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Losing weight has been a constant battle, however...

Losing weight has been a constant battle, however in June 2016 I started researching different surgeries after I decided I've spent way too much money and time trying diets/ treatments with short term results. You name it and I've probably tried it. Once my mind is made up there no stopping me. Prior to choosing a Doctor , I reached out to BCBS of Minnesota to see what was required .My requirements include : three months weigh in's with PCP, Nutrition , PSY eval, two years weight history, general testing and a BMI over 40 without comorbidities . So, on July 7th IUD installed , July 14 I went to a bariatric seminar ,July 21 meet with Surgeon and decided the gastric sleeve was best for me, July 22 meet with my pcp for my first weigh in (294 lbs) , July 28 nutrition eval , Aug 4th Psy Eval, today August 22 I had my second weigh in (292 lbs ). I'm scheduled for labs on August 27 and Sept 1st EKG and Gallbladder ultrasound. My third weigh in is on Sept 22. Until then I patiently wait. I have no comorbidities like diabetes ETC , but I have had varicose veins since ten years old that hurt/burn ,shortness of breath, back and hip pain. I've modified what I eat and exercise at least 4 times per weak. This forum has truly been a inspiration for me. LOL it occupies some much of my time , I deleted my Facebook. Thanks for the reviews and Keep me in your prayers ..Until my next post PEACE, LOVE AND HAPPINESS....

Believing in me...

Disciplined, Determined and Dedicated to a healthier me...

All requirements completed...

Well... October 22 I completed my last supervised weight visit. Yesterday (10/26/16) I received a call from the Bariactric Center letting me know that a claim will be submitted for authorization this this week. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I have BCBS of Minnesota, I've read many times that's it's easy to get approved , some say it's hard. However, I do know that the Lord has the last say so and will answer my prayers. Keep me in your prayers as my journey continues.

Waiting on the edge of my chair....

So, on 9/27/16 my doctors office submitted documents to BCBS of MN . I called them yesterday and there stating them haven't received anything. I also was told by the representative at BCBS , it takes a couple of business days for them to receive things ,once received i'll receive a call 7-10 days to notify me if I was approved or denied. Has anyone else experienced the same issue. Please share your experience. Comments are truly appreciated.

The waiting game. .

So, today I reached out to Bcbs of Minnesota. They we're able to confirm that they have received all required documents and I will receive a call by 10-18-16 to let me know if I'm denied or approved. Keep me in your prayers. For those undecided what protein shake to use. I choose Premier Protein vanilla shake; it's a bit sweet but it's not chalky. I love this one over the others I've tried .


Welp...I'm disappointed however I know everything happens for a reason. I was denied due to my first three months of weights were documentation from my ob-gyn and the other three were from my pcp. It all will work out though. I'll have more time to prepare .What I'm most afraid of is the fact that my employer is merging with another company and I sure hope our benefits want change. I will keep you guys posted.

Approved , approved, approved

On December 27, 2016 documents were submitted to Bcbs of Mn for authorization . I was approved today 1/10/17....


It seems unreal . My surgery is scheduled for 2/10/17 @ 6am. I start my pre op liquid diet on 1/30. Any suggestions ??

Finally sleeve

Hi, guys . I was sleeved on 2/10/17. I feel good , despite a little soreness in my abdomen . One more day on clear liquids then I'll advance to phase two . I'm excited about my journey!


HW: 321
Start of pre op diet : 303.2
SW: 287
CW: 285
GW: 170
My incision are healing great, abdmen is still swollen . I'm excited about the road ahead.


Friday I will be five months post op . My current weight although it's shark week is 235, possibly less. I'm avoiding the scale as much as possible however I've lost count of how many itches I've lost. I'm thinking of starting the Keto diet on Monday . I started out wearing a 24-26 in buttons and tops 3x . Now I'm wearing a 17-18 buttons and 1x in tops . Menses has finally regulated itself thank God .
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