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Hi all, I just started my invisalign treatment,...

Hi all,

I just started my invisalign treatment, so I am 1 week in. I've always wanted to do braces, but never got the chance to. When I was younger I was offered to do braces for cosmetic reasons, and I said no because I wanted to be cool brace-less. I regret it now, but better late than never.

I'm currently living in Orlando doing a grad internship with Disney and thought what better way to work on myself than investing in invisalign. I found a groupon to do invisalign for 2800 (24 aligners). I was thrilled and couldn't say no. The dentist is also an elite invisalign provider. They offered 2 plans - 2800 (in full) for 24 (sets) and 3900 (payment plan, 1800 down) for unlimited. After receiving my plan I learned I needed 25 so I opted for the groupon deal and paid 136 for the extra aligner. I also opted to do the propel treatment, which stimulates the bone by creating micro-perforations near the gum line to make teeth movement easier. Essentially it is drilling little holes all around your gums. I paid 500 for both 2 treatments. (1 now and 1 in 3 months).

I was very excited to get started. They used this machine to scan my teeth, which created the aligners. 2 weeks later I was back at the dentist to get the first one fitted. I have 25 for top teeth and 18 for lower. This was the first time I also opted to do propel.

I think everyone may be impacted by this differently, but my propel treatment wasn't a great experience. I was given topical anesthesia, but during the procedure I could still feel a wince of pain the deeper it was screwed in. I voiced this and the dentist added more. He said others described it as getting food wedged in between your teeth. I just call it...ouch. The top teeth were pretty much fine after he numbed it again. The bottom teeth were significantly more painful and sensitive during the procedure and after. We aren't allowed to do anti-flammatories so I was advised to take Tylenol. I was told I'd feel some soreness...but WOWZA I felt like my entire mouth was aching a pain I've never felt before.

I do pretty well with dental work and pain, but as soon as I left the office I started crying my eyes out. I think I was in shock about how much it hurt. I immediately went to buy Tylenol and found out I couldn't use orajel either. I called out of work, slept it off, and by the evening it still hurt, particularly the bottom teeth. I called back and they prescribed me medication (tylenol 3). I was impressed by how caring the dental office was, they called a few times to check up on me. After I got the medication, I did feel a little better, but it wasn't until 3 days later that I completely didn't feel any pain.

Things I'd Do Different (with Propel):
-Take Tylenol BEFORE procedure to help with pain
-Take time off to rest after
-If you feel significant pain, ask for medication and don't wait for hours later
-Buy soup, pasta, soft foods for those few days

Other than that, I am happy because this week went by pretty smoothly. The aligners fit on very easily by the end of the week. Now that I have the propel treatment, I will change aligners every week instead of 2. I have my second apt and cleaning tomorrow so I will give updates and post pics after that!

Week 1 down - Hello Tray 2!

Hey everyone!
Thanks to Propel I'm already on Tray 2 after 1 week. The first week went pretty smoothly! I've read some reviews where the first few days or week was horrible, besides the pain from my Propel treatments for the first 3 days, my teeth felt pretty well! The bottom teeth were a little sensitive when I took the aligners off, but chewing cautiously helped. But no need to file the aligners or use wax.

I've also decided to create an eating/cleaning schedule. I do weight training, so I want to make sure I still get my calorie and protein intake. I eat pretty slow, so this has been a challenge for me. I try to time my meals to keep up with it. Hearing stories about people losing weight with invisalign worry me a bit! If anyone else also works out and has tips for maintaining/making gains please share!! I'm kind of an agenda freak (haha) so I posted my schedule below.

This past weekend I was out and about for most of it with limited access to a bathroom. I ended up bring mouth wash and those brush wisps for my teeth. I looked a little crazy popping those aligners in and out, but it worked! Needless to say, I've gotten comfortable with them.

I was so excited to get my second trays! They fit snug, so that was a good sign. I also added my attachments, which you can see in the pictures! Will make sure to keep my updates coming.

Conquered Tray 2 - Yay Tray 3

I've decided to change my trays every Tuesday before going to bed, so I will have a better time getting used to the tightness.

Week 2 -Tray 2 went by pretty smoothly. I did drink a few beers with it, which worked out okay (even though I tried using a straw) haha. It was the first time I got nervous trying to take out the bottom tray. It was significantly harder than the first, especially on my front bottom teeth. As you can see from my pictures, that is where the most movement was happening, so it was pretty sensitive. I found out if I loosened both sides of the tray first with both hands and then moved to the middle, it was a lot easier!

Also, my speech is pretty hilarious. I can hear a pretty big lisp. It's kind of annoying and some people have noticed it, but I'm hoping it will get better with time.

Overall, invisalign has totally been worth it. People have made comments about how they should be brushing their teeth as often as I do in the bathroom hehe, and then I tell them about invisalign.

