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I decided to go with Invisalign, As I have always...

I decided to go with Invisalign, As I have always been very self conscious of my smile, and felt as if Traditional braces would only draw attention to something I was uncomfortable with.

Pros include the following, Removable, clear (invisible) and being able to eat what I want is a bonus.

Cons include how long the process takes from the molds and pictures being taken, to the day you receive your aligners. I will update my review once I get my aligners. Note** My cost is Canadian :)

I went today (April 17th) to get my first aligner....

I went today (April 17th) to get my first aligner. I first had attachments placed on my teeth. I have more than one attachment on two teeth I believe.. (I'll post pictures soon) so it's hard to tell how many I have, I haven't taken the time to count them all. I then had Interproximal reduction (IPR) done on two of my molars on my top teeth. I've been wearing Invisalign for 9 hours.. It's been quite easy to adjust to, I feel as if my gums are loosening.. If that makes sense Lol they aren't sore just tender when I bite down on them.

I go back on May 1st to receive my second aligner. I will also have more IPR Done.

I can't wait to compare each of the aligners as I get new ones, Just to see if I can notice any small differences.

I'll update this review on May 2 2012. Till Then! - Jake

I know I said I would update the review the day...

I know I said I would update the review the day after I got my second aligner on May 1st. But I just couldn't wait.

Noticed Tooth Movement**

While I was examining my teeth there doesn't seem to be a visual difference, But while I am flossing my teeth, I can definitely tell that spaces have been created with only my first aligner!

My Front teeth used to be closer together, When I flossed I had to apply pressure to the floss to be able to push it in between my teeth.. Now I don't apply any pressure and the floss just glides right in between them, I'm really impressed.

This happens to be the case with all of my teeth, they all seem easier to floss in between.

Can't wait for May 1st. I'll let you know how things go.

As promised here's an update to the review...

As promised here's an update to the review.

Well I went in yesterday to receive my second aligner, and to my surprise my third.

I received Interproximal Reduction on one of my teeth on the upper left.

The first few minutes with the aligner in were kinda awkward, this aligner seemed to feel very different than my first, it felt as if it was sitting completely differently and like my bite was different. After a while with the second aligner in I didn't feel any pain, just discomfort. I still have 11 attachments ( I Think ).

I just got a phone call I have to go but I will update this later tonight. :) Take care - Jake

I am very excited to say I can see a difference on my front teeth.

I'm now back home and I have time to update the...

I'm now back home and I have time to update the review.

I brushed quite a few times already today, and flossed which hurt my molars, but every other tooth seems to be alright. I'm really paying attention to the small differences when it's in my mouth as opposed to the first aligner, certain parts have bumps at the top edge of the aligner. ( I'm not sure whether this is to add pressure to certain teeth or not? , I stopped asking questions ).

When I floss now it's so different from when I didn't have invisalign. It's easier to get floss in between my teeth and clean them better, as It's created spaces along with IPR.

I can't wait for 4 weeks to pass so I can speak to my treatment provider, and ask her if I can see my 39th aligner. Not to be expecting perfect as I'm already under the belief I will be doing refinements.

My teeth can't bite together when the invisalign isn't in my mouth, which isn't so much an issue really, just thought I'd mention it, along with the fact that when I switch to a new aligner it's disgusting the way they taste, and the cracking noise when you bite down on them is annoying ( My aligners aren't damaged)

I believe invisalign is going to work for me, and I don't regret getting it. I read a lot of reviews on Invisalign and people say things along the lines that it doesn't work, or it's a scam. But It's working for me so far, and if it discontinues to work for me I will be sure to inform you on this, and state my new opinion.

So it's been a week today since I got my second...

So it's been a week today since I got my second aligner and all is going well.

I've noticed I have power ridges on my new aligner where my lateral incisors both are, and these power ridges are also on the third tray.

Power Ridges are designed to optimize aligner forces on upper incisors to deliver lingual root torque without having to bond attachments. Power Ridges can be used when uprighting retroclined incisors, such as in Class II Division 2 cases.

The space between my front teeth has grown ever so slightly.

My aligners become loose after 24hours of wear. Which is annoying, but it only proves my theory ( Which I now believe is true as a result of reading it on another review) that the teeth undergo the desired movement of the tray within the first day (24hours) the rest of the 2 weeks are used to do slight movements, as well as retain the teeth into their new position.

I'm going to address a few concerns I have with my treatment provider, Such as the following.

