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I have wanted to get a breast augmentation ever...

I have wanted to get a breast augmentation ever since high school when I had to dress down for PE and was so flat chested and embarrassed to see all the other girls who had developed breasts and here I was looking like a little girl. I had always hoped with age and having my two kids they would just spuratically grow, but no such luck. I have always been a 32 AA Cup and after having my two kids my hips and bottom got some curves making my breasts look even smaller. I have always hated shopping for clothes, bras and bathing suits and felt so embarrassed in front if my husbAnd (even though he would always tell me I was beautiful and perfect). I decided that my 30th birthday I would finally give myself its gift and finally put my own needs first for once. I went in for a consultation thinking I wanted to go with 350-400 cc's after doing a lot of research and looking at pictures. When I finally started trying on dozers I knew right away that they were too small on my frame since I have a very long torso and wider hips. I tried the 650's and loved the look under my clothes and when I told dr Jensen that was the size I was thinking he laughed and said they would be underneath my armpits since my chest is so narrow. I agreed I did not want them under my armpits, so we agreed with 560cc's natrelle inspira gummy bear implants. Here are a few pics with the sizers....


Had my pre-op march 10th and knew that the 560cc's were perfect for me. My nude Jody was very sweet and made me feel very comfortable about the procedure and expectations/healing afterwards. I was very worried to be going back to work 6 days later and she assured me I could do it but not to except to do anything after work except rest and nap. She said most women heal and bounce back After the first 4 or 5 days, but sine I'm small framed and going with a igger implant it will take me a couple weeks. Here are a few pics of me pre-op

Day of surgery!!!!!

I went in at 7:15 and was the first appointment for the day. The staff were all very kind. I got my pre-op pictures taken, the staff gave me my own robe and even put my favorite style of music on in the operating room ( country) :). I remember getting my iv in and the waking up in the recovery room talking to the nurse and being so happy I started crying. When I got home I tried watching a couple movies but couldn't concentrate on what was happening so I decided to go rest. My husband took such great care of me keeping drinks in me, my meds on time and ice packs all day. I wanted to take my surgery bra off so bad to look bit hubby told me no because the doctors said to keep it on!! The doc called at 8 pm that night to check on me and said I could take those dreaded blood clot tights off as long as I got up and walked around once every hour.

Day 1

Day - post surgery I finally took my surgical bra off and tried on my own sports bras I bought at Walmart. They were so muchore comfortable but I was worried they wouldn't keep my breasts where they should be. So I put the god-awful tight bra back on. Went in for a quick check-up with the doc and he told me I don't have to wear the surgical bra or any bra at all now if I don't want to, which I thought was pretty early for that. He also wants me to squish my girls together 4-5 times a day everyday to help build cleavage and he did it for me to show me how. OWwwweee!!! It hurt so bad!! They are so tight and sore I was shocked he wanted me to do if so soon after surgery. But if it's going to give me the cleavage I want, I guess the pain will be worth it!! Here are some day 1 photos.....

Day 2

Today had been very tough for me!! My meds are making me very sick to my stomach But if I don't take them the pain and soreness/stiffness is unbearable. I do not even like taking Tylenol or medicine when I'm sick, so this is a lot of meds for me all at once. Hoping my boobs get bigger as they drop and fluff because they feel so tight and compact right now, but not looking as big as I thought they would for being 560 cc's? I know I started our barely An Axup but really hoping I will be a small D when they have settled. What do you all think as far as size I will be??

Day 3

Today has been better as far as nausea and pain goes. Still waking up in the morning has been the most painful, so ice packs have been my best friends as of late. Today I have been trying to cut back on my pain meds because one of them or maybe both make me completely exhausted to where I just want to sleep all day. I go back to work all day in two days so I'm trying to wean off pain meds and resort to just Tylenol when needed. The girls do seem to be gertting a bit softer already but I haven't noticed any dropping yet. I still love my results and could not behappier with my size, although many of my family an friends thought they would be too big. Trust your instincts and sef go with what you believe is best for YOU AND WHAT YOU WANT!!!!!

