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I recently had my Pre Op appointment! Fourteen...

I recently had my Pre Op appointment! Fourteen more days until surgery! I've been waiting for this moment for years and I'm now finally taking the leap! I'm very nervous and excited about the whole thing and would like to share my pre op, and recovery experience! I'll keep updating as I will be resting in recovery for at least 10 days after surgery.

What to expect

Here's a computer edited version of what to expect!

Before photos - Anxiety

As I get closer and closer to the date, it's all I can think about! Anxieties are kicking in! I'm scared after scrolling through and seeing failed attempts but then I see the successful ones and become hopeful again. I've just wanted this for so long. I hope it all turns out well and I'm satisfied with my results and not depressed about it. Going under is another scary part. Here's some more before pictures to remind myself why I'm doing this. Good day y'all! Stay tuned!

Can't wait to change this profile!

Ew. (Before)

5 more days!

5 more days until surgery! I'm so ready for my new chin. Having trouble sleeping every night because it's all I'm thinking about! Anxiety but mostly excitement! I've been waiting for this moment for over 10 years, now I only have to wait 5 more days!! Praying everything goes well and I love my results! I trust my doctor, he just did work on one of my good friends nose and did a great job on her. I'll have at least ten days off from work to recover, heal, and relax while the swelling goes down. And during those days I'll keep posting updates on how everything is going. I may only have a few followers on here but y'all are great encouragement and I appreciate you! Here's another before picture! Have a great day everyone!

4 days before surgery (photo edit)

So I got bored today and attempted another photo editing on my chin, to calm my nerves and help me be more excited than nervous about the upcoming surgery. Not sure if this is actually accurate at all but it's something!
Also, I booked an appointment today for next week to get Botox on a wrinkle that never goes away between my eyebrows. Once I go to my consultation I'll be writing a separate review about that experience.
But we are getting close! 4, almost 3 days left until chin surgery day! Can not wait!!


Tomorrow is the big day for me! Today I'm gonna spend the day preparing for recovery. Loading up on ice packs, soups, pillows, and whatever else I need to keep me entertained. If anyone has any tips to add to make the recovery easier, please feel free to comment! My anxiety today is at a 10 and I probably won't be able to sleep tonight! Surgery tomorrow is scheduled at 3pm! I'll be out by 5. Praying everything goes well and recovery goes by fast! Have a nice day everyone!!

Pre Op!

Waiting in Pre Op! They're running an hour late! It's an agonizing wait! I'm starving and nervous!!!

Surgery went well.

Surgery is over and I'm finally home resting in my bed. Yeah, my chin hurts, but the most irritating part is my soar throat! (From the breathing tube) Hopefully that goes away soon. I have to wear this head band until Sunday, then I can take it off and see my new chin. I'll literally be sleeping until then. Will update in a few days! Time for sleep!

Healing - Day after

Tip: use a U shaped pillow to hold your ice pack or frozen peas in place while you lay down or sleep. It works like a charm and stays there all night! Feeling better than yesterday- sore throat wise. Only been able to drink liquids but today I was able to have a little bit of noodles in my chicken noodle soup. My boyfriend is the best nurse I could ask for! He's been so supportive and is always checking on me, getting me things, even running to the store at 1 in the morning for more frozen peas! He's been so good to me, I am blessed for that. Still can't see my chin but that's okay. Everyone keeps saying not to judge it at first look so I'll just wait until I'm mentally prepared. Will probably take a look tomorrow evening. I'll give you guys a picture when I go in for my post op on Friday. My routine is sleep/nap, food of some sort, antibiotics, wait an hour to take pain meds, then back to nap. I'll keep you all posted on my progress!

Day 2

I got to take the really tight head band off! Thank Goodness! It was painful to wear! I'll put it back on later but I really needed to release all the pressure! It was killing me! I looked at my face and I know I'm not looking at my results so I'm not freaking out just yet. My whole lower half of my face is extremely swollen! Very masculine looking. But that should go down eventually. Still in some pain but it's only day 2. Recovery is not fun but I didn't expect it to be. Hopefully it will all be over and satisfying soon.

Day 4

Still feel pain. It slightly gets better each day tho. I still can't eat much, or open my mouth either. But that also slightly gets better each day. I also talk funny. I noticed some yellowness bruising yesterday under my chin. I look like Jay Leno. My mouth looks small and my chin looks boxy. Still pretty swollen. I know my chin will take several months to form into what it's supposed to look like. If you experienced all this please comment to reassure me that it's all normal. lol I just don't wanna start obsessing or getting depressed over it. I'm praying all heals well and I love my results in the end.

I miss my old face.

