34 Years Old, No Kids, Active... the Girls Aren't Like They Used to Be! Orlando, FL

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Hey Ladies, So I am a 34 year old, married,...

Hey Ladies,
So I am a 34 year old, married, physically active woman without kids. I've never really had any self-image issues and I can't say that I've never hated my breasts. In fact, I used to LOVE my breasts!!! When I was 19, they were a perfect, perky 34C. I even felt proud that when I stated dating my husband (now together for 15 years) he bragged about my great natural breasts to his best friend...(word got back to me).

So here I am, 15 years later, and while my body weight hasn't fluctuated horribly since college, my breasts have lost their volume. I am currently 5'6", 130lbs. on any given day, and my boobs look great in a heavily padded bra. That's my problem. I always wear push-up bras. I feel good in my clothes, most days. Other times I find it challenging to find the perfect bra to accent my outfit. I'm always searching for new ways to boost this, tape that, get some "umpf" while leaving my back exposed.

Swimsuits are a challenge. I'm always searching for the right one... you know the one. Just enough padding to give you a little boost- without being too big that when you lay down the top stands up on it's own, revealing your now flattened pancakes. UGH!

So, all that aside, about 4 years ago I started thinking about getting a breast augmentation. Not a lot of serious thoughts, just a little dabbling. I joke about my Sboobs (sport boobs) with my girlfriends at the gym and laugh when I KT tape my underboobs to make sure I get a little lift. But I think I'm over it. I've already spoken to 3 surgeons about the procedure, and have a 4th consultation tomorrow. I feel pretty good about the whole process... but here's my dilemma.

Have any of you gotten a BA and regretted it? Have you just absolutely felt like you have rockets or aliens, or rocketships carrying aliens on your chest? OR, have you ABSOLUTELY LOVED the results and wouldn't change a thing?

Thoughts are swirling in my head and I'm getting nervous and anxious about this. My husband supports my decision either way and loves me the way I am... although I'm sure he'd like to hear me stop downgrading my Sboobs!

Surgery booked... and now we wait

So, I finished my consultations... and just like I and just like I do with everything in life- I researched everything till I was blue in the face, exhausted all my options, got answers to every question possible, and went with my original choice.

Security deposit paid, and booked surgery for April 11th. I would have liked sooner because the waiting is going to kill me! But, I am already obligated to my clients. I have still not totally decided on size. I want to keep the girls sporty, perky, and as natural as possible. I am hovering around the Mentor 300cc moderates. I think I am going to bring more bras and shirts to the pre-op visit 2 weeks prior to surgery before I make up my mind entirely.


So, I had my pre-op this morning and re-tried some boobies with various shirts of mine. I'm going with the Mentor moderate plus, smooth silicone, 300's. I was wavering between that and the moderate 275's (which is the smallest possible for my chest width). I want a natural, sporty body. But hey, I'm paying for new breasts, I might as well get a little something out of it!

Surgery is in two weeks!

I was told to buy a front closure sports bra for my post-op visit... Found some great ones on sale at Wal-Mart from "simply basic" for $5 and $2 (regularly they're only like $7)!! Just wanted to throw that out there because it's not worth spending over $30 on something you'll only wear for a few weeks and then never again.

Flu season, this late in the game?

8 days left till surgery, and the one thing I have to do is keep myself healthy. Normally, that's an easy task.

But, this past Monday, my husband starting coughing... Tuesday night he had a 102degree fever. Full blown flu! Needless to say, he's been quarantined to the guest room.

I've been doing my best to double and triple up on my vitamin C, zinc, and zicam. There's a lot of lysol being spray all over my house, as well as extra hand washing. Despite all my greatest efforts, that doesn't protect me from my co-workers and clients. Ugh! Everyone around me is sick!!! (I wish they'd stay home)

So here I sit, on my couch, in my pajamas on a Sunday morning... with a cough :(
It's light. No sore throat. But still, it's there. I either need to avoid getting sick, or get it quick so I can recover this week. The possibilities are making me anxious either way. If I have to reschedule my surgery due to sickness, I won't be able to do it for months! AARRRGHHHH!

