29yr, 5'7, 120lb, Mom of 2, Extended Breastfed both. 325cc round smooth high profile. Orland Park, IL

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I just went in for my 2nd consultation this...

I just went in for my 2nd consultation this weekend. Me and my BFF are both want BA, she is booked for March. I however am still weaning my son (almost 2yrs) so I have to wait a bit longer. He is down to nursing one side once a day. I am looking to get my BA later this summer. Looking at 300-325CC silicone under the muscle inflammatory incision.

Before kids I was about a 32-34B. Nice small perky boobs. Though I never liked them. Had one baby, and nursed her for 15 months. Then got pregnant with my son about 6 months later. He is still nursing at almost 22 months old. I have been gradually weaning him the past few months. We are down to nursing from one side before bed. So my boobs don't really fill up alot. But enough for him to get something. But the size they are is close to what I was when I was done nursing my daughter. A sad sad B cup. I have no upper fullness. I have all under boob. My under boob is like a nice B but that is about it. I haven't been measured for a bra since Winter 2013 and then I was about a 32 B/C. But needed to wear push up bras because if I bent over or moved my arms I had alot of space inside that cup. :(

And heaven forbid I bend over without a bra it is this little cone of a boob. I feel so bad for hubby when he grabs them. He is a good guy and says I like your boobs the way you are. But if your going to do it, do it for you not cause you think I want this. Oh no. I want boobs FOR SURE. My Mommy pouch belly sticks out more than my boobs....yes, I want boobs. I need boobs!!!

So enough backstory. But now that I am nearing the end of my breastfeeding journey and we are done having kids. Momma wants her boobs fixed. Or at least to get more information and prices.

My first consult was in December 2015 and he was more about areola incisions and said I could go up to 400cc if I wanted. My hopeful result is a nice full C. He was nice but not quite understanding to what me and my BFF were explaining. Left us excited for boobs but no so enthusiastic for the doctor. With a friends and family discount of $750 (knew a lady through friends that worked there) it would still cost $7250 silicone and $6750 saline. So that means he is 8 grand for silicone. Holy cow. And I wasn't booking any time soon so who knows if I would have kept my discount.

Our 2nd consult was this past Saturday. I had my hubby come with me. Me and my BFF did our measurements and history in separate rooms and then tried on sizers in the same room. It was nice having hubby there to help me decide. I like the 300cc cause it looked like a nice boob on me. He liked the 325cc so there was a little more. My BFF likes 350cc on herself. But good to know that he doesn't want me to have absurdly huge boobs like I thought he did. Cause when I tried on the 350cc we both agreed it looked too big!

After find the sizes we liked. We went to sit down with the PS and go over everything. He said he will put in sizers during surgery and sit us up to see what looks natural before he makes a final decision on size. But he wrote down with what size range we were okay with. He said surgery takes about 1hr15m to 1.5hr. Get there half hour before stay half hour after. Will send you home with meds and dressings. Bring zip up or closure front bra in a few sizes so that have one that fits right for day of surgery. And he does his week and month and every so many months then just once a year checks ups to make sure everything is going good. He said he likes to make it look right and him and patient both be happy with results and only have to do this once.

Now comes the sad part....I have to wait a few months after until my youngest is fully weaned off. I am hoping to go in late July. Just need to save up $1000 down to get the 36 months financing. We were getting a $100 friend referral discount....but since I didn't book that day I won't get it. But not a huge savings so ooh well. His costs were $6500 silicone and $5500 saline. Hubby and I both agree silcone for feel and long term wear will be better. If I do saline I might get some rippling because I am thin and have thin skin on my upper breast and no fat to hid it.

My friend booked hers for March 1st. She will be coming to stay with us for that 1st week. I am kind of glad I get to see what she goes through and how it all goes. But man am I jealous as hell that I have to wait for mine. hehe

But for now that is all. I will upload some pics from December that I took for the consult. My before bed boobs with no milk to fill em. I will also upload the pics from our 2nd consultation.

