Im 35, Trying Ulthera First Time..Hope It Works! Weird, my Doc Didn't Recommend Neck, Only Face and Eyes - Orange County, CA

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I turned 35, and I m start to notice face skin...

I turned 35, and I m start to notice face skin sag, fatter face. given my age and I'm asian(overall good skin condition), i only need procedure thats something minor and a lift, just to look bit like old me ;)

After I spoke to consultant, I up for full face/neck and eyes. I supposedly got great offer. Overall I paid $2600. When I went into room, I met with surgeon whom performed procedure. He didn't recommend neck, which is weird. Anyone reading this think its a good idea that I did everything else but not neck? let me know, cause Im still think about going back and get neck done too.

So heres what I experienced. I only took tylenol 800, and nothing else. Because I don't normally take pain killer at all. And...yes it does hurt!!! during the procedure for think beginning is bad, u just wait till bit later, it hurts pitching needle like pain. I was tearing, and I can take pain pretty well.. But given only took tylenol, over all its barreble and quick enough that I say thank god. 

After an hour and half, my face only got few red marks, but no too bad. tender and feel bit hot. My skin look smoother, maybe because swelling. I went to my workout session later evening and all seem fine. So I would say no downtime!

We will see tomorrow, after a night rest. for now, I will put some ice on face. And if anyone can give me some comments on my neck. let me know, thanks!!!

It's being a week. Overall still swallon on jaws...

It's being a week. Overall still swallon on jaws and sides of my face. And still feel hurt or sensations when I push /touch those areas, but not too bad. Again I'm a person can take a lot pain than others.
Overall appearance I do feel prove meant quality on ski texture and "seen rested look". People commented on I look well rested . fatter or gained weight , that's because my swallon sides, lol. I do normally have a rounder , square face so with swell its look I gained weight.
I'm still waiting to see how it goes in a month ;)
Curious about if I should got neck done, but I think maybe good I didn't , given could been much more swallon
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