Compression bra-day 5

So today is day 5 post-op and I took just my nerve pain blocker, antibiotics and only Tylenol for the pain. My right side feels really good, I can lift my right arm without it hurting and it seems to be starting to drop a little. My left breast is not dropping at all, is swollen and hurts soooooo bad. I was thinking my compression bra was what was causing a lot of my pain, and I even bought one from brilliant contours and have been wearing it the last few days and nights ( I heard they are much more comfortable than the regular surgical compression bras). My doctor told me I don't have to wear a bra at all the day after my surgery, but I am worried that after paying so much money that my boobs will not form/drop right without the compression bra keeping them where they should be. Any advice on whether I can just wear a regular sports bra or if I should keep wearing the compression bra?? I also go back to teaching all day tomorrow and am worried about getting through the day on just Tylenol. Can't wait to have them drop and start feeling better. Also, any ladies with my similar stats and what size you are now ( started as a 32 AA AND GOT 560cc silicone natrelle inspira implants under the muscle).

Just over two weeks post-op

Yesterday was two weeks post-op for me and my doctor said everything looks great...yay!! My nurse took my steri strips off and I laughed when she said please don't kick me as she pulled them off (apparently she gets kicked a lot). It didn't hurt at all, just felt like pulling a band aid off. She told me my incisions looked great too and to start pushing them together 4-5 times a day. I was also cleared to stop using my post-op bra, which I thought was a little early at one week to stop wearing it, so I'm still trying to wear it most days until about next week ( my three week point) and take it off in the evening and at night because it feels so tight and suffocating, but I have heard it is important to wear a compression bra especially the first three weeks to help with healing and placement. My energy is slowly coming back and I finally don't feel so drained this week after work. Pain is also getting less and less but my incisions are still very tender and my nipples are sooooo sensitive. I am LOVING my results and can't wait for the drop and fluff I hear so much about on here. How long before you ladies noticed this happening? I can tell mine are already starting to drop and get a bit softer each week. So weird to look down and see them though and have to actually pull my shirts up sometimes because of my cleavage! It's a great problem to finally have that!! Also looking forward to sleeping on my side again. I'm so tired of sleeping on my back and wake up at least 5 times a night because I'm so uncomfortable in my back, but it still hurts to much to sleep on my sides yet.

1 month down!!

Today marks 4 weeks exactly from my surgery!! I got hit hard a week and a half ago with some kind of crazy virus!! I had a fever/body aches/hot and cold flashes for about 6 days and made an appt with my doc to make sure I didn't have an infection from surgery (I didn't think so, but wanted to make sure). Fever finally broke aa few days ago, and now I'm just dealing with the congestion, cough and super low energy (I think from healing from surgery, my body trying to fight off this nasty virus, and working full time and mommy duties) my body is body is struggling to keep up!! On a brighter side, my new additions are healing nicely!! My right side is def dropping faster, but they are both getting much softer. I have a check-up tomorrow, so I will post an update with pics after that and fill you in on my attempted bra shopping experience yesterday.....

Feeling better!!!

So I meant to post a few days ago after my dr appt., but my doctor was doing a surgery right before he was supposed to meet with me and his surgery ran late so he had to cancel my check-up. I was pretty bummed about having to cancel because I had a few questions I really wanted to ask him, like when can I take a bath, should I still be wearing a bra all the time or is it ok to go braless at night at this point?? I did get to go in to VS and get measured for the first time ever!!! It was so fun trying on different bras and she measured me at 28 DD, but the smallest band size they carry is 32. Love my size and It is so much more fun to buy shirts and bras now!!! The pink bra is the new soft lounge bra I bought at VS. It is sooooo comfortable and it feels good to wear an actual bra again instead of my compression bras and bralettes I've been wearing. Hope you are all healing well!!!

Just over 3 months post-op

So I am still thrilled with my girls and feel like I chose the perfect size for my body. They feel like they are still get softer as the weeks go by and I finally feel comfortable wearing bathing suits! My nipples are still pretty sensitive, so I'm not sure if they always will be now or if that will eventually go away with time. I think my favorite thing is going braless and not feeling like I have to wear padded bras to make me feel good anymore.
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