I'm so sad today. I know it's only the beginning but my face and the fact that I can't leave the house because of my face is making me so depressed. It's SO boxy looking! My mouth is so small and I can't even smile. I miss my old small chin already. I'm so impatient I guess but I just want to get out and get back to work because I found out yesterday I need to move out in 8 weeks. Just wish it was more like Angelina Jolie and less like Jay Leno. There must be a way to boost this process before I get into depression mode. Ahg.

8 days

I know it's going to be a long process for results. Today my chin still seems big, especially from the front, making my mouth look small, and can't smile so that doesn't help either. I might just be getting used to it but I do feel like each day gets better tho. I just hope my implant isn't too big. Can't tell this early on. I have no pain at all tho, just waiting patiently for my chin to slim down a bit. I've experienced no numbing what so ever since the surgery. Which I thought was odd because it seems everyone else has. Pineapple juice has reduced the swelling significantly along with ibuprofen. Works like a charm and highly recommend it! I have another post op appointment October 11, if it's still big, I'll ask my doctor what he thinks, if the implant may be too big or not. It's a few weeks til then so we'll see how it's forms. That's all for today!

Few more pics

These pictures really show how big my chin is right now. 8 days post op.

One more. 8 days post. Swelling.

One more. 8 days post. You can really see the swelling here.

9 days post

It's been 9 days and I'm feeling much better today! I'm leaving the house and going to see a show tonight! I may know a few people there as well so this will be interesting. I think once I take this bandaid off from underneath my chin, it will make that area look slimmer. But I can't do that until Friday at 2 weeks. Feeling good today and ready to show my face to the public finally!

Day 11! Bandage off.

So my bandaid over my incision started peeling off in the shower. She (nurse lady) initially said to take it off on Friday, 2 weeks post. I called her and she said if it's coming off that means it's ready and as long as I've had it on for a good week I'll be good. So I took it off and here's my scar! So far. I'm going to put vitamin E oil on it as it continues to heal to lessen the appearance.

11 days

Here's a better picture. I think it's healing very well, you can barley see the scar at all. Can't wait til it's all done healing!

13 days

I'm nearly two weeks now. I still feel like it looks a little too big. My scar is a lump. And I can see where my implant starts in my jaw. Not sure if all of that is because it's still swelling or what. I like it sometimes but not all the time. Not 100% yet but I know, I have to just keep waiting and see.
Also, I got Botox between my eyes today! It was nothin'! Quick, easy, painless! And apparently that takes a week to set in and start working.

I'll keep you all posted and hopefully I'll be more satisfied with my chin soon.

17 days

Day 17 and doing really well!! Just wanted to post a current before and after pic! Started with some scar cream to flatten the scar out. Swelling has also gone down a lot recently and I can see that the wings are blending into my jaw line much better! I'm so happy!

3 weeks 4 days Post Op

I went to another post op appointment today. The doctor says there is definitely still some welling under my chin due to the path he made to get the implant inside. That whole area is still very tender. He says to massage it but when he did it to me it kinda hurt. I'll be going to see him again in a month. He says there's still some change that will happen over the next month or so, so I must be patient.

7 weeks!

Doing good! Each day seems to get better! Just wanted to post some updated pics! Here ya go!

2 months 3 weeks 1 day After

The results are not quite like I expected. I don't regret it because I do believe it looks better than it did before, but it's definitely not perfect. From my perspective, I think it's slightly too big. And my left side of my jawline, I can see and feel where the implant begins, yet my right side I can't. Also, underneath is still tender when I touch it. The scar area. I'm told that will all still continue to change over a year. We shall see. I'll update every once and a while through out the year and let you know.

Before and After

Here are some before and after photos from the doctors office. These were taken at 8 weeks I think.
I have become very satisfied with my results. Just waiting for the scar to completely flatten out, which will happen over time. It has gotten much smoother and flatter recently.
So here's the front and both side profiles.

4 M 1 W 5 D

It's been 4 months 1 week 5 days since my chin implant. I am now very satisfied with my results. Still applying scar away to my scar because at the beginning it had risen but it's now starting to flatten out more and more. I love having a chin! It really has boosted my confidence! Here is a photo of before my surgery and a photo I took just now. Thanks y'all!

Photo before & after

For some reason the photo didn't load on my last post.

5 months after

It's been 5 months and everything's great! Still me, just with a nicer looking chin.

Almost 6 months

Almost 6 months after and my lump of a scar is finally subsiding and it's looking better. It's looking flatter underneath. It is definitely true that your results will continue through out the corse of a whole year! Tho the surgery is quick and easy, the healing process is not so quick, but can be easy after the first month or so is over. All you need is patience. And the sooner you do it the sooner you'll have your fully formed beautiful chin. So if you're thinking about it, don't wait 10 years like I did! You only live once!

Just a quick pic

I just love to compare. So glad I did it!

Orlando Plastic Surgeon

The crew is very pleasant!

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