Silicone Sizers

Here are sizer pics from consult.

Bra Size

I had to run out to the mall today. I also had a free underwear for Victoria Secret. So I figured I would get sized while I am out....just out of curiosity.
Before kids about 34B.
During 1st breastfeeding child 32D.
After 1st kid 32C. (with under breast fullness of a C.)
During 2nd breastfeeding child...no idea. Wore alot of sports bras, nursing tanks and a mix of all my other bras in the drawer.

I asked the lady if I needed to take off my current bra. (32D-very ill fitting.) She said no. Sized me. Said I measure at a 32D. I said well I can tell you that's not right. I leaned over and said this is why. As I stuck my hand in my bra. She said okay, I will grab the C then. She brought me a 32 C. Fits great. No overage or tightness. Comfy demi 32C. Sad part being....I had no upper boob or cleavage whatsoever! Also, I am currently weaning my son. This week we just started going down to every other day, 1 side, once before bed VS every day, 1 side, once before bed. So by today one boob has a little milk and the other has a little more than that since it hasn't nursed in a few days. So with all that said....pretty sure I will be a B ish by the time my milk goes away.

I came home and told my husband all this. And I told him honestly I am probably an A, if that, on my upper chest and a B/C on my under boob. :(

So all in all. I cannot wait for boobs. :) Full filled boobs that have shape. (.)(.) Yes please.


Made myself an olf fashioned taped up jar with a slot for money. And keeping a written tab in the side so I know when I reach my deposit goal to book my augmentation. Hubby said if I wrote titties on it he would be more motivated to throw extra cash n change in there lol So I did.

Nursing and Wish Boobs

Boobs boobs boobs. All I can think if are boobs.

Nursed my lil one for the last time yesterday. So fro Feb he only nursed like 4 times total. Going to start drinking my peppermint tea and see what oyher tricks n tips to help dry milk up faster. Still hoping to get my BA in June. I would be 3m 21d out from last breastfeeding. We shall see.

But for now wish boobs! Cause it is all I can think about and look at. I am truely addicted to realself. Hehe

I want boobs!

It has been almost 2 weeks since my BFF got her boobs done. I picked her up after surgery and she stayed with us the first few days. I was glad to help and glad to see how it was for her to go through it all and get some more insight into a BA. That being said....I WANT BOOBS. Even more now lol Hers look so good. :)

And as for an update on me for the boobs status.....done breastfeeding. And since that I lost nearly an inch and half in my chest.... :( WAHHHHH. I have a tentative date for my BA being on June 24th first thing in the morning. We have other family and life stuff I needed to wait and see on before I wrote it in marker but I have it saved for now. So 14 weeks 5 days out sounds better like that lol But alot of other stuff to happen before then so no oober rush...well....besides the fact I can't wait for boobies. haha

And since I lost more boob mass hubby wants me to get 339 I still really like 300 and am okay with going to 325cc. Even thought it is minuscule difference....still. He said he liked the 325cc on my chest at the time which was before I stopped nursing. But that is a whole other argument for a later date...once I get remeasured at the Doc and who knows what would even fit in there. Just saying. My bff wanted 300-325cc originally wanting 350cc and changed it down lower at her pre-op. The doc did the biggest he could one was 275cc and one was 300cc and he said those were tight. So I know I have more skin and boob then she started with but who knows. And when I tried on the 339cc at the office with my friend for her pre-op it looked alot smaller than the 325. But then again it could have been a different profile or who knows.

Oh well. Just needed to catch everyone up and have been creeping RS hard. I am boob obsessed and cannot wait....that is all. BOOOOOOBBBSSS!!!! :D

Been a while.

Hey it has been a while since I wrote a post. Whoops. Been busy with Mommy life.

We went on vacay in April and I wore a bikini...well let me tell you....small boobies with tan lines only look SMALLER. My upper non existent boob was tanned so now my ittie bitties look bittier lol Will try and post a picture.

