When Can I Redo my BBL? - Orlando, FL

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I have always had self esteem problems with my...

I have always had self esteem problems with my pear shaped butt. I read about the various options in having my bottom enhanced and decided to take the safer route has I am 5'5" 180lbs. I felt I had enough fat to give. My number one drawback was $$. I could not afford to spend not even a penny over $4500 of which I had to save for more than a year. Ramen noodles was my bestest friend.

I researched several doctors, consulted with a few and basically came down to the two cheapest which was strax Fort Lauderdale and a Dr in Orlando which a wish not to openly discredit is business. I got turned off by strax when they had a death case which they explain could have happened to anyone, but I felt more confortable with who I thought listened and understood what I was trying to achieve. On countless occassion I was however reminded by them that I had a steal of a deal in having my procedure done for under $5000 in the US.

I sent a picture of my ideal look, the exagerated look that is. I was given instructions and before you knew it I was going in for my post-op the day after. I was drugged up and was told not to shower or take my garment off until the doctor saw me the following day. Here comes the bad news, my doctor made 10 incisions: upper and lower back, upper and lower abdomin, flanks, braline, above my butt(back scoop), pretty much my entire mid section. HE ONLY TOOK 1000cc (crying right now). Of that 1000cc 100 was not viable and he had to distribute 450cc in each cheek. Again, i am not a small girl so my body consumed my butt.

I have to admit I am still swollen as I am only 8th days in, butt my friend told me there is no such thing as butt fluffing so chances are my butt will only get smaller when the swelling subside and that is if the fat took. I have been depressed to the pointthat I am still taking my valium to calm me down at nights. I spent all I had, cant sit on my butt for three months (per this doctor), have to wear this uncomfortable body suite with the butts cut out (again per my doctor) and I am depressed (crying as I type). I think I am about to lose it. To make matters worst, I think he put the fat too much on one side as I am now obviously rounder on one side.

HELP. I know my option is to start over again. I dont even want to talk to their office anymore as they are saying "some people can only afford to have lipo on certain areas" it would have been nice for them to tell me they could not get me even close to my ideal. Is there any doctor out there that can help me. I just need to sit and talk to someone to get some kind of comfort. I am stress. Everyday I am tempted to sit on my butt as I see no purpose in preserving fat that I cant see. Is it possible to have over 1000+cc from my inner thighs and arms (I was hoping to have at least 500 additional cc per cheek), and if so how much does a redo cost. I would rather put myself in debt to fix this problem asap as it is messing with me mentally. HEELLPP!!! Talk to me please.

Round 2

Okay so it has been years since I've posted. I decided to do a round 2 but I'm scared to death (literally). For some reason I think I will be a statistic and something will go terminally wrong. I have not been feeling optimal though my doctor cleared me for surgery. Maybe it's my sinuses or maybe my brain is getting the better of me but I've been stuffy and feeling drained. I worry that I'm selfish and might rob my daughter of her mother due to my vanity. That said I cannot sleep. Surgery is in 2 days with doctor Sergio Alvarez. If anyone is having surgery with him that date please be a dear friend.
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