Removing 15 yr old saline implants

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Hello ladies! I have been reading post on this...

Hello ladies! I have been reading post on this site since May. Thank you all for sharing your stories!! It is so helpful. Long story....I will most likely post my story at a later time, short version is I have had my saline implants under the muscle for almost 15 years. I am 48. I want them out so so bad!! I have had one consult but need to have some more. My question is, do any of you know any doctors in Oregon?? It is so scary just looking for different doctors online and not really knowing anything about them. Any recommendations would be so appreciated. I do not want to re-implant, most likely no lift either. I just want them out! My one consult I did have, he said I have very little breast tissue and that he would not do a lift on me anyway, he said it would be too risky.
I'm so afraid what I will look like if I go thru with this, because my implants are large :(
Anyway - anyone from Oregon??
Thank you so much!

48 Yrs Old - Removing 15 Yr Old Saline Implants Soon

Hello. First I want to thank you to all of you that share your stories, it has helped me so much in reaching my decision. Its only fair that I post my story too becasue so many of you have responded to my messages etc.

I had saline implants placed 15 years ago under the muscle. From the very frist day, I knew they were too big, I never have been that comfortablel with them but I guess i just got use to them. They are 480-500cc, way too large! I am 5'5" 125lbs. Looking back at my photos before BA, I now wish so so bad that I wouldn't have fot them. After 3 kids and breast feeding I just felt at that time thats what I should do.  I have not had any problems, no capsular contracture, no rupture, no illness from implants (that I know of) overall they are ok. What I don't like is: 1 - too big, 2 - back and neck ache at times, but I rarely complain because I chose to have these, 3 - I hate the thoughts of having to replace them every 10-15 years, who wants to do that in their 60's and 70's!?! 4 - I hate the worry about them rupturing at anytime. 5 - I love to run and they just feel huge when I'm running. I could list several more reasons! Then last year my life changed in a heartbeat. I will spare you all of the details, but in 2015 I was diagnosed with cancer. I had 13 surgeries, chemo and radiation treatments. It was hell. I told my husband during my treatment that if I survive this, then I am having my Implants removed. I want to be as healthy as I can and I know deep down that these bags need to be removed. I beat the cancer, I like to say I kicked its ass ;) - as of August I have been in remission for 1 year. So the last several months I have been on a mission researching this procedure.  My husband fully supports my decision, even tho he loves my boobies. I wish he didn't like them that much ;( it would make this easier.  I have had 3 consults. It is hard deciding who to use, they all have different opinions and thaf makes it so HARD for me. One Dr told me that I will look horrible, I will have "mommy skin" and told me to replace them with smaller implants. I really just want them out. I am done with them. I am not worried about having small saggy boobs but what I am worried about is them looking deformed, concaved etc. That kinda freaks me out.  The Dr I chose seems so caring and he is very experienced. I am not having the capsules removed. No replacement, no lift, No drains (he may change his mind, he will decide during surgery) just removal only. He said it is a straight forward surgery. I am scheduled 9-27-16 If anyone has any advice etc please let me know. Should I be putting oils of any kind on my breast to help my skin contract? I am very nervous and hope I don't chicken out!  Thank you!!!

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