I am so far keeping my tentative date of June 24th. I have all my post opp help lined up. Last weekend we applied for the care credit and were approved. So now finances are figured out. I think once we did that I felt it was more legit. HOLY C OW. I am getting my boobs done. lol And I ordered once zip up sports bra and might get one more to use the first couple weeks. I started buying some little things like bath wipes and meds. Going to order my vitamins soon too.

I am going to check with hubby and see how his schedule looks and then call. I want to make another Dr appointment for sizing and just remeasured since boobs settled. I am semi freaking out because I am going on 3 months since I stopped nursing and I can still get very little milk but kind of looks like colostrum for anyone who has nursed. I have taken a buncha sinus medicine because of allergy season and sinus infections and they are supposed to dry you up. I have been eating my peppermint mints too. But freaking out this will hold me back from surgery or cause a problem.

36 days otherwise. HOLY CRAP. HOLYYYY CRRRAAAAP.

I asked my bff if she missed her old boobs at all. She said F*** no. lol So that helps. haha Last bit is Hubby said he is on unrestricted boob access before surgery time. MEN.

I think that is all the updates. Sorry for all the randomness. I will try and upload pics from my phone next.

Small boobs.

***46 Days left*** Sorry for that typo.



Hell yes. I cannot wait. Boobs. Boobs. BOOBS. All I think about are boobs. Boob pics. Money for boobs. Days till boobs. Boobs!!!!!!!

I told hubby I will try n send him a boob pic a day until surgery....as momento of what they used to be hehe

I go for my preop June 4th. It will be just under 3 weeks preop by then but PS in on vacay for all mid June. So he will be all fresh for my surgery week. Woot woot.

I need a couple more freezer meal ideas. I ordered my post op vitamins last week. Going to order back rest pillow this week or the next.

Eeeek. I can't wait!

So long to these lil guy in 31 days!


My vitamins came in last week. Woot woot.

Also our medical insurance is going to switch and our current one ends this month. So I asked Dr office if they could send in my scripts by the end of May so my insurance can cover them.

I got my antibiotics yesterday and I go on Tues to pick up prescription for pain meds to get it filled.

Otherwise 6 days until my pre op!!!!! Wooohoooo!!!!!

Nursing Boobs.

Here are pics of my boobs when I was nursing my son. Bazoongas! Will also re post a pic of my current boobs just as a saaaddd refresher.


Holy cow. Time is flying. I had my pre-op yesterday. (20 days before surgery date) PS leaves this week for a 2 week vacay and will be back nice and fresh the week of my surgery.

Went in and he went over basic surgeon stuff, I will ultimately choose what looks best on you, trust me. Etc. I trust him. Then I asked my questions I had:

Shape and profile of implant? Natrelle Moderate High Profile Round. Silicone. To fill out the fullness I lost on the top.

How does he do his stitches? How long till they dissolve? He does 4 layers of internal stitches. And can take up to a couple months or so to dissolve naturally. I can get strips to cover them to help healing. I said I already ordered them! hehe

Only time I was out was for my wisdom teeth and all I remember in IV or shot in my arm/hand. How do they do the anesthesia? Will I get sick from it? He asked if I get motion sick car, plane or boat easily. I said yes. I get vertigo. So he prescribed a nausea patch for me to get to wear and that should help. (Called a handful of pharmacy and it is roughly 20 something bucks for 1 or 80+ for 4 without coverage...since I am between insurances currently.)

What dosage of Tylenol is best to use if I decide to stop codene after a couple days? He said pain is all mental. Try to prepare myself for the pain. If I only need it before bed then take it. Try to go without if I can. Don't limit my mobility because I am sore. Move around if you don't it will make pain worse. Your muscles and body will tense up. If I need to take it 5-600mg should be fine. Or one if I can handle it.

