Its time to get fine again!!!!

After having my beautiful baby girl my body went...

After having my beautiful baby girl my body went downhill. My butt went in and my belly went out. I have worked out and went on a diet it seems like my body isn't bouncing back. Trust me surgery was my last option but at 24 having a Buda belly aint hot at all. I want a BBL to get my figure right. But I want to walk by a mirror an see my body an say "Girl you fine!"

My Body Going to Be Snatched!

Today I had a consultation with Dr. Weiss in Orange Park he is very nice and so is his staff they treat their patients like family. His office is has that warm comfy feeling which put me at ease. Dr. Weiss answered every question that I could possibly think of which is great. He's honest about what he can do when it came to me wanting a bbl. By contouring my body so I can be Miami summer fine lol. He feel safe and comfortable with his experience as a Plastic Surgeon so I will be setting my date for surgery really soon possibly next week. Maria the coordinator is very nice she explains everything with great detail which made me excited and confident that Dr. Weiss will have my body looking good!!!!

Counting down til im fine again!!!

I'm happy with going to Dr. Weiss for surgery but my husband think I need to look at other doctors in Jacksonville before I pay for my surgery upfront. He would say that while I was on my way to pay Dr. Weiss but I'll look at one more doctor to decide who's right for me. I have a consultation with Dr.Basile out Jax beach lets see how it goes but I pretty much have my mind made up tho. I just want a doctor with great results and reviews trust I dont have money or time to waste. So hopefully after seeing this doctor I can come to a decision and set my date ASAP!!!
Orange Park Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Weiss and his staff are very nice makes you feel like family than a patient. He's honest and confident in any procedure he does. I think I found the right doctor!

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