475 mentor moderate plus ~ BA to restore fullness after breast feeding

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I don't really know where to start. Im flooded...

I don't really know where to start. Im flooded with emotion right now:))
I would really like to say first that this site has been absolutely anazing. I have read so many stories and there is such an overwhelming amount of positivity and support for one another, it really is inspiring.
So breast augmentation is something I've wanted since high school. I don't hate my breasts I just wish they were more proportionate to my body. I never really thought I would get augmentation but it something I always wanted so it was more like wishful thinking:) I have three children and after nursing my youngest for 19 months my breasts are deflated. I am currently a small B cup at my largest after nursing I was a 34 double D. That is what I'm hoping to attain after my BA. I do know so far that i do not want to go below 400cc.
I am currently 135 lbs, 5'4 I have a slender Frame, i'm active I work out daily. So any of the things I'm unhappy with or feel i need to improve about my body and have the control over I work on, however no matter how hard I wish I can't make my breasts grow, lol.
I have been working out diligently for the last six months and after losing weight and hitting my target goal my amazing husband and I were talking one night and he jokingly asked me "what do you want once you meet your goal?" to which I replied boobies!! He said OK let's do it. I was beyond shocked my husband is my best friend we have been been Best friend since the ninth grade he loves me and he loves the way I look but was not really wanting me to get breast implants. And mind you again I've been wanting this since high school... I asked him why he changed his mind he said that I've worked so hard and he just wants me to see myself the way he sees me.I'm so grateful for that because I wouldn't do this unless he was behind me 100%.
So began the research I have done so much research in the last few months and almost right away we found our doctor, we had out concultation on January 28. I feel confident that i made the right choice. I feel like im in great hands. Originally it looked like surgery was going to be this summer. Then, last week my husband suprised me and we are able ( all thanks to him!) to do the surgery sooner, we made the call and my pre op is today!!!! Surgery is March 16th !!! Im so very excited. This seems like it's all happening so fast.

Pre op done!!! 3 weeks to go!

So I had my preop yesterday it went great. I was a bit anxious and nervous but it went well:) we went over all the concerns and I signed all the consents and and I also did the Vectra. I found out we will be using Mentor smooth moderate plus. I'm not really sure on the size yet I believe I want to go 475. When we did the consult I showed him my wish pics and explained what I wanted and he understood completely and I asked him at 450 would be too much for me and he said no but he wouldn't go much more than that so the morning of the surgery we will discuss what the actual size is going to be but I'm leaning towards 475 in less he says 450 is my max. I'm still so excited I've wanted this for so long and once we decided we were doing it it's just seems to be happening so fast!!! Im a happy girl!!

Feeling accomplished:)

I had a very productive day! I got my medical clearance signed and faxed & i got my labs drawn! And last night i filled my prescriptions so those are alset as well!

All done!!

Had my surgery at 8 am yesterday morning. Everything went great! Dr. Restifo was wonderful, so was his PA Amanda. We decided between 475 and 500 I let him make the final decision and once he was in there 475 was the max we could go so 475 it is! :)
I woke up in recovery much more sore than anticipated, but between the great staff and my amazing husband i felt good.
We had an almost two hour drive home, that was a bit unpleasant but we made it home in one piece lol
The pain and discomfort started right before I arrived home and lasted throughout the night. Things seem to be easing up this morning. I'm still not used to not being able to lift my arms much, that's going to take some getting used to. I can't wait to see what they look like. Bandages come off tomorrow at post op appointment:) i will update:)

Pre- op Photo

5 days post op

So surgery was 5days ago. Everything seems to be great. I still have a good deal of swelling and it's still difficult for me to sit up or lay down without a lot of pressure but thats to be expected:)
I'm so lucky my hisband had been here to help. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain but rhis has been unbearable at points. I really only have trouble sleeping because im a side/tummy sleeper other than that i have no complaints. I'm so happy that i had this done, I can't wait for them to heal fully.

8 days post op :)

Today is 8 days post op. So far so good, i still have a great deal of soreness mostly early morning and late at night. I also still have quite a bit of upper poll swelling but all as well, i have basically become one with the band:)
I get my stiches out this afternoon!!! Super excited!