The rest of my questions were pretty much answered in my surgery booklet. No aerobic exercise for 3 weeks. Sexually too. Don't lift a lot of weight. Dr will give me clearance as he sees fit during post op check ups. Mammograms down the line will be doable but may need extra testing to check more areas. Etc. Those types of questions.

Then after I paid my balance. We went into the other room to do medical history and try on sizes since I wasn't sure. Last I tried on sizes I still have some nursing milk so I wanted to see what I liked now. While in the last 6 weeks of nursing hubby like 325cc and I liked 300cc. Over the time at home 325cc grew on me. I tried on 300, 325, and 350. They didn't pull out the 339. But last I remember 339 looked smaller than 325 but that could have been the profile. So they had all the high profiles for me to try on and one was the other brand of silicone (can't remember off hand but it is a wider implant vs Natrelle. I still quite liked the 325cc hubby said it is smaller than her liked since my chest got smaller from stopping nursing :( He liked the 350cc. I liked it too. I loved the profile it gave me. But 350cc sounds like a lot compared to me originally liking the 300cc. But I have to remember my boobs shrunk a good inch and half or so. BOoOO. I have seen reviews with 350 and some look HUGE. I have seen others that are 375 and they look nice. I am just nervous and paranoid since we actually settled on a size. HOLY CRAP. 350cc it is.

Had the PS come in and check em. He said 325 and 350 both look good. They fit me. I am taller and it will look nice. But ultimately it will come down to what he think fits my body best on the operating table and what my body can allow. And will try to do in the size range I desire.

So that is it. I am aiming for 350's. As of today 19 days left. It is slowly getting more real. I am super excited about it all and my only worry or concern is have bazoongas that do not look good on my body. Other than that. I can't wait for boobies!

I have to upload pics seperately from my phone. I will do that later. Eek.

Silicone Sizers PreOp

Aiming for 350 Natrelle Smooth Round Silicone High Profile. Nervous it might look huge though. I love how the sizer looks but seeing other peoples naked post ops make me worried it is too big for what I want it to look like. Ahhh.....


My last thing came today to complete my supplies list.

Backrest pillow
Preop n post op vitamins
Anti nausea patch
Pain meds n antibiotic scripts
Bath wipes
Dry shampoo
Antibacterial soap
Milk of Magnesia
Silicone strips
3 front zip up sports bras in different sizes

Note: also have bendy straws, bottled water and stuff for ice packs. See pic for ice pack info.
Ready to roll.

Updated Title.

WOOHOO I had a birthday last week. I made sure to update my title. haha. I know you guys care! ;)

This week.

Holy Smokes Batman! This frickin week. 4 days. Less than 4 days technically. OMG. Not quite freaking out yet. Still nervous they will be too big and just worrying about getting back to everyday stay at home mom life post-op. I have help the first 5 days post op and day of surgery (obviously.) My neighbor friend said she is there if i need kids to get out or a break once my help ends. I am expecting I may need a nap or a veg out session. Just saying. But other than Mom life and size...I am not super worried. Tomorrow I will do my meal prepping for the week after surgery. And I started my cleaning list today. I also made sure I colored my hair (licensed hairdresser over here) so I don't have to worry about it fading too fast and not being able to lift my arms. Checklist is a go.

Oh man. I can't believe it is this week. So shocking.

T-Minus 34.5 hrs

Woo hoo. So excited. Went through all my boobie bag stuff ???


Starting to freak out. 8.5 hours away and the nerves are really setting in. Trying to choke down some food n water before attempting to sleep. Put my nausea patch on already. Showered with dial. Bag ready to go. Holg crap....this is happening isn't it. Wow. This month flew by. During kids bedtime and randomly throughout the day I felt the sadness set in that I won't be able to lift and play with my kiddos the same for a few weeks at least. That really makes me sad. :( I will try to cuddle my lil one as much as I can and spend some sitting or cuddle play time or joke telling with my older one to help.

Sigh.....cannot believe it is here. ????

Last pic of me in gym attire looking this itty bitty.

