I Had my CoolSculpting Procedure Today on my Lower Belly !! (28 Year Old, 5'2, 120lbs , No Kids. Orlando, FL

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Hi ! After months of online research and 2...

Hi ! After months of online research and 2 consultations I decided to have done CS on my lower abdomen. It took a lot of consideration since there are some really scary reviews out there. I got 2 CoolCore applicators on a V shape on my lower belly and I'm happy to say it did not hurt! I only felt some pressure. It was so painless that I even fell asleep for like 30 mins while I had my second applicator on. The massage was also not as bad as everybody made it seem. It wasuncomfortable and infelt lots of pressure, but the pain feels more like "period cramping". I have to say that one day prior to my treatment I started taking arnica pills 3 times daily as they help with bruising, swelling and pain. I also bought arnica gel to massage the treated area. I was able to drive back home and take a shower and ended up going out on a date that same night and had two beers (hope that doesn't mess anything up) As the night progressed I felt my belly getting more swollen. Good thing I was wearing a spanx under my outfit . As soon as I got home I massaged the area (as instructed by my technician) for 5 minutes with the arnica gel. That was not fun. I tried my best to massage the area with some firm pressure. Right now I'm about to go to bed feeling great . The feeling that I have in my belly is as if my belly didn't belong to my body (I don't know how else to describe it ) . I'm keeping a positive mindset and will try to avoid mirrors as I know this is a process and it will take some time for the swelling to go down.

2 days post !!

Hey guys ! Today is day 2 after I had my coolSculpting procedure. I'm happy to announce that I'm feeling pretty great ! So, I'm just going to share what I'm doing, maybe it'll help somebody out there:
I was told my my technician to massage the area for at least 3 minutes a day, she specifically told me to do this because she didn't want the area to become hard, as this could be the dead fat cells clumping. That being said I'm massaging twice daily.
Early in the morning before work I massage he area with arnica gel for 3 mins. It is kind of painful and def not comfortable, I apply pressure beyond my comfort level. I wear my spanx to work (yes, I have read this is not necessary, same with the massages, but I do believe the spanx is helping a lot) I'm also drinking at least 3 liters of water daily. At night I take a shower before bed and massage the area for 5 minutes again with the arnica gel. It's only been 2 nights after coolSculpting, and I'm sleeping like a baby. I stopped taking the arnica pills. Last dose was this morning.

So yeah, I know it seems like I'm doing a lot, but I feel great. Today I got home and was able to do a 45 minute yoga class!. The swelling is there but it's minimal, and the pain is almost none existent. It's more like pressure and soreness as if I did 100 sit ups or something lol.
I've heard the pain starts after 4 days, and I'm really not as nervous about it anymore. I've read some terrifying reviews and so far my experience has been so different . So I think I'm gonna keep myself from reading the negative stuff . Everyone's is different. All I know is I want to keep a positive mindset because I believe a positive mindset is one of the keys for a positive outcome.
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