Please send me positive thoughts :)

Surgery went great!

So, I had my surgery this morning at 11:00 and I'm already home. Everything went well- no complications. I woke up easily from the anesthesia without a ton of loopyness. So far, I am feeling good (prob the meds) ????.
I'm just going to take it easy from here on out. Just chilling in my bed watching movies with my husband and kitties ????????.

Tomorrow may be another story...

Day 1 post-op

I thought I'd just log on today to give my update...
As far as I can tell, everything is going well. I'm still ace bandaged up real tight with instructions not to take it off unless absolutely necessary (gonna have to sponge bathe till I get my stitches out Friday).

I have a little more pressure and tightness in my chest. There's also more swelling today and a little soreness- not too much. The pain is pretty tolerable. Getting up from a lying position is only slightly difficult.

Last night I slept okay. I had a sweet pillow cocoon laid out with easy access to water, pills, and my remote control. The only jolt I had was when my cat stepped on my chest in an attempt to cuddle. He's a big boy, 17 pounds of fluffy goodness. So his big 'ole paw was like a jackhammer.

Other than that, all is good! My head is clear, I don't have any nausea, and I'm just chilling and watching movies.

I'd post a pic, but there's not much to see yet with the bandages... Maybe Friday.

Feeling good!

I wasn't going to post until tomorrow. But reading other people's issues, I am proud to announce that I pooped today! :P

I know it's not quite like solving world hunger, or curing cancer, but I'm pretty proud.

I haven't really had any bad side effects... No headaches, nausea, belly discomfort. So, I haven't been taking any pain meds. I have just the usual tenderness in my chest (I lay an ice pack over the area for a few minutes a couple times a day- it feels nice). The worst is the urge to rip off the bandages (they're starting to itch). But I officially get them off tomorrow morning :) Fingers crossed for some fabulous boobies!!!

Stitches out

Hi all, so it's Friday, 4 days post-op. I am feeling good, a little lazy and itching to get back to the gym ASAP, but otherwise good.

I went to the doctors' this morning to get my superficial stitches taken out (the deeper ones come out in another week). Amen to taking off that ace wrap and itchy tape!! I was surprised to see very little bruising (you can see a little yellowing in my pic). I usually bruise like a peach. So I guess that means I'm healing well :)

I'm feeling swollen and my boobs feel as hard as rocks. I'm supposed to start massaging them next week. But at least I don't think they look too ridiculous (I was nervous about that). I'm just not used to having round breasts. Actually, they look pretty nice, all things considered.

I am happy to report I'm not going thru the "stages of denial" and haven't regretted my decision. I'll be even happier once they're soft, bouncy, and a little smaller.

Out and About today!

I'm probably doing too much, I just can't stay in the house. Plus I feel pretty good, so I can't justify lying in bed all day.

Today my hubby and I went to the farmers market, had lunch, and went to the mall. I swore I wasntt going to try anything on, cause what fits today may look completely different on a few months. But then I started finding cute tops.

Based on my experience, here's my advise for post-op clothing shopping...

1) Wait until you're feeling comfortable lifting your arms all the way up (I am fortunate that I'm not having any problems with this).
2) Wear a bra you feel sort-of pretty in (I wan't anticipating any clothing try-ons today, so I was wearing my ugly, $4 Wal-Mart, front-close, post-op bra). When undressing in the fitting room, I was reminded how awful I look in an unflattering bra under fluorescent light. I actually took the thing of to try on a strappy romper. While it still wasn't the greatest looking outfit, the subtraction of my hideous bra made it at least 50% better :)
3) Some current style trends may not be the best for your ultra-high, swollen boobies. The "cochella" style, blousy tops are adorable on mannequins, but sort-of look like a tent once they're hanging over the new "girls".
4) Take your time. You've got forever with your new body. There's no need to rearrange your wardrobe right away!