On my way.

Ahhhhh. I was flipping out last night. And slept like crap. Boobies here i come!!!!


I was so out of it most of the morning and early afternoon yesterday. So groggy I could barely open my eyes. Emotions were high. Much better now. Just really tight n sore on incision and part of sternum.

Dr. Called n checked up on me about 6:30 in the evening. He didnt have me wear a sports bra so it isn't too tight n more pressure. He said he put th e biggest he could fit and it look good. So 325cc in both.

Awesome me already got ice pack burn yesterday. Luckily it seems mostly gone this morning. I made sure to start my colace with lunch yesterday. I had 3 doeses of codene and one of Tylenol in the middle of that. Might try just Tylenol today depending if pulling gets bad. Needed an ice pack about midnight I felt super swollen.

So weird to see em. Like they look like my old boobs when nursing. Just better cause i am not leaking milk lol the tops don't hurt until nipple level then it feels harder n bruised feeling. My bff said my nipples look so good. She loves em. Crazy how much better they look. Hubby was as tired as me yesterday cause i kept him up the night before crying n freaking out. ???? And he worked a full day and helped take care of me last night.

I got about 5 hours of sleep n i am awake. Going to take tylenol shortly. And would love another ice pack. But getting up is hard. Once up i can go to the bathroom alone YaY!!!!

Oh I go for my 1st post op later this morning. And i already started my Make Me Heal post ip vitamins yesterday too.

Will post pics.

Off to bed typing is gettimg hard.


Arrived early. Techs waved for me to come on in. They went over papers. I said goodbye to my bff. I went in room. Peed in cup. Changed into gown. Took bp etc. Went over all formal stuff. Dr came in and drew my center and my muscle pocket and boob pocket lines. Asked any last questions. Then 3 pokes in one hand and one poke in the other my IV finally was in. I walked into operating room and laid down. Anesthesiologist attached heart monitors, bp monitor, and had me put my arms out on arm tables. I remember them putting a towel under my one arm and one lady strapping blood circulation booties on me and then they had me breath in the mask and I woke up laying on my side in fetal position....in recovery room. Didn't care to open my eyes or see anyone. My eyes kept rolling and I was shaking uncontrollably. (I was the same with shakes after delivering both kids.) I know Dr came in and my friend was there to pick me up the rest is a blur.

Day of Operation:
Mostly a blur. Well 60% a blur. I don't even know who put my shoes or pants on post op. Or who helped me in the car. I know I said ow it hurts, Ow. Ow. Ow. the whole ride home. I remember being fed bites of food and needing help to move.... by late afternoon I was awake. That was after a much needed nap. I didn't really check out my boobs till I was home. Dr sent me home with no wrap or front zip sports bra so I just had my hoodie on. All nips. lol Let me tell you. Those things poke right out after surgery. haha

Sorry this is all a week later. I have been trying to just focus on home life and recovery. I did have a slightly dry and sore throat from anesthesia but otherwise just super tired. Oh and I was taking norco pills every 4 hrs the first day. Will make week 1 update separate so it isn't too long of a post here. :D

Week 1

Day after surgery I started in with a low grade fever and cough. I thought it was mostly due to fatigue and tube in throat. Nope. Turned into severe allergies and a hacking cough along with a daily low grade fever up and down the whole week. Awesome. And both my kids had it too. My older was on the mend by mid week. My little one had to go to Dr and get meds cause he started in with fever too. UGH.