10 days!

Today makes 10 days post op.
A lot of discomfort today due to swelling, my left side seems to be way more swollen in the upper poll area. I'm patiently waiting until I will no longer need this hideous band. Lol, It hasn't really bothered me until today its irritating the skin under my arms. Still im so happy with this decision:)))

14 days post op :)

16 days- arms up - no band:)

Still a bit swollen, one side slightly bigger than the other... But overall for 2 weeks im overjoyed:)

3 weeks :)

Today makes three weeks since surgery:) my recovery is going well, i still have tenderness mostly on my right side. Sleeping is still a challenge, i was definitely not ment to be a back sleeper lol.
I have all sensation in my breasts and nipples, hightened sensitivity at times but im not complaining.
My chest is tight most of the time, im trying to massage more frequently, that seems to be extremely helpful.
One issue ive been having is, i feel no tightness or pain and i go to reach or pick something up and very quickly i am forced to remember that my muscles are not fully healed yet:)
Beyond all that things are great. I'm so happy to have had this done!

4 weeks post op !!

I can't believe it's already been a month! I still see small changes every day. I also still have a crazy amount of swelling if im active for a prolonged period of time ( even if im not really doing anything, just being on my feet ) that's getting annoying. It drives me crazy not being able to do to much. All in all i feel good, theres still soreness that comes with the swelling, and they can get stiff The feeling reminds me very much of the breasts being engorged when you are breast-feeding. I do notice that massaging seems to help everthing! So i do them as much as i can. When my breasts aren't swollen, i have noticed they have become soft and squishy ( also after the massages ) and I couldn't be more happy:)))) Also, my scars seem to be healing well. One side feels slightly bumpy i also try to massage the scars as much as possible. So it feels like progress is slow but steady, I still believe this is one of the best decisions I've ever made, now I'm just patiently waiting to be able to go bra shopping and trying my best to see if I can be patient enough to wait until 14 weeks. I doubt I'll make it that long, but thats my goal:)

6 weeks Today!!! :)

So today makes 6 weeks post op:)! I couldn't be happier with my results. Everything is going great with my healing. I still have slight discomfort when i move a certain way, or sometimes from laying on my side. I also noticed if i get upset or aggravated my chest muscles will tighten up a great deal, so im working on that! Lol. Im extremely pleased that most of the upper poll swelling has gone away:))))) I have been massaging as much as I possibly can. I could do better, im working on that also:) I still see improvements almost daily so I'm a very happy girl!:)

8 weeks today!! I went bra shopping!!!

I am two months postop today:) I am more and more pleased with my results every single day!
My original plan was to try to wait until four months postop to go bra shopping, but I have the most amazing has been on the planet who took me out two days ago and surprised me and took me to Victoria's Secret:) i was sized at a 32DDD :))))) i'm ecstatic! As soon as the saleswoman said that I couldn't stop giggling like a schoolgirl, lol. I was beyond happy! I had so much fun trying on bras I definitely see what I've been missing this entire time and I'm so happy!!

As far as healing goes I feel 100% back to normal, I still get a twinge every now and then if I'm laying on my side other than that everything is great, I feel great , I started working out again. The girls seem to get squisher by the day!

Be proud of your choice!

I'm seeing them so much on reviews recently, that women are losing friends and family due to their decision to have a BA. I'm almost appalled. I understand that everybody has their own varying opinions, however this is a personal choice in the fact that some of us are open and honest enough to confide in family and friends people that we trust you would think the understanding would be reciprocated. Luckily I have not dealt with this I have the most amazing husband in the world and I've only told two close friends. But for you ladies to have to deal with this my heart goes out to you and just remember us real self girls have your back! Xo

11 weeks!

So today i am ar the 11 week marker. I am so grateful every day that I made this decision, I am so happy with my results. I still see changes on a daily basis:) The only complaint I have if you can even call it a complaint is that if I overuse my arms or my chest muscles my breasts become tight. It's nothing massaging doesn't help.

5 moths !!!!