Hope this helps :)

1.5 week check up

I am a week and a half post-op and ready to get back to work. I've had a nice time making friendship bracelets, painting artwork, reading books (napping), "doing lunch" and catching up on Netflix. But my online (and in store) shopping is getting out of control!!! I even went to the eye doc and got myself a new pair of glasses this week.

I had my "2 week" visit with the doctor this afternoon to get my 2nd set of stitches out. The nurse easily removed the nylon thread from my left breast, but couldn't find it in my right. Neither could the doctor. Apparently it's slipped below the surface of my skin. Because it isn't absorbable, I'll have to wait for my body to push it out. Not biggie. I was more excited to get the steri-tape off. It was itching like crazy!

The nurse measured me to get a close bra size of what I currently am (most of my swelling has gone down, so it should be pretty on-point). But the doc said to get a more accurate measurement in a few more weeks. Apparently, im a 32D/DD now. That's kinda a hard size to find, I'll probably go for some 34's and wear them on the smallest setting.

I asked Dr. F when I am allowed to get back into a gym and get my heart rate up. He recommended 3 weeks before any real cardio, and longer for weightlifting. In the meantime, I've been taking "brisk-ish" walks around my neighborhood. Luckily, the weather has been beautiful in the morning with a nice breeze. That, and the addition of some mature trees on my street- means I'm barely breaking a sweat. I guess that's a good thing, but I miss my intensity.

"Good thing come to those who wait." I guess. I haven't put any weight on, not even from the 1.5lbs of new boobs. I've been trying to eat healthy and do smaller portions since I'm not burning what I usually would.

So like I said in the beginning, I go back to work tomorrow. I'm happy but nervous too because I still get a little sore at the end of the day and my job requires a lot of movement. I'll let y'all know how it goes!

Back to the gym

So I am officially 3 weeks post op today which means I've been cleared to go back to the gym.

Up until today, I've been taking "brisk" walks around my neighborhood- anywhere between 3-5 miles, about 40-65 mins. But nothing strenuous. I've even thrown in a few 5 pound bicep curls and some body weight legwork.

Today, I decided to ramp up the cardio cause I'm starting to feel fluffy. I did an hour of straight cardio between the stationary bike and elliptical without arms. I kept my heart rate under 140 and felt pretty good. Tomorrow I'm planning on doing a lot more!

I still don't feel entirely comfortable lifting or pushing a lot of weight (or even just flexing my pecs) yet. I've been nursing a torn rotator cuff, so time off from my arms has been good. I'm just ready to get a little tone back! I plan on slowly reintroducing lightweight arm excersise in the upcoming weeks :)

No pics today, breasts look and feel good... But I just had a big plate of spaghetti! :P

In other news, my scars are starting to soften up. They still hurt at the end of my day from sports bras pressing against them. But, my husband has been helping with my scar massage (cause it hurts and I don't love your torturing myself). I still have a little nerve numbness on the lower half of my breasts and for whatever reason my left nipple is still sensitive. Also, when I massage my left breast, I get a nerve pinch in my armpit. Weird. Let's see how long that lasts.

4 weeks done

Hi all, just writing cause I am 4 weeks post-op today.
Everything is good. It seems like all of my swelling is gone and my breasts are really beginning to soften up. I know they will continue to soften, and maybe drop a little more in the upcoming months. I'm cool with whatever happens.

Basically, I got exactly what I asked for- my fullness back without a ton of size. Most of my friends and clients can't even tell I had anything done when I'm wearing regular clothes. It's the "not wearing clothes" part that looks better :)

I went bra shopping yesterday and it was a little frustrating. I'm measuring right around a 34D. At that size I'm not seeing a lot of cute styles. Also, it seems like EVERY bra I pick up is padded... Ugh! Anyway, I'm trying again today. I'm not supposed to wear any underwire for another 2 weeks anyhow. Plus, my scars are still a little tender.