Post op days 1-2 Worst. Can't get up alone. I could go pee alone though. Be sure to wear loose waist easy up n down pants and underwear. Ice packs were my bffs. During the day I took 2 325mg of regular Tylenol and before bed I would take Norco. **Had 1 day post op on Sat and was all good.**

Post op 3-4 I could move move my leg strength helped alot with everyday stuff like flushing toilets, opening sliding door for dogs, opening freezer for ice packs. haha I had help Sat and it was just me and Hubby Sun. Mon and Tues my bff came over to help with kids and me. I was still just taking Tylenol during day and started Dayquil on Tues which was 325mg acetaminophen in there so that was all my pain med for day time. For bed I stuck with 2 325mg Tylenol's and if I woke up in middle of night would take another dose. ** Tues Day 4 post op Dr appt...started massages. Go back in week then.***

Day 5 post op..my help bailed. My first day alone. Not so easy. I was taking Dayquil still and had family visit for other reason. Took kids across street so they can burn energy. I was beat and my fever was back by 1pm . After dinner hubby took kids to play and I passed out on couch and woke up so much better. I started out the day with good energy and i burned it too fast. I did light dusting and put a few dishes away a small load of laundry. Little stuff to try and relieve off the hubby after he works a full day. By now no pain pills for bed. Just 2 Tylenol in the middle of the night.

Post op Day 6....mostly normal. Not lifting or energy for stay at home mom life. But can function. Sinuses are absolutely horrible. Most of my appetite is back....didn't eat a whole lot this week. Just wasn't up for it. After my shower on day 6 one of my steri strips peeled off. I still have 3 more on that side so should be okay. Only discomfort when I lift my arms or try to do too much. It is like my chest muscles tense up. My boobs feel mostly squishy and even like my natural boob on the top portion. Then from the nipple down it is firmer with implant...but not a rock hard feel. But my boobs as a feeling ON me feel like boulders that don't move on my chest. Like I am very aware they are bigger and they don't move and are just not natural yet. I cannot wait for dropping and fluffing. First night no pain meds over night. I do go to bed with an ice pack still to put on incisions and upper chest....just to calm the tensed up feeling from doing stuff throughout the day.

1 week post op. I put on a soft mesh non lined racer back sports bra. OMG. Felt great. I have been wearing zip up front ones and they were irritating my cuts so bad. Also my cuts the past couple days or so have been doing the itching pull so I hope they are healing good. I have been doing my massages about 3 or so times a day. And it is like a minute each time. But squish is definitely improving (will post pics from phone.) Same meds today. Will still go to bed with a ice pack. Still sick with severe allergies or even sinus infection now. Ugh. Boob are officially 1 week old. YAYYYYY!!! Still cannot believe I actually did it. I can't wait till they feel like mine and move like a boob. Then I will feel better. I had some boobie blues yesterday. It was a bad day with pluming problems and kids going to dr and life ....ugh. I was just annoyed with my boobs feeling like rocks and being so wide and just there. Felt too big. But today that was all gone. Well....they still feel like rocks and are wide but it didn't bug me to day :D hehe

Sorry if this is alot of info for one post but like I said before I am trying to be less on RS and just focus on healing.

Other notes**
I took 1 week pre op MAKEMEHEAL vitamins and started post of vitamins the day of surgery. They last 30 days.

I took 2 Colace a day the day of surgery and the day after and on day 2 post op I took 1. After that I had some minimal bloat but my body was back on track bathroom wise. LIFESAVER.

I hope i didn't forget anything. Sorry for the lack of photos for week 1. I didn't really take many. I shared the ones I did take before surgery and right after. I will add what I do have for 1 week post op pics in another post. :)

Week 1 pics

Dr Appt

Had another check up today. 11 days post op. Dr said looks good. I said my left side ribs feel bruised. He said remember I had surgery and 4 layers of stitches it is normal to be sore. He had me show him how I was doing exercises. He modified a couple of how I was doing them to help them push up more and squeeze more with flat hands vs rounded hands. He said otherwise how do I feel. I said I had one day the first week where it was a bad day I just didn't like how they looked that day and was feeling crappy and we had plumbing problems. But the next day I was fine and I love em and can't wait for them to feel like mine and soften up. The muscles still tense up if I do too much. Dr said do what I can and don't over do it.

I asked what are my limitations on housecleaning? Can I vacuum? He said if my husband could do it he would prefer that for a little bit longer.

