20, 5'2, 110 Lbs, 375ccs Silicone Unders

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When I was in high school I was about 30 lbs...

When I was in high school I was about 30 lbs heavier, bigger boobs and I was a lot happier with them. Once i lost weight I experienced some unevenness and at my smallest my breasts seem tiny on my frame and I've researched for about a year maybe two now and Dr. Restifo was the best I've found so I booked in a consultation with him.

So far I've had a great experience with Dr. Restifo. He was extremely helpful, kind and knowledgable and confident in his abilities, so was I after looking at his work online. In person we tried on a few different sizes and he was immediately able to point out unevenness in my breasts that we will correct, we are going between 400ccs- 450ccs though haven't decided for sure how big I want to go as there's a 50cc difference in one breast currently . I know I won't go over 500ccs as it'd be too big on my frame. I'm 5'2 , 110lbs and at an empty 32d now though its mostly lower breast tissue rather than upper. I haven't quite decided how big to go but I definitely want my breasts to look big on my frame but not ridiculous?

Honestly Dr. Restifo's staff were a bit unfriendly to me personally the day I went, maybe it was a bad day I caught them on? But it doesn't matter much as he is the one doing my surgery and who I need to be happy with. He was in a great mood though and very professional, I have nothing bad to say about him. As I live far away I had consultation and pre-op on the same day. I currently am near Boston and the drive is nearly 2-3 hours depending on traffic so it's hard to come back and fourth so much.

I'm so excited for my surgery and have proactively started taking Iron supplements as I used to have anemia and I want to be sure when I get my blood work done that I will have no issues with it. I live abroad in the UK most of the time and so do not have health insurance while i'm in the states for my procedure so will get generic forms of medication and will update with that after the surgery too!

Getting ready as I get closer to surgery!

Nervous now and just booked in with my primary doctor , paid the remaining balance for my surgery and I feel much better and less anxious. Looking at the photos I feel like 450 ccs will be great since I have such a small frame and some breast tissue to start off with. I've lost a little bit of weight as well so hopefully the implants will look even better. Been taking Iron pills for over a month too so my iron shouldn't be an issue at my medical clearance appt.

I've been looking at front closure bras, not sure what size to get as I'm only a 32 but I have a feeling my breasts will be much bigger so I might need a bigger band size?

I'll be filling my prescriptions soon too and will be getting the generic versions so they're more affordable. Anyone have other recovery tips I might not think of besides colace??

Anxiety, Blood work tomorrow. Worrying about size again

I'm wondering if I should be at a lower CC amount like 375-425 now as I see how many other small ladies went for sizing for implants? I'm so paranoid about being too big and making my breasts sag prematurely? Or having it look terrible and over the top?

Anxiety continues

So my implants are ordered for the surgery, bloodwork done, doctors done and i went to fill my prescription earlier this week, come to find out it's expired and can't be called in over the phone? Only in person with a written script. So now I have to wait until the day of surgery to have my prescriptions filled by my mum when I'm in surgery. Fun and games... Anyways, I'm booking my hotel for the surgery and hopefully will be able to recover smoothly. Praying that I dont feel too much pain and that the results are worth it.

Two more days!

Figured I would add some last minute pics of my before boobs! I'm so excited and have surgery at 8am Monday morning! I have my meds, stool softeners, sports bras and am hoping I don't forget anything! So excited to finally have big boobs again after the weight loss. I know Dr. Restifo will do a wonderful job. Even his staff have been kinder to me lately for some reason! I'm feeling a lot more comfortable now and hope that my recovery goes quickly. I'll admit the fear of coming out of anesthesia in pain is a big issue.

Day 1? Or 2?

I'm really sore, was very high yesterday and surgery was great with Dr restifo and the anesthesiologist was very kind and I last remember laying down and then waking up, very slowly and being in about a 7/10 pain wise. They gave me meds, then eventually got me percocet and then I was driven in a wheelchair to the car. It took an hour or two to fully come to but I couldn't walk. At the hotel I slept a lot, the pain down to a 4-5 and on and off felt sick but not like I was going to throw up. Just woke up a little while ago now and I think I ended up with 375&400ccs. Very sore but I'm not in as much pain? The nurses from the hospital were terrible but all of Dr restifo staff were amazing. One of the hospital nurses rushed me so much to get changed and give a urine sample I dropped my phone into the toilet. But other than that I'm doing OK right now

Day 4…? Or late day 3

I had the horrible ace bandage taken off of me when I went to my first post op visit and that was a relief really! Got refolls on vallium because my pain tolerance is so low. Im really happy with how they look so far and the only bad thing is when I wake up im not medicated and in pain usually. Dr restifo has been so helpful. The day before my post op I called up at 11pn crying in pain and he promised he'd be there to put me at ease and make me comfortable the sport bra and compression band hurt but I guess I'll livem

A quick before&after already!

