28 Breast Fed Two Kids and Now This Mommy Needs Some New Boobies! - Oregon, OR

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I have also posted in the tummy tuck group and...

I have also posted in the tummy tuck group and haven't had much luck. I am one week and a day post op my tummy tuck and breast augment. My tummy tuck is doing great! I did not have muscle repair since I already have a flat stomach. I would say that I wouldn't need any paid meds if it wasnt for my breasts. But, everything I have read online has said that you could be going back to work after 5 days????

My breasts are so still so extremely swollen they feel like they are going to pop. My left a little more then my right. I did not go huge either. Like I said, i breast feed two kids and had plenty of room for implants. I only got 300 CC saline's under the muscle.

I am really starting to get discouraged and depressed. I have to take perk every 4 hours still and cant even sleep I am in so much pain. The swelling is much worse at night.

Any ideas or words of wisdom? Is there any ointments or creams I could use to decrease the swelling? I am dying here! My doctor says this is all normal and that there can be pain and swelling for 6 weeks!? I figured some, but this much!?


I guess it's about time I post some pics..


Well, again I did not sleep hardly at all last night.... but at least it was better than the night before. The difference was this morning I woke up feeling like I have yet to feel at all since this surgery. HAPPY! My breasts were still very sore and swollen, but not as bad as previous mornings. After a shower and a good breast massage they started feeling better. They have continued to be more of a discomfort throughout the day than a complete agony. This is the first day since surgery that I have not had to take a nap or have gotten exhausted from simple tasks. The only downfall is that I have been very nauseous. I'm thinking its because all the fluid is making its way through my metabolism? Thats my only guess. I am trying to drink lots of extra water in hopes of flushing it quicker if thats the case.

Hoping for sleep tonight!

Better today

Last night I still didn't sleep well, but it wasn't as horrible as it has been. I woke up feeling even better this morning than yesterday morning so that's a plus! I am so happy for a turn around. I was starting to really get depressed...

A Little Better

Every day seems to get a tiny bit better. I slept last night. Mostly because I decided I was tired of toughing it out and called the nurse... who made sure I got some more pain meds. I think that since I slept that's why I feel so much better today.

Today was also the first day I looked at my new breasts and actually liked them. Thats a good feeling... since that is the reason I had this surgery. They have both dropped and feel a little softer. I should get some updated pics on here....

Any input on when they start to feel like boobs and not rocks anymore?

Every Day...

... gets a bit better! I am not experiencing any pain anymore except for a small amount at night now. I am experiencing the over sensitive nipples and the tingly nerves that I was told about.

M right breast is still much lower than the other. I am hoping that it just dropped faster and the other will catch up. Also.. they are still pretty firm. I am really hoping that this isn't the difference between saline and silicone because I will be very upset if this is the final result.

I am a little concerned with how big they are still. I was hoping for a C cup and when I tried on the C bras I bought it was laughable. I was a barely B before surgery and went for 300cc saline.

I am back to work on Tuesday! I am finally feeling confidant about it as well. My 3 week post op appointment is on Monday and i will be getting a release from the surgeon to go back to work the next day :)


I am now doing more and more implant research. My Dr. gave me 250 saline's and filled them to 300cc. Is this going to make them much more firm than if I just got 300s? If so, I wish this was discussed. He did ask me and I said I didn't want huge boobs so I guess the 250's. I was confused. Thinking that they would be wider if I went up. Now I am reading that filling 250s to 300 is actually against manufacturer guidelines? That they should only be filled to 275....... frustrated. I guess I will be discussing these things on Monday on my 3 week post op.


Here are updated pictures i took today. You can notice that one breast is much lower than the other. I just feel really big and round and lopsided :-/

3 Week Post Op

I had my post op appt yesterday. I was able to ask my PS all the questions I had and his response is everything is normal and healing fine. He said not to judge my breasts yet. That they are still healing and the one will drop and be even with the other. He said saline will never feel like silicone, but that that my breasts will get softer than what they are now. Which is a relief. So I guess I will keep pluggin away at massage and wait to judge. He said I could use any bra now as long as it did not have an underwire (YAY!).

2 months post op

Feeling amazing! I had my 2 month post op appointment last thursday and all is well. My left breast still hasnt dropped as far as my right, but my PS assured me that they will continue to drop and fluff for 6 months. I am so pleased with my results! I feel sexier then I have ever felt before!


Bought my first bikini in 13 years today!


So here I am... two and a half years down the road and considering a revision. At this point I am not certain if I am bring nit picky or not. So I turn to realself... because my friends and spouse will only tell me everything looks great. I am asking you all to critique and let me know your thoughts.

I feel as though my breasts continued to drop after surgery to the point now I wonder if they are too low and far apart. I also feel like my right breast sits significantly lower than my left.
Dr. Jensen

absolutely wonderful!

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