44 Years Old, 20 Year Old Implants, 1 Child, Explant for Health and Comfort. Orlando, FL

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I'm so very grateful to have found this site! I'm...

I'm so very grateful to have found this site! I'm ready to be rid of my 20 year old implants! This site and all the courageous women who have posted has given me the power to explant. I enjoyed my implants at first but I was very young and insecure. Everyone I knew was having it done and I thought "I want boobs too". No research, just used the doc my friends used, armed with a pic of Jenna Jameson, I was off to get my new boobs. At the time my husband was not in favor of my choice but he felt like I was too headstrong to stop. I love that he honors me even in my short comings. Now, 20 years later, he's like... wait a minute now... He doesn't remember me without them. After some explaining and discussion he wants what's best for me and my health. I've decided to explant because I just feel I've outgrown them. My 44 year old self would never have done this. I'm ready to be just me, comfortable in my own skin. Also, I've wondered why is it so hard to be healthy when I take pretty good care of myself? We will never know if it's the implants or if I was meant to just have one child. Looking back and putting all the pieces together, I believe my Thyroid conked out about 3 years after my implant surgery. Since then, I had 3 miscarriages and half my thyroid removed due to a large goiter. I feel like I have been given a beautiful new fresh start with removing these implants and I'm so excited to start my journey of healing both emotionally and physically. Thank you for reading and stay tuned. Love and Light, XO

Consults complete, surgery scheduled 7/25/16

I traveled back to my hometown to see the PS that implanted me 20 years ago. The visit was fine and he agreed to perform a full capsulectomy but he wanted to deflate my implants one week prior to my surgery so that my breasts would shrink back slowly and I could get an idea what I would look like prior to the explant in case I changed my mind and wanted my implants replaced or I wanted a lift. Hearing this made me realize that he really didn't understand my position and the thought of 20 year old saline, and whatever debris might be floating around, slowly leaking out into my body scared me to death. In addition, being 150 miles from home wasn't a comforting thought. Then I had another consult with Dr. Scott Rotatori here in Winter Park, FL. He and his staff were very professional, warm and friendly. After a thorough examination and explanation I decided that he was my guy! I had already done some research on him and had a very good feeling about my choice. He will be performing a complete capsulectomy on Monday, July 25, 2016. The cost will be just at $5000 including the surgical fees and follow up visits. I'm really excited to get this behind me and start the healing process. I've decided to take 2 weeks off of work to make sure I'm fully rested as I have a very physical job. My boss, co-works, friends and family have been very supportive of my decision to explant. I think my husband is excited too. He wants me to be happy and healthy. I'll see you on the other side.

Lotions and potions

I've been using this oil and serum for the past month leading up my surgery in hopes that my skin will shrink back with more ease. I used the oil (Huile Tonic), on my pregnant belly, 10 years ago, and I have not one stretch mark on my tummy. I was very pleased with the outcome. Let's hope I have some luck with my boobs. I do have a few faint stretch marks on my breasts from my initial implant surgery over 20 years ago. I didn't know about this oil back then nor did I know you could get stretch marks from getting implants. You can purchase this at any major department store. I bought it at Macy's. (I have no conflict of interest to disclose.)

Surgery went well

I had my explant surgery yesterday and everything went well. POD 1: minimal pain using Tramadol, ice packs and some TLC from my husband and my sweet little girl. The worst part so far is the anesthesia. I don't react well, usually involves vomiting but not this time due to some powerful anti-nausea medications. The side effects are dry mouth and dry eyes as well as blurred vision which should go away by tomorrow. I'll take that over vomiting. The doctors and nurses at the surgery center were fantastic. They made me feel so comfortable. Warm blankets and they even warmed the IV fluid bag for my comfort.

First peek...

Well I had my first look at the girls today and my first shower. POD# 2. They look a little smushed on the bottom side but I think that is from the internal lift and one hell of a tight surgical bra. I'm also very swollen on the sides of ribs. I've been using ice packs a few times today. All in all, I'm feeling great. A little tired and a little sore but no real pain.

Day 3, feel horrible

So today is POD 3 after explant and I feel pretty horrible today. I still have my drains although my left drain is probably ready to be pulled. The right drain is still producing fluid today, about 25ml. I have no pain at all just a slight burning sensation underneath where the drain and incisions are. I just have no energy at all, and just a horrible mood all day today. I'm sitting on the couch with my essential oil diffuser on with lavender hoping this horrible feeling will pass quickly. My husband has been tending to me most of the day. I'm sure tomorrow will be better.

9 days post explant

I'm feeling much better on POD #9. To recap, I had a total capsulectomy and explant with an internal lift. I got the drains out 2 days ago and I still have the steri-strips. My breasts look like little sandwiches to me because they have not filled out on the bottom. This is due to the lift he performed on the inside. I'm still very swollen under my arms so I have been using ice packs a couple of times per day as well as gentle massage to my facilitate my lymphatic system. (Note: I'm also a massage therapist.) I went to establish a new primary care doctor today and she told me that my PS was "one of the best" and even though it's already done, it felt good to know that my research had paid off and I had chosen wisely. I'm still tired and feel like I'm not 100% yet but all in all I'm back to my normal duties at home with cooking, cleaning and a young child. My husband has been a huge help to me too. I go back to work at my physical therapy clinic in 5 days which consists of standing for 7 hours and demonstrating exercises. I'm not planning on lifting anything over about 5-10 pounds for the first couple of weeks. I'm also not planning on going back to the gym for another 4 weeks and then just easing back into things. I have a follow up appointment with my PS in 3 weeks and after I see him I'm able to get out of my bras 24/7. I can't wait!

9 days post explant


2 months post explant

I finally took some new photos. I'm feeling really great and can now sleep on my side and even rest on my stomach. I also finally went back to my normal bras. No more stretchy bras for me...only at home when I want to be comfy. I have returned the the gym with only normal muscle soreness noted. I no longer feel a tugging sensation from the internal lift that was performed. I do notice some asymmetries from right to left. My left breast was very encapsulated and my doctor said for this reason they would not "age" the same. Just looking in the mirror I don't notice much but in the still photo it shows a lot more. I believe I still have some healing internally that will continue to manifest itself. I do still notice that when I raise my arms overhead both nipples some a dimple inward. (Again, from the internal lift.) NO regrets at all!!! It feels SO much better to be me and not have there's hard rocks pressed against me. I'm loving my new size and feeling I look more natural. I went from busting out of a 34D to fitting nicely into a 34C. I think by December with faithful exercise and decreased swelling, I will be a 34 B (ish). Super happy with my results.
Scott Rotatori, MD

This man and his team are amazing. He is a wizard and has made my breasts look awesome after having implants for 20 years. I'm so very pleased that I discovered him and decided to use him for my explant surgery. His staff were warm, caring and friendly and this says a lot about the doctor. Dr. Rotatori listened to my concerns and I felt very confident in his care.

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