24 YO 1 Child 5'2'' 134 lbs 440CC Saline Moderate-Plus Implants. Orange, CT

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Hello all! So 2 more days until my surgery. I am...

Hello all!
So 2 more days until my surgery. I am excited, nervous and all of the above. I already have all my prescriptions ready, Valium, Percocet, Zofran and an antibiotic.
Consult was nice with doctor in Orange, CT. Time with him was about 20 min. Then coordinator gives you a quote afterwards and there was no pressure to make deposit that day so that was great. I called a month later and booked surgery for the next month ( 3/22/16). At Pre op I saw nurse, she goes over papers and gives you the scripts. We then proceeded to do the 3D Vectra scan to give me an idea of what they will look like. The 3D scan is pretty cool as you can adjusted to the CC's or implants or what ever specifications. You can also view implants from different angles. So I'm hoping my boobs looks even better than the projected image!
Post Op appointment will be 2 days afterwards.
The special promotion for booking your surgery for the month was $1000 on laser hair removal which I can start after my procedure so that's exciting.
Also as for my current bra size is like 32/36 B or C. Depending on brand. I lost ALL of my fullness after breastfeeding so as to why I'm opting for these babies!

One day post op

So yesterday I had my surgery at 9am. Took about an hour and a half but was sleeping until 1 ish and left at 2pm. The staff at the Surgery center of Fairfield were absolutely sweet and wonderful. Nice new cleaner facility.
I went back home and stood in bed all day. And finally eat some food late at night which had made me extremely nauseous. Other than that I did not vomit once. Waking up from anesthesia, I was in a warm bed but could barely keep my eyes open when nurses were taking to me. I did not feel nauseous just severe breast tenderness and weakness.
As for today, Been in bed so far. Too weak to get out so my bf has to help me get up off bed since I feel dizzy. Nurse called me last night and another nurse checked in one me today.
Today, Im in and out of sleep but I'm OK just in a lot of pain. So I'll keep u posted.
Post op appt Tommrow.!

So far this pain I will compare to severe breast milk coming in and staying engorged. Rest of body is fine. :)

2-3 day post op

Post op appt was yesterday. Saw doctor and nurse. The cut my bandages and put on the surgical bra. Wasn't as painful as I thought. I was sooo itchy in those bandages. Felt great to take a normal shower last night. Every looked good from what doc said. He did fill up to 440Cc. Which I thought looked good either way. Went went home and slept most of day and slept most of day today. I also been experiencing painful head aches. Not sure why. I did finish my antibiotics today and I have not used any painkillers besides one Valium when I woke up. Still feel exhausted as if I get hit by a truck. So sleepy and hopefully I don't feel like a zombie tomorow that's had a hang over.

After post op appt day 2

day 5 post op

So today I am just relaxing. I celebrated the whole easter thing yesterday with dinner with my family. I feel better than the past 5 days. Still tired and had a little nausea earlier. My breast feel swollen and full of milk. My left breast feels like a brick and uncomfortable but tolerable. I am a baby when it comes to pain but this is nothing compared to my c section pain and milk coming in Lol. Last night sleeping was annoying and feels like my boob implant kept going to the side which is such a weird feeling!! I put a regular bra under my surgical bra to keep my boob in place while I slept. I hear little gurgling/ swish noises at times as well,a little odd ?! Today I had only one valium for muscle pain when I woke up and Zofran for nausea. I did go for an hour walk which was nice. so that was the high light of my day.
PS: I will say taking care of a toddler and having this pain is difficult though!

Day 7 and back to work

SO 7 whole days since I had surgery. Still feel bloated, boobs still feel high up and swollen. The pain isn't bad, it is just really sore. Yesterday was a bad painful day for me and felt like crap over all.
I did an 11 hour shift today and I just felt tired at times but I mange to feel a lot better than I expected. I work in a medical office so I wasn't doing anything crazy- took 1 ibuprofen. When it comes to driving, making certain turns still hurt like crazy though.
I will say the last 7 nights of sleeping have been hell and there is no good position to sleep in, hurts even more when implant is slipping sideways.

I still say my C-section was worse and my sore breast are full of milk for all my girlfriends asking how I feel. lol
Stitches under breast come out Thursday, cant wait because its bugging me now!

Post Op day 11

Hello all!
So on day 9 I saw the PA and she took out the stitches. It did not hurt but I felt as the strings came out and that burns for 3 seconds. Incision looks good and I have scar sheet bandages that were bought at CVS for almost $20 for a box of 8 strips that you re use.
She did give me a white band to put up top of chest to help drop implants. Wearing that all day does get very uncomfortable. But I can a little that they dropped.
Pain level is low but breast still very sore and that band made it worse lol
I rarely take any Ibuprofens.
Running around at work has been fine and cleaning at home is fine but hurts a little at times.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

17 days Post Op

Hello to all.

Sorry I have been lazy to update my review but here goes. 17 days so far. Goes by quick I will say. I feel back to normal minus not being able to do certain things which sucks. The incision site looks great and no problems there. Every day breast feel tender but you get use to it. However, it did snow 4 days ago and I cleaned several inches off my car and I used a lot of muscle for that. Since then my chest has been super tight and really uncomfortable. When I wipe down the table while cleaning I can definitely feel the tenderness and discomfort heighten. So I'm kind of annoyed at that issue. But other than that no other problems.

I am still using the clear silicone strips. I go back to doctor's for follow up on week 5.

I definitely cant wait to start doing normal works out with weights and carrying heavy stuff (Like my kid lol).

Oh and sleeping still sucks... That I really cant wait to sleep normal again! I can never get comfortable and I just want to sleep face down !

until next time!

Today is 1 month!

Sooo I have finally reached a month! I feel great. I can do a lot of things minus heavy lifting. I tend to be sleeping on my side a lot more, but that does feel uncomfortable when you wake up. I do not have that feeling anymore of implant "sliding sideways" when laying down. Thank goodness!

I feel my right side is coming down a little bit faster than left. Right side feels more softer than other.

Definitely I see a little decrease in size now that swelling is really gone. Just waiting for the final drop of both boobs to go buy nice bras but that can take months I know.

A little something I feel annoyed with is no feeling from nipples down. I pinch my bottom of boobs and feel nothing really. I can't feel anything on nipples soo let's hope that goes away soon since it freaks me out. lol
I'm massaging them every day still as directed.

Next appointment is at 6 weeks with the Dr!

11 weeks post

Almost 3 months and feel great. Only downside is still no sensation from nipple down which is depressing. I thought by not going through areola I would avoid that problem but clearly not. Doc says can take up to a year, not happy about that.
Bathing suits look good, here are recent pics from vacation a couple weeks ago.
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