I was told that by the end of this treatment (without refinements) I will have a 6mm overjet, I'll be asking her if on refinements we are going to address this, as I have reviewed many videos, and blogs about people using invisalign to fix their overjet.

Secondly I will ask her to see my clincheck. I can't quite remember her showing me just my bottom teeth when they are finished. I'm not to concerned over this as I don't have very crowded bottom teeth, or very crowded teeth at all, I'd say really only my central incisors are crowded on the top, and bottom. I'd just like to see them as I'd like to know somewhat what to expect upon finishing treatment.

After treatment, Not sure on whether it will be before or after refinements, I'm having reshaping of my teeth done, and bonding to fill in all of my chips.

I'll keep you updated on my Invisalgn Journey.

Aligner # 3. Last night was when I was told...

Aligner # 3.

Last night was when I was told that I can change my Aligners to the third one, If I'd prefer to sleep through any discomfort.

With the above being said, I am now wearing aligner #3 with minimal discomfort. It was very tight to put the aligners in for the first time, they were much tighter than both my previous aligners, even on the day of there insertion.

When I awoke this morning, I had noticed that the aligner on the top was already somewhat loose, Which drives me crazy, I guess I like the tight feeling on my teeth.

As I said for the second aligner feeling completely different than the first, The third one was the same. It felt as if where the aligners settled onto each other was altered, and that's an awkward feeling when your teeth don't match up exactly where they have been for 2 weeks.

I've yet to remove the aligners for anything, I'm excited to remove them to see if the gap in between my front teeth has widened. (It's funny to me how people with spaces in between there teeth would want the exact opposite, and here I am hoping that it's larger.)

I will make another edit to this review after the first week, I know I had previously said I would be updating this review with every aligner I got, But I don't know if I want to write a novel, also I'm not sure someone would spend the time to read all of this. So I plan on updating at about aligner #6 I'll post a picture of Aligner #3 to compare to #6 In the future. I'll be removing the photo (Wearing My Aligners) as It's just taking up space in my opinion.

I went in today to receive aligner #4, #5, and #6...

I went in today to receive aligner #4, #5, and #6 ,

I was expecting to receive IPR when I went in today, but she said that I don't need any work done to my teeth until aligner # 17, This means that my bottom teeth will be finished the first round of treatment, Which is very exciting!

I'm sorry I never got around to uploading a picture of #3 to compare to #6, I've been extremely busy lately.

So far I haven't had any pain from the aligners at all. It seems that my teeth are moving really fast, I had cracked my bottom aligner on #3 but from reading many reviews, I decided not to call my treatment provider, considering I only had 2 days left to wear it, I knew the crack wasn't enough to alter the aligner in a way that would affect my teeth, So I just kept wearing it, Which most Ortho's recommend doing, especially if you only have a few days left with the aligner.

When I first went in to consult about getting my teeth fixed, I didn't think that the process went this fast, but let me tell you, once these aligners are in your mouth, time flies by!

I can't wait to switch to #5 On the 12th of June, and then to #6 on the 26th.

I'll leave you with some pictures.

Take care all - Jake

My apologies for not being able to update my...

My apologies for not being able to update my review sooner, I've been busy dealing with personal issues that must be addressed.

Since I have now moved out of my house I don't have access to the internet to constantly look over realself, and post comments, or reply to messages.

I'm now on aligner #5, I skipped a day, so instead of switching to aligner #6 on the 26th, I'll be inserting it on the 25'th. Which I don't think will be an issue.

I'll try and update as much as I can, once again, I do apologize, - Jake.

Aligner #6 is going well, I'm really impressed...

Aligner #6 is going well, I'm really impressed with the differences so far, I can see a huge difference to my front teeth, they've shifted a lot since the start of my treatment, the space keeps getting larger and larger.

It's been hard to keep up my cleaning regime, but I manage.

I have an appointment to get #7-#9 on July 10th, as well as to make sure everything is on track.

I previously stated I skipped a day, and that I thought it wouldn't be an issue, with that being said, I still DO NOT advise doing this if you don't have to, under my conditions I didn't have a choice, my aligners got so dirty as a result of being unable to brush them, there was just no cleaning them, it was caked on.

I'm planning on making a video to explain how the invisalign process has been for me.

Take care everyone.

Sorry for the delay in the update everyone , I've...

Sorry for the delay in the update everyone , I've been really busy with life in the last 6 months I'm currently on 17/39 top, and 14/14 on the bottom. (My bottom teeth will require refinements. I don't think I got enough time in on aligner 13, and aligner 14 didn't fit as accurately, They do however look great!!!)

