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I sit here right now in tears, like I am every...

I sit here right now in tears, like I am every other day. I worked so hard to get my credit score up to get approved for CareCredit and I went on 9 consultations. I chose a doctor who reassured me he knew what he was doing. Credentials were in order and now almost a month post op, I have nothing to show for it but $8000 of debt, painful lumps in my abdomen and side, NO NOTICEABLE CHANGE in my appearance. I was supposed to get a BBL with lipo to my abdomen, flanks, & back. My back rolls are still there, abdomen looks the same, & my butt (with so called 800 ccs in each cheek) looks like nothing was done! I have expressed my dissatisfaction as calmly as I can on several occasions. I know my body and I KNOW there has been little to know change. Even the way the lipo was done (one incision right above the pubic area) & the BBL/back lipo (ONE incision in the sacral area) just didn't seem like it would have done much. I have seen pictures with 3 and 4 lipo incisions. While not cosmetically pretty, it allows access to areas that need to be liposuctioned. Sorry for my rant but I am so upset that I was taken advantage of. I made it clear what I wanted and I didn't get that. My concerns aren't taken seriously and I am basically out of $8K & will have to pay another doctor MORE to fix his mistakes!!! Even going back to Dr. Gelman for revision surgery is going to cost me thousands!!!! I look at all of the pictures of ladies who have similar body shapes and I do prior to surgery and they have way better results than I do and they went to docs in the US.. The depression is starting to kick in and I don't want to go anywhere. I don't want to eat. I don't want to do anything with myself now because I see NO IMPROVEMENT or change. My expectations were realistic and I didn't even get 5% of what I asked for. I am so ashamed and wish I would have chosen another doctor.

A little over a month post-op and still nothing

My body has NOT undegone any changes. I am NOT still swollen. No matter how I look at it, my surgery was a complete waste of money. Now, on top of $80,000 of student loan debt putting myself through nursing school, I have another $8,000 I am going to regret paying back since I didn't get anything for it. I would have felt better donating that money to a charity. At least it would have been used for something good! Ugh! I have an appointment coming up in a week. If I don't get a resolution, I cannot say I won't go ballistic on him.

Post op consult with Chicago doc for 2nd opinion today

Well, today I went on the first of 3 scheduled post op consultations with other surgeons to gauge my LIPO with BBL results. This surgeon was absolutely shocked with what has been going on. She was such a sweetheart. I didn't feel as if she was being pushy or trying to shame me into coming to her for my eventual revision work. She did confirm my belief that my work was not done properly. She also found it odd how my whole procedure was done with only 2 incisions. I found it odd too!!! She also noted that she saw "no significant change" between my before and after photos. She showed me a video of her in surgery performing the exact same procedure I had done and there were MULTIPLE lipo and fat transfer incisions LIKE I THOUGHT THERE SHOULD BE! Who on God's green earth uses ONLY 2 incisions?? I knew I wasn't crazy and she confirmed that by her exam. She was very honest and I believed her. She was so sincere and she even said that I may have some legal recourse should I find the right lawyer. For a surgeon to tell me that spoke volumes. I will definitely go see what the other 2 surgeons have to say but she was very disappointed. She was angry that I was taken advantage of. I am absolutely speechless. She quoted me her prices and since she wasn't the doctor who did my initial surgery, her prices were in the range of what I paid for my botched surgery. I also spoke with her about the pains in my side in which she told me were hematomas (which makes sense) while my surgeon said it was fat necrosis.. WHAT???


Hello ladies and thank you for your words of support and encouragement. I went to my last and final appointment last week and let's say, it didn't end well. A shouting match ensued. Let's just say, the issue is now resolved and I am satisfied with the outcome. #Refunded
I am going to an appt with another Chicago surgeon in August and will probably book in 2016 because of my school schedule...
Frankfort Plastic Surgeon

I feel as if I made a huge mistake when choosing thia doctor. I didn't get 5% of what I asked for. My dissatisfaction with my results isn't taken seriously. It is downplayed to him giving me excuses as to why I didn't get what I asked for. My surgery was not worth the money I paid and am in a state of depression because of it. The post op consultations are rushed and almost laughed off. He refuses to make things right after X amount of months by telling me to wait for change when I know there is nothing else new I am going to see. I know my body and I followed his post op instructions to a T. Poor results and an even poorer effort to make things right by someone who has sacrificed alot of time and money away from my children to do something for myself!!! Tears!!!

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