Then I asked about going back to the gym. At least for lower body exercises. I just need to do something. He was concerned. I said well I just want to do light eliptical or something and some leg exercises. Nothing that would pull or use my chest muscles. He said as long as I promise not to overdo it. I said I only go twice a week so I won't overdo it. Thank you!

Then when I was heading out the associate Liz, who has helped me since my first consult, asked how my hubby liked them. I said he is anxious. I don't let him do too much. Then when I got to the front desk. She came up and I said I forgot to ask about bras. How long for the sports bras? She said I asked the Dr about your hubby and he said light grabbing lol I will go ask him about bras. Once she came back she said wear the sports bra until Sunday then I can go bra shopping. No push ups though.

So that is it folks. BOOBIES. I love boobies!!!!! hahaha Will post a pic soon. If not will post one with my 2 week update.

2 weeks post op

2 weeks and feeling pretty good. Still have muscle tightness if I do too much. Also still sick so that doesn't help my total health being more positive. My left side ribs are pretty tender. The left side always gets more muscle tightness. The undersides of both breasts are pretty sensitive....bruised feeling. Slowly my steri strips are coming off. Can't wait to see my full incisions.

Other than that I had to have hubby look at side by side pics to be able to tell the difference but to me they look the same. The aren't as high sitting on the upper fullness and the are closer together as well. So I will take that as progress. Thanks hubby ;)

I think today is one of the first days I didn't have super hard nipples all day! Debating on going out to get fitted for a real bra this weekend since Doc gave me the okay. That will help with hiding the nips hehe

I have pics of this weeks progress. Will post from my phone later. I think those are all the updates and changes.

I love em still! Can't wait till they feel fully mine and soften up. :D

Week 2 pics

Pics taken from Friday (2 weeks exactly)

3 weeks P.O. / Bra shopping

(3 weeks yesterday) But finally feeling like my skin again. Underneath is still sensitive and incision sites are tender and muscles still randomly spasm or get sore easily. But my boobs feel like mine. Minus a silicone implant that is still pretty firm. But they don't feel like rocks on my chest every time I move. So i will take that as progress. :D

Steri strips all came off earlier this week. Incisions have some tender days. I started wearing my silicone strips so let's hope they help. I try to do at least 10 of the 12 recommended hours. But other than that....that is mainly it. Ribs are finally not sore anymore ....I think now that is everything up to date.

I go in on Tuesday for my next post op. My husband was feeling if they soften up anymore today and he found this little lump/bubble on my left underboob. He said it is just my vein. But I am freaking out that it ruptured or something crazy. I don't feel it on the other side. I am hoping it is just air settling still since I had alot of air along my ribs and upper chest for the first week or so after surgery. Glad I go to PS in 3 days so he can double check.

Oh for got to add I went bra shopping....well I tried to. Ordered some off Victoria Secret offline. I had old 32D bras at home. They didn't cover the cup enough. So I ordered 2 clearance wireless 32DD and got to Medium bralettes. MISTAKE. 32DD had huge cups and non adjustable straps. Bralettes straps adjusted but didn't cover much cup wise and the band was one side only so that was too big. Went to store with hubby and got sized. 32DD. I knew it. I got one wireless bra the same I had just plain Body by Victoria though...it was at least 1/2 in less cup coverage than the one I ordered online. So odd. But they don't have any bralettes in my size, or wireless sports bra with the razorback. And I am not quite ready for underwire yet. So I got one bra. I went to Walmart today for some groceries and found lil sport bralettes for $4.98 and tried on Medium. Fits good and low enough to not show with my tanks n whatnot. Had hooks on back and adjustable straps too. I just really need a nipple cover. So these worked perfect. Minimal support and hides my nipples. Perfect lol I got 4 colors. :D Hubby was not impressed. I think he is anxious for lingerie hehe I am not quite that heeled buddy ;)

Well I think those are all my updates. I will post pics from phone when I remember. Still doing massages. Will update after my Dr appt or for the 4wk/1 month mark. Hope everyone is well. :)

Week 3 pics

I took these pics on Fri when I was 3 wks p.o. Also did a 1-3 week comparison. I think my left is starting to drop a little. Woo hoo.