I am currently five months post op!! That sure went by fast!
I feel great, I absolutely love my outcome!
I'm grateful I've had an awesome experience so far.
My breasts are soft and becoming more squishy seems like every month:) i am extremely pleased about this:) although they do move beautifully i wish they were as bouncy as they were pre- op, i am still hopeful this will continue to change as it had been over the past five months, i am hoping that continuing to massage will help resolve my fears. Fingers crossed!
The only concern i have so far if i can even call it that, is that i still seem to have muscle tightness with certain movements, which i know is normal i just hope this also continues to improve.
It feels as though the muscle clamps down on the implants with most positions or movements with my arms that require any type of weight bearing, i feel it sweeping the floor as well as if i need to push or gently hold myself up. This is not painful at all just uncomfortable because its the only time i can feel the implant, and the only time they feel unnatural. Again i know this is normal, i just would like it to go away lol.
So not to sound overly repetitive but i am so happy with my boobs. I definitely feel more like myself. The boobs i was left with after breastfeeding and weight loss left me very unsatisfied and insecure.
Things now are exactly how i wanted them to be:) i have absolutely no regrets whatsoever.

7 months :) -Weight loss, Movement & very happy healing:)!

So as of yesterday i am 7 months post op. I can't believe it's been seven months already!"
I have lost 17 pounds in the last three months. I feel much stronger so thats a bonus! I do notice some tightness with the breast tissue, i always lose weight in my breasts first :( however my breasts themselves are still getting softer by the day, and i am still a 32 DDD. The strength training seems to have really helped with the soft squishy feeling. I was very nervous about doing any upper body exercises because I could feel the muscle clamping down on the implant with the simplest of movements such as sweeping the floor or reaching for something it didn't hurt but it wasn't pleasant and when I mentioned it to my doctor at my six-month check up I was told that that is normal and that I would get used to it but it more than likely would not go away. I am happy to report that a month later I no longer feel that:) I do my massages about seven times a day (as much as I can fit in) I still swear by the massages they help a great deal.
So all in all im still madly in love with my boobs! The only negative that I can find so far is that I really wish they moved as bouncy and freely as natural breasts. I have good movement they are bouncy Just extremely firm very similar to when breasts are full of milk when breast-feeding. I have also been told by my physician as well as reading many reviews on this site; that that probably will not go away either but I'm hopeful it will improve with time as everything else has:)
Other than that not much else to report other than i am long over due for a new wardrobe:) lol

9 months! :)!

I just reached 9 months on December 16, I can't believe its been that long already!
I am still unbelievably happy with my results. Since my last update i have had much improvement with them becoming more bouncy, so i am extremely pleased:)
I have absolutely no issues with my implants at all whatsoever. The tightness that would sometimes come with certain movements i no longer experience at all:)
I still workout frequently and i still believe that is helping with my chest muscles staying more relaxed.
I have noticed that my posture has become poor, i am constantly catching myself with my shoulders hunched in, so i am trying to remind myself to keep my shoulders back.
Hopefully i get that back on track! :)
Happy healing everyone!

One year already!

I'm a bit past overdue for my update, but I had my one year anniversary on March 16 I can't believe how fast time has gone by. I am still standing proud in believing this was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I couldn't be happier with my results! Any of the muscle tightness or issues I've had in the past have gone away I can still feel my pectoral muscles clamp down if I pick up a heavy object, other than that I have absolutely no issues whatsoever:) my breasts are symmetrical there squishy and bouncy they feel amazing. I do notice on the days where I'm not able to massage as much as others I feel a difference they are definitely happier and squishier the more I massage:) other than that nothing to report its been a great journey so far and i plan to continue to better my body and my health :)
Orange Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Restifo and his wonderful staff have made this experience a peaceful one. He was extremely patient with my nervousness and answered all my questions. Every member of his staff i delt with was kind and compassionate. I feel very much that he puts 1000% into his work and by doing so still treats patients like human beings. I would recommend this office to everyone and anyone. I am so grateful to have been able to have Dr. Resifo as my Surgeon. I am byond pleased wih my results.

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