I went thru all my old bras and swimsuits this morning- a lot still fits, just very differently! I will say tho, shopping for swimwear is more fun now! Perfect timing for beach season :)

5 weeks and all is hood

I went for my 5 week post-op check-up this morning. Everything looks good! My scars are starting to heal and become more pliable. The "missing stitch" has yet to surface from my right breast. But the nurse thinks maybe it was pulled out when my first round of tape was pulled off. If not, it should eventually make its way to be surface.

Other than that, there's still a slight tightness in my pecks, a little nerve numbness in my left armpit, and a vein that doesn't relax too well on my right. The doctor assured me everything was normal and all those little things will go away with time.

He's cleared me to wear whatever types of bras I choose- underwire or push-up. But, I think I'll still wait another week to give my scars a good break.

I'm please with my size tho! I've been officially measured (again) at a 32D. I fell like I don't look big at all... Which was my biggest fear going into this. So, overall, I'm a happy camper :)

2 months out

I'm technically 3 days late on this update, but am pleased to say all is well.

My breasts have softened and dropped slightly. I have already become accustomed to them as if they've always been there. In truth, they look just like they did when I was 19... So I got exactly what I asked for!

The incisions are still quite pink, and not all of the scar tissue has been broken up. I'm about 90% clear on the left, but only around 75% on the right. (My right breast was the one where the doctor couldn't find the stitch. I'm assuming it got pulled out in my initial post-op. Maybe that's why there is more scarring.)

Also, certain activities or movements still irk my pectorals. I haven't gotten back to my regular strength workouts, but I'm playing it safe.

So, I guess I'll check back in after my next post-op visit with Dr. Fiala in July :)

3 month post-op visit

Everything is going according to schedule. My scar tissue has broken up even more- about 99% in the left breast and 90% in the right. Coloring is still quite pink, but Dr. Fiala said that's very normal- that it could take up to a year before they fade to white. He recommended continuing with scar stick or scar sheets (which I wear almost daily). He also suggested lasering them if I wanted to hurry along the healing process. (I'll probably just wait).

I'm very happy with my results, with just one flaw... when I lift my left arm over my head, a small indentation appears toward the bottom outer edge of my breast. I noticed it in my bathroom mirror because of the lighting from a side window. I asked Dr. Fiala why this happened and if anything could be done to fix it. He told me that it's just the natural fat in the center of my breast. It pools there more than the outer edge on me. If it bothers me enough (or if I happen to have dramatic weight loss and makes the indentation appear larger), he suggested fillers similar to those that a person would use to fill their cheeks for fullness. Again, I'll probably just wait it out. It's really not noticeable to the naked eye without the right lighting :)

I'll try to take pics this weekend and post if I can get the lighting right to show my lil' dent. If not, refer to pics from month 2...Fabulous!

Best Doc in Central Florida!

I've already written another review, based on my journey thru research, planning, doctor choice, pre-op, post-op, etc. I have posted pictures, both good and bad. But, I did't give my doctor a thorough review. So, please read my comments about Dr. Thomas Fiala and his staff below. They were the best!

Orlando Plastic Surgeon

Worth the wait! I did a lot of research and consultations before deciding on my doctor. Actually, based on Dr. Fiala's reviews and testimonies, he was my first choice. However, we wasn't available for months. So I went elsewhere to hear what other doctors had to say. After meeting with Dr. Fiala and his staff, I was sold! They are all great and do their best to make you feel comfortable. The office and surgical suite are all in the same location (which they give you a tour of during your consultation). I thought this was a bonus because I didn't have to go to a general hospital the day of my surgery. Oh- and while I'm at it, I thought my anesthesiologist was awesome too! I cannot remember his name, but he was very full of jokes :) The entire office is friendly and inviting and always greet me by my name. I've never even had to wait for any of my follow-up visits. I have been recommending Dr. Fiala to my all of my friends and clients.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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