Permanent Lip Liner

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Had my lips done today. I brought in 2 of my...

Had my lips done today. I brought in 2 of my favorite shades to show Tara the color/look I wanted. I numbed pretty good for the most part and hardly felt it at all. There were two areas- the middle of my top and bottom lip that had a bit more trouble numbing but eventually they numbed enough to make it tolerable. I was told that the color will fade quite a bit and I should get my desired shade after healed. I also read that while researching before the procedure. If not, we can fix it when I go for my touchup. Another thing I want to point out is my lips are naturally uneven. My lips are pretty swollen right now and they are sore. I'm icing them as I type this. Tara also told me I can take ibuprofen for pain and to keep vaseline on them. I chose to have them lined and then blended in a tad....not full lip color. In the pictures the unevenness is very obvious and if there is still a big difference after they heal she will even them out for me. Once healed there should not be a harsh lip line but instead a subtle pink shading on my lips. I cannot wait.

The changes are quick.

The bottom lip has lost a lot of its line already and has a more blended look. I just wanted to post this because I think it's crazy how they've changed so much in three hours. I have had to apply vaseline a lot bc the vaseline gets absorbed quickly.

The Day After

Lips are scabbed. I'm keeping them vaselined up. Swelling has gone down and pain isn't all that bad today.

Two days after

Lips are still scabbed. Some of them are starting to slough off. They feel tight due to the scabbing.

Day #3 After Permanent Lip Liner

Scabbing is just about done. You can see in the picture that my top lip is still scabbing a bit. Lips feel tight and still ooze a bit of clear stuff on my top lip. Color is supposed to gradually come back within a few weeks.

One week-7 days post

My lips are still feeling tight. Scabbing is gone. Color is gone but should start to reappear within the next couple of weeks. Should know within the next week or two what touch-ups are needed. I do have a white hazy'sh color where the micropigment was applied. I did read that is a normal part of the healing process when researching to get this done. Some experience it and some do not.

19th Day

I go for my touchup up on Friday for my lios, eyes, and brows. I'm going to see if she will suggest I wait to touch up my lips until the color starts coming in. I really do not see a difference yet but from researching I read several things about the color taking 3-5 weeks to come in.

Permanent Lip Liner Touchup

Today ended up being a full on session. The pigment from my first session blended with my natural lip color and there really was no shade of color. My lips, however, did have a more defined look. My permanent makeup artist and I want to achieve a natural lip blush shade. Today she mixed a couple of pigments. One was a pink red and the other was a truffle color. She did go a tad deeper in hopes that the color takes this time or can see a hint of color The pictures were taken two hours after I had them done. They are kind of sore and ibuprofen helps me with that. They look a lot different than the first session.

Day 2 after touchup

My lips have been peeling a bit. Just keeping them moist with vaseline. I'm anxious to see the final result. Hopefully the color stays this time.

Almost done peeling

So far I like the results. The color will soften a bit more which will give me a much more natural color which is what I wanted.

Scabbing is all gone! Yayyyy!

The shade underneath the scabbing and skin that came off us exactly what I wanted. I love it. So natural and all I have to do is apply gloss.
Tara Vega

Tara Vega is completely awesome. She listens to you, gives her professional experience, tells you pros and cons, and gives you what you want. She has 15 years experience in permanent makeup and knows what she's doing. She's not someone who's just out to get your money.

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