Invisalign has changed my confidence because I'm not thinking about how bad my teeth look. I'm thinking about how they're getting better and moving into more comfortable positions.

I wish I knew that because I have 14 bottom trays as apposed to 39 top, I'll have to wear the same aligner for the rest of my treatment, although I've ordered a replacement already as a result of cracking the aligner. (When the aligner cracks there is no longer pressure to retain teeth in there position.

I've received more IPR to the right side of my mouth this time, When I get IPR done it allows my teeth to move back and allow my front teeth to have enough space to move into alignment.

I've decided the Pro's are simply the following.

*Better Oral Hygiene .
*The temptation to eat unhealthy (sugary) foods is lowered as a result of having to clean in-between created spaces.
*Teeth have become a lot whiter.


*Aligners break. ( Replacements take a while to ship out to your treatment provider )
*Aligners are hard to keep clean
*Only able to drink water. ( You can choose to drink other beverages (*NOT RECOMMENDED*)
*Refinements ( If you slack on wearing your aligners as many hours as humanly possible your teeth can not move into proper alignment and you will need refinements, Although however your teeth could just not move as planned.)

It's motivated me to become a more hygienic person IE As a result of brushing my teeth constantly I'm always washing my hands as well as remembering to wash my face before I go to sleep because I've made it a routine along with brushing.

I'm still debating which would have worked better, Invisalign, Or traditional braces, Although I'm hoping I'll never truly learn because I want this treatment to give me my desired result.

I never ended up making a video but I'm going to make one some time in the future, I just never got around to it.

If you're considering treatment. Weigh your options.

Do you want to have to brush instantly after eating to put trays back in?
Do you want to risk delaying your treatment by not wanting to comply to the 22 hours of wear a day requirement.
Is it suitable to your lifestyle, and can you adjust your lifestyle to it's very needy demands.

Tonight I am switching to # 20, which make's me an...

Tonight I am switching to # 20, which make's me an invisalign adult, as I'm no longer a teenager "#19" .

Just a quick update..

First I lost my attachment on the bottom arch, (Thank god I'm done that arch) however I'm not sure if this can cause the tray to seat differently resulting in my teeth shifting, I'm not to worried on account of my bottom teeth not yet being in the alignment I want them thus requiring refinements.

I'm really satisfied so far with the results It's just misleading to me because I have so many chips and wears in my teeth which makes it hard to in-vision them looking really great at the end.

Other than that every thing is fine, I'll be switching to tray 21 on the 7th of February which I believe I will require IPR.
( Personally I love IPR because without it my teeth may have required two extractions which wasn't an option for me as I'd rather have crooked teeth then no teeth, also people say IPR damages enamel making it easier for cavities to form, I'm sure this is true to some extent but I'm under the impression that once my teeth are in better alignments the contact point will be harder to intrude with cavity causing agents.)

I'm going to mention refinements on my next visit, I don't think my bottom arch will need a lot of trays, and as I'm not yet finished with the top I'll have to wait to see if they'll even require much tweaking, I'm sure they will and I will get refinements as I'm trying to get my teeth as close to perfect as invisalign will allow them to go as I understand invisalign is a technique rather than a product meaning if my treatment provider isn't as skilled as another invisalign can only take me as far as how knowledgeable my provider is in Orthodontics.

Been a while!

Hello again RealSelf! Been a busy time for me in my life, and I haven't really updated as much as I would have liked too! So last time I updated you all with a photo I was on tray #19! switching to #20! Well now I'm on #31 and close to switching to #32.

Let me start out by saying I've seen my last tray and I'm really impressed, I will confirm that I will need refinements my right front tooth isn't quite tracking as planned so I'm guessing next time around they will place an attachment to help it rotate better, which is fine with me , I expected to have them on my front teeth in the first place considering those were the two worst teeth I had.

I've recently purchased the Crest 3D white strips 2 hour express, And I can say they are so worth it! They hurt while they are on, just a little bit, and sometimes they burn your gums, but nothing you can't handle if you've been through orthodontic treatment. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to whiten their teeth, they are quite costly, Approximately $60 but I'd say it's worth it if you aren't quite happy with the shade of your teeth, if you look at the picture I posted noted Aligner #19 My teeth look yellow, Well I'm proud to say they are no longer yellow. The attachments kind of prevented the tooth underneath from being bleached, but nothing I can't fix before refinements.

I'll end the update with pictures. Take care everyone, thanks for reading . Looking forward to posting the end results for you all to see.
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