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Well I've decided to start my review. My surgery...

Well I've decided to start my review. My surgery is in 4 weeks! I find I am doing a lot of online shopping adding things to my cart them deleting them because I'm just not sure what sizes to buy? I currently wear a size 14 and 36-38 C of course they have lift and padding lol. Should I stick to size large for compression garments or will they be to loose after my lipo and TT ? I think I'm going with 500CC moderate profile silicone so I'm assuming I'll be a 36-38DD after? Wow a girls mind can run crazy thinking of everything I 'might' need after the surgery. I have been reading all the comments and reviews for about 3 weeks now and I love all the updates! Thanks everyone.

Surgery date changed ...

So they rescheduled my surgery it is now the September 20th which is ok ... How do I change the date on my original review ?


So my surgery is in 3 weeks and 4 days! MOMMY MAKEOVER! can't wait for my love handles to be gone! That is my worst area and no matter how many sit ups or side crunches I do they just don't go anywhere. I Just booked my hotel to stay close by the surgery center the first night so I don't have to drive 1 1/2 hours in the morning for my post-op. I have ordered draw string pj bottoms and a compression garment and compression socks lol I am just using a zero gravity chair the first few days, I hope it works out. I also have a reclining couch and love-seat so I think I will be fine.


The dreaded live handles ????

18 more days !

Here are a few more pictures they are better than my first photo and more for my own documentation so I have them to look back on after surgery. "MM" tummy tuck, BA and lipo of flanks... Again I can't wait for these love handles to be gone and my abs to be stitched back together I'm pretty sure that is why my tummy protrudes like it does. Guess we'll see ????BTW my undies are not tight I just have love handles from hell! Can't get rid of them no matter how many sit-ups I do ????

1week away!

Oh my heck I cant believe my MM is in one week! I'm so excited and nervous to start this transformation. Wish me luck????

pre-op last week

pre op was awesome! I actually measured my boobs and they are a 36 B 1/2 lol so I am going with 475CC/ 500CC .... im a little lop sided, but no lift is needed so yay! I was so worried about moving my nipple and loosing sensation I don't know why but that freaks me out. count down is on .. 4 more days :) whoop.

Extra pillows

Well I think I'm officially nesting lol bedding washed, extra pillows ready, overnight bag started, freezer meals prepped, bathroom cupboards organized ....I think I'm ready :) Tuesday is almost here !

Bye bye stretch marks and love handles

One last photo before I go in the morning .... I'm interested to see where the beauty mark at the top of my tummy ends up :)

Day after

Well I made it through with no complications.... I'm on my way home now and will be happy to be there ! Will update more later

Sneak peak

I haven't taken off the binder yet but I'm happy with what I can see :) I've had a lot of gas ugh! Still not really eating just mostly fruit and liquids. Boobs are not lopsided just the Cami is crooked :)

Burning tube

Well I cried for the first time tonight since surgery 3 days ago ... When we pull on the tube to squeeze it out it burns real bad on my front side I'm guessing that's where it ends inside of my body :(

Day 4

Well it's early morning day 4 and I pooped yay! I was worried it would hurt but the laxative and MOM really helped so that milestone has now been crossed ! :) sorry if it's TMI but I hope everyone has a wonderful morning :)


Not the best pic but here's my tummy day 5 I love how small my belly button is :) I'm very happy so far :) yay!!


Oops here's the picture

Lipo bruising

My flanks and my thighs look like this from the lipo :(

Stomach ache's

So anyone experiencing stomach aches since surgery ? This is the 3rd time since surgery that I have a stomach ache just wondering if it's normal? thanks in advance


So today I have been crying over everything and anything is this normal ? I am really liking what I'm seeing in the mirror though !! Yay !!

Bruising update

So I've been using the arnica Montana and bromelian vitamin for 3 days ... I am not sure if they're helping but I think they are! Look at the difference in my bruising in 3 days 1st photo today 2nd photo 3 days ago
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