21 Year Old with One Child:BA - Orlando, FL

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Mommy of a one year old. Since having my daughter...

Mommy of a one year old. Since having my daughter I have lost a good amount of volume in my breasts. During breastfeeding I was a D and after I stopped BF my boobs went back down to a C with a little bit of a sag. I am going in for my consultation with Dr.Kendall Peters of Orlando,FL for a saline breast augmentation on March 10th. I am super excited and very nervous!!

Getting nervous about my consult!

So Pamela my patient coordinator just called and my consultation got moved up from Thursday 3/10 to Wednesday 3/9 at 1! and I'm so nervous! I really hope Dr.Peters is confident that he can produce the outcome I am looking for. I'm currently a small B and am hoping for a full C to small D. Best case scenario, it will only be 2 more days until I book my surgery and then the excitement really starts!

Consult anxiety!

My consult is less than 24 hours away!! SO excited but so anxious that I almost feel nauseous! It's starting to feel so real!

Post consultation excitement!!

So I had my first consultation yesterday and Dr. Peters was great. He laid (most) of my fears to rest. That's only due to the fact that I've never had surgery before and it's still freaking me out a bit. We have decided to go with 425CC saline unders and my surgery is scheduled for March 30th!! My pre-op appointment is scheduled for 3/28. I was quoted for $4800. I'm so excited to go through with this and I really hope this procedure turns out to be what I expect or better!

Just some more before pics


Yesterday I went in for my last pre-op appointment and it went well. Dr Peters told me what and what not to do before and after surgery. My appointment is at 2:15 and I have to be there at 12:45. I'm so excited and extremely nervous about the outcome. I have a vision in my head of what I want and I'm afraid if it is anything different that I am going to be upset. I have faith in Dr.Peters so we will see how everything pans out soon!


So today went really well! Dr.Peters, the downtown surgery center and all the nurses were so great. I can not thank them enough for the kindness and compassion they showed me. For the first day, I definitely love my boobs already! I thought they would be super weird looking but they really aren't that bad..I'm in a littlepain but not nearly as much as I had expected, mostly just tired. Still groggy from anesthesia so I will post more later????

Pain update!!

From everything that I have heard I was so scared about the pain after the procedure but it's actually not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I woke up pretty clear minded, in no pain, just feeling pressure. This morning when I woke up I popped out of bed, went to the bathroom and took a Percocet for discomfort. So far the process has gone wonderful and I can only hope it continues to go this from here on out as I heal. I am now in boobyland! (Or Titty City as my boyfriend says????)

loving them!

They look a little funny at first but I can I already notice them dropping!!
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