32 Year Old Wanting a Flatter Belly and Bigger Booty - Orange Park, FL

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Please tell me ladies what materials are a must...

Please tell me ladies what materials are a must have after a bbl i know that I should purchase a ab board but I have no clue on anything else. Have chosen to let dr Weiss do my surgery who i feel very comfortable with his staff is amazing he also said that I will not have a drain tube in after surgery. I am super excited. But I just want to make sure that I have everything I need for post op.

Before pics

Only two more weeks until my big day im getting really nevous buy I'm super excited ???

Let the countdown begin only 12 more days

These are some before pics I only have 12 more days I'm super excited I can't wait to have a flatter belly and a bigger butt.


This is the garment my surgeon is giving me has anyone else had this one

Pre opt

Question ladies I see a lot of people saying that they had have blood work done for their pre-op well I went last week and I wasn't required to do any blood I filled out some medical history paperwork and after that that was it I'm assuming because of my age I don't need it I don't really know

5 days post op

8 days post up looking good and feeling it

2 weeks post opt and I'm loving it

Before and after 3 weeks post opt

1 month post opt

5 weeks so far so good not bad for only 650 cc's in each cheek

It's been 5 weeks already I haven't witnessed any itching my bruising is completely gone my thighs are still sore my lower back is still a little bit numb and my waist is still shrinking my butt hasn't really shrink much I don't think it definitely jiggles a lot more now

Bubble butt

Loving the skin I'm in I'm five and a half weeks I still where am I at my lipo foam in my garment 23:7 my waist is still shrinking when I first started I was almost at a37 right now my waist is 29 inches I'm hoping It will shrink to 28 my hips are a 43 so far he has been going great my inner thighs still hurt every day but they're getting better I have not sat on my butt yet I either sit on my BBL pillow or a buckwheat pillow

10 weeks post opt

10 weeks post feeling great and looking greater

Booty in leggings

Definitely turning heads with this booty
Orange Park Plastic Surgeon

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