Halfway Through Invisalign - Oregon

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So so far I am happy with the results of my...

So so far I am happy with the results of my Invisalign treatment. The treatment process has been questionable, but I think I will really be happy with the final results. My teeth are so much better than before! I am on Tray 8 of 16.

I am doing my treatment with a dentist, but I probably would recommend an ortho. My dentist doesn't seem as knowledgeable as I would like.
Make sure your dentist is actually in town! Several times I was scheduled for a new tray and they would be out of town for a week!!! This delayed my treatment on three occasions.

IPRs, ask how many and which ones. My dentist said "a few" but that meant almost every upper tooth on the left side. I think it looks fine, but I wasn't prepared and it was a traumatic experience for me. No pain, but the idea of teeth being shaved really freaked me out and I did start crying in the office. Also ask them to show you which teeth they are doing it on. My dentist started doing them on the wrong teeth!! When I asked him what he was doing, he pointed to the screen and said "those ones". I was like, "you are on the wrong side!" He promptly went to the correct teeth, but that could have been so terrible!

My dentist has had to order new sets of trays because my teeth were not tracking properly. I really think this was due to him not placing several buttons correctly.

It is annoying to constantly have to brush after eating. I am busy at work, often eating while doing something else. It is a pain to have to drop everything to go brush.

Taking them out in social settings can be awkward, and always going to the bathroom to put them in has led some people to think I have an eating disorder (going to the bathroom to throw up).

Even with the buttons most people don't notice. This might be because I don't have a very toothy smile, and when I talk my teeth don't show that much. I have had a couple people notice once I was outside in direct sun "Hey you have something on your teeth", lol.
I can eat whatever I want.
I don't find them painful. New trays can be uncomfortable but not painful.
I can see my progress easily.
I can use the trays for whitening.
I could take them off for my wedding.
I didn't have to have teeth removed which is what would have happened with traditional braces.

Invisalign after a few years

So I realized I never updated this post, but thought some of you might be interested.

It has been over a year an a half since I finished treatment and have been using retainers. I eventually switched to an orthodontist. I wasn't happy with the "final product" that I had with the dentist. He wouldn't even talk to me about any touch up work after. My teeth were still crooked (mostly the lower front four and that upper left snaggle tooth).

I loved the orthodontist I swtiched to. She was very understanding and so helpful. I wound up paying an extra $1000 for finishing up the tray process. But she told me I needed to remove my impacted wisdom teeth first before we continued. My dentist didn't even tell me I had wisdom teeth that needed to be removed! But sure enough, she shoed me the x-rays and my wisdom teeth were coming in sideways and pushing on my other molars causing some of the crowding problem. This removal was covered by insurance.

I also had two front indents (you can see one on my snaggle tooth) fixed with composite fillings. This was covered by insurance since they were misshapen teeth. I had all of my metal fillings redone with composite fillings since they needed to be redone. This was also covered by insurance.

I had Invisalign retainers made because I felt like the traditional wire wasn't doing a good job holding my teeth in place. I think this was around $500. I also felt like the clear (invisalign like) retainer made by my ortho was too loose. My teeth felt like they were shifting and I would use my last invisaline retainer instead. I really like the retainers made by Invisalign and feel like they are doing a great job.

After my last tray I wore my retainer every day/night for three months. Then every night for about 6 months. I had a check up with my ortho a few times during that time. Now I can wear my retainer only a few times a week, but I still wear it every night. I really don't want me teeth to shift.

Overall I am really glad I had this procedure. I was looking at old pictures the other day and I can't believe my teeth were that crooked!! It was definitely a process though and somewhat expensive. If I were to go back and do it over I would say 1) I would go with an ortho originally. 2) I wouldn't be afraid of stating exactly what I want. Several times I felt like "just a number" and that my results weren't important to my dentist. Just because they have an advanced degree doesn't mean they don't make mistakes.

Anyone who is going to do it, know that it is worth it, but you need to be on top of things for good results. Good luck!
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