43 Year Old, Much Needed Mini Tummy Tuck with Liposculpture of Torso and Inner Thighs - Orange Park, FL

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I have always been very active and athletic, and...

I have always been very active and athletic, and even when I weighed 98 pounds, I still had a little belly pooch. Well, I certainly don't weigh 98 pounds anymore so the belly pooch was more like an alcoholic man's beer GUT. I hated it. I was so against plastic surgery that it took me years to go in for a consult. Dr. Weiss did my cousin's breast implants and my best friends chin liposuction with a lift of her face jowls. Both of those people came out looking like A MILLION BUCKS AND THAT'S AFTER TAXES!!!! I mean, they look FANTASTIC!!! I went with my BFF to all of her appointments and met Dr. Weiss and his staff personally. Then, I had the "guts", no pun intended, to set up a consult regarding my gut. I am an attorney so you should know that I researched the heck out of Dr. Weiss and the procedure. Dr. Weiss has amazing credentials medically, but what I found most comforting was/is that he TRULY cares about the outcome of his work. Although he has all of the credentials in the world to make him pompous, there isn't a pompous bone in his body. His demeanor makes you feel like you've been friends forever, which made a very modest me feel extremely comfortable showing him my most embarrassing areas. When researching a plastic surgeon, it is extremely important to make sure they're board certified. Dr. Weiss' qualifications go well beyond being board certified. A plastic surgeon can be board certified and not care about you, the patient. Dr. Weiss and his staff treated me as though I were a member of their family. I mean it. They are all, each and every one of them, incredible, and you can tell that Dr. Weiss values them greatly. I don't know quite how to best describe Dr. Weiss. I can only tell you the way he made me feel. He made me feel full of worth, excited for the procedures, completely and totally confident in his ability to perform the procedures I had, and really just like a real friend. My recuperation has been uncomfortable, understandably, but not unbearable. Anytime I had a question, no matter what time it was after hours, I could call Dr. Weiss and he would call me back within less than 5 minutes. It was amazing. He answered my questions and made me feel comfortable in calling him personally. When I called his staff during office hours, they, too, made me feel so good about my need to call them. I'm a bit of a hypochondriac so I can be pretty high maintenance, and I often feel a bit guilty about calling over some of my concerns, but they were always cheerful and helpful and never once made me feel uncomfortable about the questions I had. Honestly, in my work as an attorney, I've seen several lawsuits where the complaint alleges botched work or uncaring care. YOU WILL NOT GET EITHER OF THOSE COMPLAINTS WITH DR. WEISS AND HIS STAFF. You just won't. If you are considering doing anything to improve an area on your body or face that you aren't happy with, you cannot get a better doctor than Dr. Eric Weiss. His staff is a reflection of him, and as such, you will not find a better team who will take the very best care of you. YOU are the reason they're there, and they let you know it over and over again. DR. WEISS AND HIS STAFF HAVE FAAAAARRRRR EXCEEDED ANY EXPECTATION I HAD, AND IF YOU WERE A MEMBER OF MY VERY OWN FAMILY LOOKING FOR THE BEST DOCTOR AND STAFF TO PERFORM YOUR WORK, I WOULD TELL YOU TO STOP LOOKING ANY FURTHER. THIS PLACE IS THE BEST!!! Please do yourself a favor and go and see for yourself. They are amazingly wonderful, and I am sincerely and amazingly so very grateful for each of them.

Whitney R. Lonker
Orange Park, Florida
Orange Park Plastic Surgeon

My interactions with Dr. Weiss were as I stated above. Amazing. He is the best!!! He is so kind when he could be so pompous due to all of his successes academically and professionally. He is board certified and was a fellow in plastic surgery. Honestly, I can't believe we have him here in the Orange Park, Florida/Jacksonville, Florida area! He immediately put me at ease, made me feel like he TRULY cared about me and about the outcome of the procedures I wanted. He honestly assessed that I did not need the more expensive full on tummy tuck and advised me on what he really thought I required, which, by the way, cost LESS than the procedure about which I initially met with him. So I knew right away that Dr. Weiss wasn't in it just for the money. He really cared about the outcome and the results, and more than that, he really cared about ME being happy. I swear, I just love the guy. If and when I get anything else done, there is no decision on who will do it, but only on what will be done next! This is a doctor who has a staff who reflects him beautifully. You can tell that the feeling there is if you don't care about people then don't work here. The staff are people you would want to hang out with! They are funny, positive, kind, concerned, compassionate and most of all MORE than competent to help you in every area in which you may be concerned. I could go on and on about this entire group, but the bottom line is they are the BEST. My results are absolutely AMAZING. I did myself the disservice of watching YOUTUBE videos of my procedure prior to my surgery, and I cannot believe the amazingly beautiful results of Dr. Weiss' and his Staff's work, and I'm just one week out from my surgery. I am swollen, bruised and still in some pain, but I already look 100% better than I did a week BEFORE my surgery! I am so excited to see the results once the full healing process has taken place in 4-6 weeks, but really, in about a year, the full healing will have occurred. But I gotta say, I look way better than those people on YOUTUBE already. As I stated before, I am very modest and have trouble dropping my towel in front of myself in private versus allowing some stranger to see my most embarrassing places, but Dr. Weiss made me feel so at ease. He is more than professional because professional can sometimes be boring and stuffy and aloof. Dr. Weiss has an approach that is so positive and confident and at the same time quite humble, and when he included me by teaching me why his suggestions were what they were, the consultation was no longer about me standing in front of a semi stranger with my "who-ha" at eye level...that uneasiness melted right away, and it was about me being fully at ease and comfortable and understanding each and every suggestion and part of each procedure I wanted. His work is unmatched, and his caring, good natured, integral professionalism is who he really seems to be. There are no heirs about him. He's a great guy and a great surgeon. On a scale of 1 to 10, Dr. Weiss and his ENTIRE staff all get 11's!!!! THIS practice goes to eleven!!! Needless to say, I am more than pleased. Use them. You won't regret it. Whitney R. Lonker Orange Park, Florida

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