Its time to get fine again!!!!

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After having my beautiful baby girl my body went...

After having my beautiful baby girl my body went downhill. My butt went in and my belly went out. I have worked out and went on a diet it seems like my body isn't bouncing back. Trust me surgery was my last option but at 24 having a Buda belly aint hot at all. I want a BBL to get my figure right. But I want to walk by a mirror an see my body an say "Girl you fine!"

My Body Going to Be Snatched!

Today I had a consultation with Dr. Weiss in Orange Park he is very nice and so is his staff they treat their patients like family. His office is has that warm comfy feeling which put me at ease. Dr. Weiss answered every question that I could possibly think of which is great. He's honest about what he can do when it came to me wanting a bbl. By contouring my body so I can be Miami summer fine lol. He feel safe and comfortable with his experience as a Plastic Surgeon so I will be setting my date for surgery really soon possibly next week. Maria the coordinator is very nice she explains everything with great detail which made me excited and confident that Dr. Weiss will have my body looking good!!!!

Counting down til im fine again!!!

I'm happy with going to Dr. Weiss for surgery but my husband think I need to look at other doctors in Jacksonville before I pay for my surgery upfront. He would say that while I was on my way to pay Dr. Weiss but I'll look at one more doctor to decide who's right for me. I have a consultation with Dr.Basile out Jax beach lets see how it goes but I pretty much have my mind made up tho. I just want a doctor with great results and reviews trust I dont have money or time to waste. So hopefully after seeing this doctor I can come to a decision and set my date ASAP!!!

Im going to Miami #MartinezDoll

I thought going to Dr.Weiss would be my final decision but then I started looking at bbl's in Miami. The doctors at Spectrum Aesthetics know how to do BBL really good. After some time deciding whether I should go ahead and pay 7600 for a bbl in Jacksonville or pay 3799 for Miami if you add in the recovery house $750/5 days plus plane ticket I'd save more money and get great results.... I'm hoping. So I decided to take a chance and go with Dr. Martinez my surgery is 3/17/18. Why so far well its the best time for my recovery enough time for me to take off work and school. I already bought my bbl pillow $54, faja (amazon), and supplies for my recovery (Walgreen). I was told to gain 5 lbs for the best results and after my bbl I will be getting a tummy tuck so i can have that banging body I always wanted!!! Its time for this bbl my a** look like Hank Hill in the back like somebody flatten the top.

I cant to be in Miami

I booked my RH 7 days $1,025 @dollrecoverygetaway check them out on IG Booked my flight it was only $129. Almost done paying my for my sx only $800 to go. So far Dr.Martinez is doing a really good job on bbls I follow Spectrum aesthetics IG. I will be posting more pre & post op pics.

8 months to go til im fine!!!!

My coordinator Ana answers all my questions and keep me updated. Im trying to get a date this year but Dr. Martinez so booked I was lucky to get my date March 17th. Im thinking about flying to miami instead of bus. I dont think i could comfy for 8hrs rather ease my nerves a fly for 1hr. So far on IG Martinez work looks amazing he gives you projection and fullness. My friend went to Ortega and was in a Recovery house with a Martinez Doll she told me the lady results looked better than hers. Knowing that made me feel like i picked the right doctor! My friend will getting a R2 with Martinez next year or 2019. I also bought my surgery supplies from a curvydollsrecovery it has everything you need. I also bought a bbl for $54.99 waiting for it to arrive so I can practice sitting on it. Im taking vitamins (iron, vitamin c&d)

Changed my Doctor

After seeing more pics of the new doctor at Spectrum Aesthetics work I decided to switch from Dr. Martinez to Dr. Dowbak. Dr. Dowbak gives projection and fullness and thats what I want. He have a special going on its almost over but I will receive 5 massages along with having a bbl. His price is 4500 but its worth it. *fingers crossed*. For my tummy tuck most likey at the end of 2018 I would rather recovery in the winter, I'll go to Dr. Ghurani private practice. 2018 will be my year!!!!

Loving Dowbak work!!!

Some people say they aren't satisfied with Dr.Martinez bbl because he put more fat on top than the bottom. Im not sure if this is true but most of the Martinez dolls I follow on IG barely post pics or update I dont know why. One lady I followed on IG said she wasn't happy and deactivated her IG before I could ask her any more questions. But I did see a few who were satisfied with Martinez they look good.

Surgery Supplies and are great websites to go for surgery supplies if you feel like going out and searching for stuff.

Recovery House

I was torn between this recovery house and the imermaids recovery house. For my tummy tuck I'll go to imermaids it look so luxury! If you're allergic to dogs you might want to find another recovery house.

I will be posting more things later but now I need to focus on my grades so I can get my degree. If I dont respond her go to my IG. I'll try to accept request when I get time after getting things right with my school work.

Good luck to everyone having upcoming surgery!

Lats vs hips

My last post lol I promise I have to gwt back to studying. But this is to help anyone who dont know the difference between lats and hips.Lats look great with shelf butt
Hips look great with the heart shaped butt

Lats vs hips

Lats & shelf (google Deelishis)

Personally I want the hips and heart shape butt. It looks more "natural" I might make a picture board to show Dowbak what I would like hopefully he will come close to it.

Im counting down till Surgery time

Praying for this storm to be over

Please pray for Florida hopefully this storm wont do too much damage. Everyone be safe and keep us in your prayers as well as Texas.

Ladies if you can try to schedule surgery away from Hurricane season. There are women on IG still trying to get to miami for surgery but most facilities are closed due to Irma. I seen some ladies arguing with RH owners who evacuated for safety asking the RH owners why are they leaving when the storm wont hit til sunday. Traffic is at a stand still here the fastest you can go is 29mph when traffic decides to move your lucky if you can go 60mph. Again please stay safe.

Thank goodness im a Dowbak Doll

I was talking to a lady who went to Dr.Martinez in July now shes planning for a round 2. Some ppl have been lucky to get the shape they wanted from him also but the ones who didn't seems like he put fat up top giving them a square or boxy shape. I was lucky to be able to switch to Dr.Dowbak $4500 + 3 massages. He gives projection and im loving his results. I follow 5 Dowbak dolls on IG chile all I can say is Dowbak did that yessss!!!! I have a feeling his prices will be going up to 6k soon since his results are lit! I cant wait for March 17th to get here so I post tons of pics.

Surgery Supplies

What do I need to buy? I hate doing things last minute. I have seen websites that offer a bbl package but some of the things in the package are cheaper on Amazon or in local stores. Some of the stuff I might not need.
What do you pack and how many?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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