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So far so good. Just had procedure today. The...

So far so good. Just had procedure today. The permanent makeup will fade and not be so bold and loud and it will soften within a few days. Touch up (if needed) is in 4 weeks. Eyes hurt a bit right now which I was warned abt prior. Feels like I've been crying. Eyebrows do not hurt at all. I was told to keep vaseline on. Minor scabbing and flaking will happen over the next few days. DO NOT PICK!!! My eyes shouldn't be swollen any more by Monday when I return to work. Hope my eyebrows are toned down by then as well. Forgive my horrid before pic and after pics. I already have vaseline on my eyeliner. I will post progress of eyeliner and eyebrows when I can. Getting lip liner next Friday and will post about that as well.

Day 2

My eyelids are still swollen and red but not as bad as yesterday and not as sore either. Taking ibuprofen for the swelling/minor pain. Tara told me for the next 24-30 hours it will feel like I've been crying my eyes out. She couldn't stress enough to make sure I keep vaseline on my eyeliner and eyebrows. I'm probably over doing it right now but I don't think that will affect the healing. My eyes brows are already scabbing. I cannot wait until they are done healing so I can see final color which will be lighter and softer. In a couple of days I'll tone down the vaseline bc I have to go to work and don't want to get funky looks or questions. So far I'm loving it even though they are not healed. My husband even likes it and he was the main one telling me don't do it. Lol.

Itchiness has started

My eyebrows are really itchy. I know I can't scratch but boy, if I could I would. I'm so happy and excited with my results thus far and can only imagine how everything will look once healed. I've lightened up on the vaseline quite a bit. I know I was overdoing it. Lol. So far, no regrets and lips are five more days. Going with a lip line that is feathered and blended in. Not a full lip color. I want it to enhance what with a little rosy tint. Can't wait for that. I'll be starting a new review when I get my lips done.

Day 4

Still healing of course. They aren't so dark anymore and should lighten up more once scabbing has flaked off. I can already see on the tail of both brows that I will need touch ups done there when I go back in a few weeks. I didn't post my eyeliner because my eyes had a reaction to the vaseline. It's weird though bc Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the whites of my eyes were not red at all. I start using less Sunday night and wake up Monday morning with red eyes. Today they are worse so I went to a clinic just to make sure everything was ok and the doctor agreed with me it was the vaseline as well. She told me to stop using it, keep flushing my eyes with saline, and buy these drops called ketotifen. The drops are an antihistamine and should clear up my red eyes. They don't itch or blurred vision, they are just red and irritated. I'm still pleased with the eyeliner and will post updated pics once my eyes aren't bloodshot anymore.

Love it!

So it's been 7 days and I just left the studio from having my lips permanently colored. While I was there Tara got to take a look at my eyebrows and eyeliner and is very pleased at how well the color took and stayed. I go for my touchup in 3 weeks and she did tell me she wants to full in my brows more and I agreed and I told her I would like my top lid liner a bit thicker. My bottom liner will get touched up too from a little bit of pigment that was lost but I'm not seeking a thicker line on my bottom lid. My one week pics are up but lighting isn't all that great. When my final, final results are done I will make sure to have pics with excellent lighting. The lining on my top lid is between my lashes so it is very hard to get a pic of my top lids.

10 Days after Eyebrows and liner done

I went to see Tara and had permanent lip liner done. While I was there she got to see how my brows and eyeliner healed. She was very pleased (I am too) but pointed out areas she can see I need touch ups on. I wore mascara for the first time today and it felt awesome to not have to hassle with eyeliner or brow filler.

Forgot two pictures....

On the update I just did.

26th day

Friday will be four weeks since I had my eyeliner and brows done. I love it. I go in on Friday for final touch ups and then I'm done with the process. I have not had to fill my brows in at all and when I wear face looks done up bc I already have eyeliner on. By the way, you will see in one of the pictures the length of my eyelashes. I use Latisse. It took 16 weeks to get them this long. That stuff is amazing and when I wear mascara they look reallllllly pretty. I get compliments all the time and a couple people have asked if I had falsies on. I will continue use. I use it on my eyebrows too.

One Week After Touchup

They are still healing but I am so happy with the results so far. One of the best decisions I've made regarding enhancing myself I feel that this was a great investment. They look natural and I get a lot of compliments on them. They still have about another weeks worth of healing and I will post a final update then with pictures.

My Healed Permanent Eyeliner

This is a picture of my healed eyeliner from my first session. You can get a good look at my eyebrows as well. I did have my touchup done and will post more pics on my last update with the final result. All I have on in this picture is powder, very light amount of eyeshadow, mascara, and lip gloss. My brows and eyeliner look so natural and that is without any effort from me. In very pleased with my results.
Skin Deep Studio & Spa

Tara was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. She's been doing permanent makeup for 14 years. She was very knowledgeable in helping me decide on what I liked and what would look good on me. She gives great, solid advice from her extensive experience. My lips are next and she's definitely getting my business with that as well. Her spa and studio offers so much more too and I'm eager to try other things through her spa.

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