drinks lots of water and refuel with calorie gatorade. You can do it!!

Ok, to help with being backed up you need to buy fiber supplements and take 2-3 a day with a glass of water with each. Drink coffee in the morning too. Also, if you cant poop after a day or two, you need to take some ducolace medicine. Its a stool softener. When you take pain meds, your poop becomes hard and kinda dry. It makes it really difficult to use the bathroom and sometimes it can even give you hemmorhoids. It is not fun!!! So try all of that first to see if it helps, if it doesnt then your last resortis to try enemas. They work like a charm. during the first week after surgery you will probably be taking 2-3 pain pills a day (everyone is different) but as soon as you can curb it, these side effects will be better and betted. Hopefully after this first week you can be taking maybe half a pill to a whole pill of pain medicine until you fully recover. These tips will help you be aware of how to manage the diet so you wont have much weight gain ( the weight gain will be from being backed up and swelling).

So the morning of the breast augmentation surgery i weighed myself at 139lbs and as soon as i got home from the surgery with just the surgical bra on and with going the entire day without eating or drinking any fluids, i weighed 145lbs. The 1000cc's (500cc in each) of silicone gel that were put into my breasts weigh 2.2lbs. So right away i knew that about 3lbs of the weight was from purely swelling & surgery. So i watched what i ate, took about 2-3 pain meds a day for the first 3 days, took my antibiotics, took about 3 fiber pills a day, drank my coffee, still hadnt pooped since the day before surgery and i had to go out and buy some enemas. After the 3rd day of being extremely cautious of my diet and doing all the right steps to help go to the bathroom, it just wasnt helping yet and i weighed in at 147. so i went to the store and got some enemas. I did the liquid one. It worked immediately. I felt so much better and it helped jump start my bowel movements again to be some what normal. I also cut my medicine down the next day to one pain med a day and thats where im at right now with it being post-op day 7. I weighed myself this morning and im proud to say that i weigh 142 which really means i weigh 140 minus the 2.2lbs of silicone. Not to mention that i still have a little bit a swelling iny breasts still. So im very happy to say that ive stayed focused during this so far and im not going to be frumpty dumpty whem my boobs heal lol. Good luck to everyone through this. Its difficult but hang in there!!
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