Loving it!

More boob shots feeling better today than yesterday!

On the Mend!

I am feeling much better and have my 7 day post op monday and hardly need meds, can go to the bathroom on my own, nearly dress on my own and mostly feel good. I can not drive or really make my own food because certain bowls/pans are too heavy but I'm doing great now. Dr. Restifo's staff and he have been wonderful since the procedure and I feel more even and like my breasts are already dropping and fluffing. I can't wait to have the compression band off so I can wear real bras and bralettes!

Day 6

Stitches out tomorrow

Feel Brand New!

I've been doing wonderfully and started my ScarAway strips today. Dr. Restifo and I had our 7 day consult Monday and I have my stitches out, dropping and fluffing a decent amount and I am completely off of my pain medication. I am wearing my compression band as much as I can but really only about 12-14 hrs a day as I get so sore from it! I drove myself to the mall, got new bralettes and feel my breasts are my own already.

Pre op: 32dd ( victorias secret sizing- more like a 32c but full at the bottom)
Post op: 32E and perky.

I'm hoping the gap between my breasts closes a little but besides that I am completely thrilled and Dr. Restifo has been so kind to me all through this. Really. His staff are not great and kind of bitchy to be honest half of the time but he has been a heaven sent and really cares about his patients care and comfort. He is such a wonderful man and so skilled. He gave me exactly what I wanted.

Depression setting in? Not sure if it's the boobie blues or just me?

One of my breasts has started to drop quicker than the other and I guess I'm starting to feel very depressed and find it hard to go on each day since I'm so limited with what I can do now. I hate the band and worry that because I wear it about 12-16 hrs a day ( i cant stand any more than that and get a rash) i might have caused this issue with one boob dropping so much quicker and the shape going so funny? Im worried if I have CC really...

More photos

Still having a hard time

I have my 3 week post op tomorrow, having a very hard time with accepting my breasts as my own and I feel somewhat detached almost? I'm paranoid of getting capsular contracture too for some really weird reason? It's been so hard just trying to relax and not working or doing much physical exercise either. Will post again if anything changes

Finally Starting to Even out!

I'm getting my confidence back slowly and I've been having a very hard time with post op depression. I'm hoping it subsides as more time goes on and I find if I keep busy it isn't as bad. Even so, I'm really happy with my results and they seem to get better as time goes on. I almost feel like I'm able to nit pick really hard compared to what everyone else sees?

4 Weeks post :)

5 Weeks Post-Op

I'm feeling better in general now, I'm feeling more even with the drop and fluff and my post op depression is toning itsself down a little which is really nice. I'm pretty happy with the scars and I know they're still healing too and that they'll be even less apparent. I'm still wearing a gross sports bra every day though, I can't wait for the 6-8 week mark so I can wear my bralettes more and eventually a real bra again.

Tried on a Real Bra! I

I feel a little more confident now! I'm so happy. I fit into a 32DD tightly, or a 32E comfortably.

I think I may have bottomed out....

I'm horrified at the moment, I think I might have bottomed out and I've read that when it happens this soon and only in one breast it's because the surgeon made the pocket too big.. I'm going back to the UK on the 2nd of January and I'm horrified to think of if this gets worse and what I'll even do if I need a revision.

I've Bottomed Out, Revision Surgery set in January

So I had a skype call with Dr. Restifo today, I found out one of my implants has bottomed out and it's being fixed in January. He was so kind and understanding. He made sure to ask me if I liked my implant that's sitting normally and made sure I was comfortable and happy with that result. He explained exactly how we're doing the procedure and that it should be less pain than it was before. I'm scared but so relieved that this can be taken care of soon and that I'll be even again soon enough. I'll update after my surgery but until then, I probably won't have much else to say.

Hope I do well and that this is a minor surgery I bounce back from. The anesthesia last time really depressed me so heres hoping for the best.

Surgery in less than a week

I'm nervous for my revision if I'm honest. It's scary having to go through the pain I did before, and so soon after having my original BA. I've booked the hotel and hopefully will have a smooth time recovering this time. I know I had a big issue with the depression after the surgery so I'm going to try to be proactive in my self care this time around. I'll post after surgery with pics/details.

Before Revision, Standing up vs laying down.