It's an exciting feeling right before you are about to switch trays. It means PROGRESS!

Week 5 - Tray 5

Hey all! I forgot to make an update last week, but here is my fifth tray of day 1. I've gotten more used to my routine and even was able to make some work out gains.

The most annoying thing I've been dealing with is getting my lipstick on my aligners and staining them. So annoying! I'm trying to use lip primer, but even though it's still been leaking onto my aligners and I look crazy when I smile.

But all in all, if that is my biggest problem with invisalign so be it. I've started to even forget that I have them on. I still have a lisp though -_-

Crazy to think I'm on my fifth trays already!!

Tray 6 and Dentist Apt

Wow this is speeding by!

I'm almost about ready to change into Tray 7 (tomorrow night before bed) and things have been going smoothly. I went to the dentist today for a pleasant visit. The staff at Orlando Dental Group are fantastic - quick and painless.

I went and added 2 buttons that fell off. I also did IPR on my bottom 3 teeth slightly. I was afraid I'd look weird, but to my surprise I can barely notice it. It also didn't hurt one bit and was done in a few seconds. After the dentist checked out my progress he told me I could change to every 6 days instead of every 7. Sweet! I got trays 7-14, it's like a special goody bag. WOOH!

I'm feeling really great about my invisalign experience. My next appointment I'm also going to do my second (and last - I'm pretty sure) Propel treatment. I made sure to schedule it at the end of the day so I can still go to work and function (and then cry the rest of the day). Haha, I hope not though. Hopefully now that I know what to expect, the second time won't be as bad.


Time is flying! Tray 11

It's been a while since my last update. That's because time is FLYING. Now that I switch every 6 days, it's thrown me off a bit. I don't get to change it the same day, but it's certainly moved things faster.

Crazy to think, but I haven't used any wax at all. I haven't needed it. There was one switch that was a bit rougher and irritated my tongue, but I really haven't felt that much discomfort.

The biggest thing I've noticed so far is...da da da...cavities :(. I'm pretty sure I had 3 before I started my invisalign and one is particularly getting worse. I'm still not sure when I will decide to fill them. Not having any dental insurance is pretty frustrating. Honestly, I hope to get job that will provide dental insurance (still living that intern life right now.)

Also, slightly concerned about my bottom teeth that had IPR done to them. Before I didn't notice the room between them, but now with some movement the gap is pretty noticeable. I'm hoping with more time and when my teeth are more aligned it works out. Has anyone had a good experience with IPR?

I'll post up some pics. Most are from tray 10 and I'll put up another pic of my bottom tooth without the trays on.

ClinCheck Video

I finally was able to post it!

Finished PROPEL & Tray 17

I've been meaning to give you all the update! Sooo excited that I AM DONE WITH PROPEL! WOOOH. Also, the second time was MUCH MUCH better. Dr. Pyle did a really awesome job. This time, instead of applying the numbing gel with the gauze and letting it sit, they applied directly with a swab and timed it. It was much more comfortable. I still felt a little throughout the process, but it was more like soreness from the pressure. They even took a smiling picture of me at the end of the treatment. I feel very lucky because Dr. Pyle is actually one of the instructors of PROPEL!

I learned from my last time. I took Tylenol extra strength before I came and asked if I could have my prescription ready for me so I could pick it up on the way home. Smart decision. The few hours after the treatment were still pretty dreadful, but again it feels like a soreness from the pressure. I made sure to make a later appointment so I could go right to bed. The next day I felt much better and actually did a presentation!

I've also noticed that the gap or black triangle has closed significantly on my bottom teeth. THANK THE LORD! Haha. Since the PROPEL, changing trays hasn't been as uncomfortable. It's awesome, now even others have noticed my teeth are straightening out. I have one more (tray 18) for bottom and the rest are passive. I have 8 more for the top (tray 25). I'm loving this progress!

Comparison Pic

I'm on tray 21 now! Wooh. Only 4 more to go. It's crazy how fast time flies. It really becomes a part of your routine. My invisalign has become an extension of me. :D LOL. The pic posted is old, but such a great comparison! It's even more noticeable now.
Dr. Kenneth Pyle

Dr. Pyle and Orlando Dental Group are AWESOME. I enjoy every check-up - the staff are pleasant, helpful, caring, and professional. After both PROPEL treatments, someone from the office called to make sure I was healing okay. They are very accommodating and quite funny. If it weren't for them I wouldn't have heard of PROPEL. It cut down my treatment significantly, from 12 months to 6 months!!! Dr. Pyle is an elite provider of invisalign and one of the top providers and instructors for PROPEL. He is very knowledgeable and gets the work done swiftly. I'm not even finished with my treatment and I am already very happy with my progress!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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