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Provider Review

Facial Plastic Surgeon, Board Certified Otolaryngologist
Overall rating

I rarely write reviews, but I am so grateful for Dr. Sadati and his staff exceeding my facelift/ neck lift expectations that I wanted to share my experience. It hadn’t been my plan to “go under the knife,” but when I hit 50 and suddenly lost my jawline and succumbed to the family “turkey neck,” I changed my mind. Over night it seemed, I looked tired and old and no amount of laser tightening was going to be enough. Because I had tremendous fear of not looking natural or some other sort of poor surgical outcome, I was extremely careful in my search for the most skilled hand I could find. For a year, I read reviews, looked at photos, and watched video testimonials on You Tube. From this process, it was Dr. Sadati of Newport Beach, California who stood out to me. In photos and videos, all of his facelift patients looked younger, beautiful, and natural. His patients’ testimonials were consistently thrilled with their results. When I visited the office for a consultation, I was impressed by the warmth and friendliness of his staff, but most of all by the patience, confidence and sincerity of Dr. Sadati himself, who explained in detail what to expect in terms of results and recovery. I am now 9 weeks post surgery from a lower facelift and neck lift and am thrilled with my results. My entire experience was excellent, recovery was much quicker than expected with no complications, and now my incisions are virtually undetectable- even by my esthetician, who remarked that my results are the most natural she’s ever seen. Thank you, Dr. Sadati for being such an outstanding surgeon that a 51 year old is getting carded again!