Woot woot.

One Month

WOOHOO. These twin are one month old. I love them sooooo much. Best decision. EVER.

I went to the Dr last Tuesday for my checkup. He said looks great. Work on my pushing up exercises. Otherwise everything looks good. Hubby found a bubble on the bottom of left boob. I asked the Dr. He said that is the implant. With me being so thin, going under the muscle, and making the pocket sometimes you can feel a little bit of it. But nothing to worry about. He said they look like they are starting to settle. Not as high. So all n all good news. Don't go back for another 4 weeks.

I swear the right one dropped from sitting high on chest overnight. I did massages in shower before bed. I got dressed the next day and when i did pushing down exercise...it wasn't as rounded on top. lol So crazy how fast changes happen.

But overall....they feel good. Still a hard feeling implant when you grab the whole breast but sometimes they are slightly softer. I can mostly lay on my side now with some light breast support from a blanket or pillow. My incisions are still tender when I lift the breast up. Moreso my left than my right. Some days i have some rib tenderness still. But I am just hoping that is everything still healing and getting back to normal. They do jiggle a little more...finally. But I cannot wait for the to be nice and squishy and come together more in my sports bras lol

I did go buy some bathing suit tops One "Mom" appropriate bralette style one and one triangle bikini top. Hubby says I could show some more boob. But I am quite okay with what I am showing lol He is so antsy for them to get soft n not sore....me too...for his sake and my own. haha

I went to the gym twice in the past 2 weeks. First time was during the 2nd week post op. Still a little sore to move arms on elliptical. Then I went yesterday and I was fine. So much better. Just lower body exercises and a couple arm dumbbells for good measure. :D

I finished my post op vitamins on Sat. Thank goodness. Taking 12 vitamins a day was starting to mess with my gag reflex. They are nasty tasting.

Last notes. Morning boob isn't so bad just right as a I sit up I feel they are stiff and then i get out of bed and they are fine. And then I tried to lay on them just out of curiosity. Belly laying is so weird. You defiantly feel like your laying on two implants. So odd.

I think I covered it all. I will probable keep updates minimal unless there are some awesome boob changes. Otherwise will update after my next Dr appt.


Been a while.

Sorry got busy with summer life.

The past few week have been great. I love them so much. More comfortable with my clothing and showing a little more boobage now hehe I have been slacking the past couple weeks on my massages. I am still (mostly) using my steri strips. Have about 3 weeks of those left. I had my Dr. Appt last week I was u weeks 4 days out. He said everything looked good and he did my post op pics. Dr said do my massages for 2 more weeks then I can stop. I don't have to go back for 3 months. I also got a complimentary facial and went in for that this week. :) <3

But my boobs are nice and squishy now. A little more firm feeling. But not like they were in the beginning that is for sure. Once in a while my left incision gets sore still....idk why. But man i love my boobs!!!! I still need to go buy some new REAL bras. But for now still wearing my bralettes and old sports bras n bras from nursing sized boobs.

Not sure what else to say. But yay for boobies!!!!

6 months

Been a long time. Just wanted to give a quick update cause I know people are always looking for more info.

6 months out Dec 29th Best decision EVER! I love my boobs. Still at at 32DD. Being a stay at home Mom I barely wear a bra around the house. I actually just ordered my first real bras in 32DD. My little bralettes don't cut it anymore.

Everything is healed nice. Doc days pocket nice and mobile and looks good. Scars are still that purplely color. Once in a while I use my scar cream or my last set of silicone strips.

Clothes shopping is so much fun now. So nice to have boobs on clothes and not have a padded bra and cutlets in lol

Not sure when I will be on again. But best wishes and luck to all.
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