How I looked laying down before the bottoming out

Had my pre-op appointment!

Surgery at 7am tomorrow. I'm very nervous but put my faith in Dr. Restifo. We're going in on the left side to fix the bottoming out and the looseness or the pocket which makes the implant fall to the side. We're also going in on the right breast just to close that pocket a little more so it stays put more. They say it'll be an easier recovery, so hopefully this should be less painful than the BA


So I'm all bound up in my wrappings, both sides had pocket tightening and I'd say my pain at worst is a 6 when I'm low on meds. It's easier than before but my arms hurt a lot more to move as it's under the muscle and has so much stitching internally high up. I'm so happy the worst part is over, waking up from anesthesia was the worst... and hope the results are more even and they stay more central when I lay down :) once the wrap is off I'll post pics

So the Bandage removal was painful

They definitely lied about the pain if I'm honest. I've woken up in severe pain, had a lot of chills and my appetite was lacking until today.I've had a hard time keeping on top of my pain meds and had to double dose ( with surgeons permission) . My left side of my chest and arm is in the most pain, almost like when I first had them done. My right side is sore but I can use my arm more, and they both look ok considering they were wrapped so tightly for three days. I have to wear an underwire bra 24/7 so when I shower I'll post pics but am just too tired at the moment. Dr. Restifo was kind and understanding as usual and the staff at the Surgical Center of Fairfield Trumbull were so compassionate and helped me so much. I have an 8 day post op soon and will hopefully return to a more normal appearance by then. I have internal stitches and will be taking it easy until then.

Slowly Getting back on my feet

I'm back home for now, slowly recovering. I'm on my meds pretty heavily still and I sleep a lot but the pain is becoming more bearable. The scariest part was showering. I have tape over my incisions and I think he used dissolvable ones this time ( I'm not sure why) and my left breast is about 20x more tender than the right. It almost feels like my left breast originally did from my first BA. My right breast is sore and tight but just kind of mine still if that makes sense? My left feels itchy, burns a bit and the fold is so much higher now and I can't really tell the difference since I need to wear a bra 24/7 now. I'm going to try to snag a picture soon, I don't know if my nipples went back to their original position yet from all the pressure on them haha. I think my next post op is thursday? and hopefully we'll have a better idea of how well off I am in my recovery. Just a reminder to everyone again, Please use the Colace or eat a lot of veggies before your BA because both times I've had a very uncomfortable issue with it. :/


Feeling a little down but my left breast had the most repair done and so naturally it's going to need to fluff, heal, and catch up with the other again. Atleast I look better than I did my first surgery at a week post op. I love the shape but just want my nipples to even out.

5 weeks post revision

Hiya guys,

I'm feeling a lot more comfortable now but my second recovery was very difficult for me. I had an inscision infection which was shallow, but took a long time to clear up. My shape is settling now and I'm just watching my left breast constantly to make sure it doesn't bottom out again. I still get some pain in my arms occasionally and still feel exhausted a lot of the time, I've been hit with a pretty bad cold as well as the antibiotics from before made this time go a bit slower.

Overall though I'm much happier with my shape and if they continue without any issue I'll be so happy! Looking back to my pre-op shape and currently, I'm so amazed. It's been hard and having to get two surgeries wasn't ideal but Dr. Restifo has been there for me the entire time and the results are great.

Finally Happy and Healed!

It's been about six months since my first surgery, and three months since my revision. I probably will stop updating now that I'm healed.

The second time around was a lot more difficult for me, and the healing was slower mentally and physically. I don't regret it at all though and am extremely happy and feel I got the look I wanted in the end.

I am so happy with my results and am so happy I haven't bottomed out again! I'm finally happy and worry free and it's wonderful. My scars are still pink because I wasn't able to use scar strips for so long but they're getting better every day with scar away strips. My shape is great and I've almost regained all feeling. Hopefully this journey is at an end for now, until the implants need replacing 10-15 years down the road.
Orange Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Restifo is a very caring and dedicated plastic surgeon. He was very warm and had a great bedside manner. I trust him entirely and throughout my entire process he has done his best to make me comfortable ( taking calls after hours when I was in pain and needed help) down to just being very reassuring when any problems came up and immediately making time to see me. He cares about you as a person and I feel like it's more than being a number to him, He's truly a kind man who does his very best and is dedicated to making his patients happy with their bodies and results. His staff are 50/50, sometimes you get put through to voicemail or need to follow up and check on things - but they seem to get better the more familiar they are with you. Overall, he's a great choice.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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