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Ok Ladies, I am having my implants removed. I have...

Ok Ladies, I am having my implants removed. I have overfill round saline implants. I will be removing without re implanting. I will most likely need a mastopexy, but will wait six month to a year.
Here is my question, should I have a capsulotomy? Or should I have them removed in office under local?
Your advice is coveted! Thank you for taking the time to share you experiences with me. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!!!
I have to admit that I am so nervous (scared out of my mind rather) as to how I will look. I should have NEVER had them put in!
Here's to leaving and learning :-)

A little more info

Thank you so much to all of you who have replied or left comments. So far I have kind of felt alone in this. My husband has finally agreed that they should come out. Please don't misunderstand, he is very loving but it has taken a bit for him to see what I am going through. I am so thankful that he is starting to see the pain I am in, and that there are no other options for me.
I have my first breast augmentation three years ago. A couple of my girlfriends had BA's and looked and felt great. I had honestly never really considered it before than. I was surprised at how quickly they healed and were back in the swing of things.
I have always had smaller breast, and have been fine with it. I am 5'8" and athletically slim (I used to love to run as a de-stresser). My husband started teasing me a little that when I am at my normal weight (and working out a lot) that I lose my butt and boobs completely. I do not believe for a second that he was trying to be unkind. He was teasing and expressed that he liked me a bit thicker. Again he is a wonderful man. But that got me to thinking about it even more. So I spoke to a few PS and had my BA in 2010. I left a lot in the Doctor's hand (as I didn't know what would look best on me. I had silicone gel (gummy bear) under the muscle. I healed fine, but noticed right away that I now had a loss of feeling in areas of my breasts and nipples. My incision was under my breast, and the surgeon did a great job. They looked good. I and my husband work very long hours and spend a lot of time working over seas. Over the next year after my surgery I starting to have pain in the sides and lower part of my breasts. My implants started to bottom-out. So much so that when I sent pictures to another Plastic Surgeon to get his advice, he asked if I was sure that they were under the muscle, being that he could clearly see the line where my implants were through the skin on the sides of my breast. My implants were so low in my breasts that I had lost velum in the top of my breast. All this in a year and a half, I was so disappointed.
My implants were starting to feel so heavy and pressing on my nerves. Again we were working oversees, so I made an appointment with another PS for when I would be home.
I should mention that during this time I had started missing my small A/B cup boobies. I regretted getting these implants, but didn't have the courage to tell my husband (we had spent so much money on my breasts and he liked them). I regret so much not telling him at that time!! I was (and still am) so scared that if I removed my implants that my boobs would look terrible.
So in Jan 2012 I had my implants replaced with saline overfill. I didn't want to have saggy breasts, so I asked the PS to fill in the lack of volume.
My PS and his staff were great. He explained that he would have to go bigger and that I would have more of a side boob. I should have asked more questions. I had no idea how big I would be when I woke up. When I saw how large I was I was devastated. I kept thinking that the swelling just needed to go down. In the two surgeries I have gone from an a/b to a dd, and now to about an f. They are so big now that I hate them. I hate how my upper arms hits the sides of my boobs when I'm walking or doing elliptical. My husband loves them, and I decided to just learn to like my new figure. After my surgery I starred having terrible nerve pain in my breasts, especially my right. I spoke to my SP and he said to give it time.
So I went over a year with the pain getting progressively worse. Not only had I lost almost all feeling in my breast and nipples, I was in pain all the time. I stopped running altogether, I just to the elliptical now. I used to so the Nike workout too, but had to stop that as well. I wear a very supportive spots bra constantly, to try and relive my pain.
I have nerve pain that gets to bad I have to grab the side of my breasts and push up and add pressure to the sides. After about 15min it will subside and I can continue with what I'm doing. When in public I try to be discreet, and press in with my arms, hopping no one will look at me and think I'm crazy, or have some kind of weird habit. It happens more and more often now too. I will be in pain for thirty minutes out of an hour. Sometimes I get quick stabbing pains through my breasts, it is so excruciating that I want to cry sometimes. I know a look of pain must pass across my face, because sometimes people will ask if I'm alright. It is very embarrassing.
About six months ago I finally started talking to my husband about what I was going through. At first he made suggestions like stop working out and see, or fix your posture (my posture has been so bad since my second BA, and I have back pain due to it). Eventually the more he asked how things were for me, he became convinced that they need to be removed as well. I should have talked to him sooner!
To think that I put myself though all this for someone who loved me just how I was. If we were given just one 'do-over' in life, I think I would use mine on this. I have been in such pain for the last two years. I have put scars on my boobs, boobs that I liked just fine. I can't run and workout the same way. And now I have no earthly idea how my breast are going to look. I am so scared that they will look like pancakes that I stapled to the top of my ribcage. But however they come out, I know I need them removed.
I spoke to my PS and he said that they are too big and heavy for me. That my nerves are having spasms. He said some women can go way bigger than I did and never have any problems, and that some can go much smaller and have the same issue, that it is all about how your body reacts. He said that he could see from my pictures that the right breast is worse for me as it has pushed our to the right side of my body. He said I could try going smaller and see how I do. I said no. I am done with all this. I want/need them out. I want my life back.
I am back working out of the US right now. So I will have to schedule my explant for possibly Aug, but more then likely it will be Dec before I can have anything done.
I wanted to have them removed in the PS office under local anesthesia vs general anesthesia. It is cheaper that way and less invasive. But ultimately I want to do what will be best for my boobs. What will be best not only for how they look but how they heal.
I am having pain in my breasts as I am typing this right now. I am so ready to have them gone.
I don't think I have a capsular contracture, but I have not had a physical exam with a PS in over 1 1/2 years. My breast seem pretty soft. A little firm, but they have always felt this way since my BA.
I can't think you all enough for sharing your experiences. You have all helped to many women. I have been reading as many removal stories on this site as I can find.
Thank you for your comments and advice.
The PS's I have spoken with all have different opinions on whether I should have a capsulotomy. So I need advice from women who have gone through this.
I am 30, pretty good skin, no children (have not breast fed). I think I will end up needing a mastopexy eventually, being that these implants are so large. I will wait six months/one year or until after I have children to have a lift done though.
Well thats it for now. I will keep you all posted on how things go. And I will try to put up some picture of before removal and after.
Thanks you all again!!
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