Day 12 PO TT, Arms and Thigh Tuck with lipo - Orange County, CA

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I am excited nervous and scared all in one. I...

I am excited nervous and scared all in one. I have 12 days and
grateful that I have this site..getting anxious and nervous. This is something that I have always wanted yet I am really nervous about the recovery.
I had gastric bypass in 2009 I was lost over 100 pounds and am looking forward to embracing the new me. Pictures to follow.

5 more days!!!

Well I have 5 more days. Did my blood work yesterday and it's settling in that this is really happening.

Day 3 PO

Kind of out of it so I will do my best
Driving to the doctors office I felt numb they were having me sign all the paperwork and breaking out the markers it was truly a very humbling experience I think the worst part was having my fiancé watch the Drs mark me up from head to toe, it's not like he doesn't see me naked but lately I been wearing T-shirts so it felt very vulnerable.

They gave me the IV and told me they would give me something to call me down and that's about all that I remember I remember waking up and being in pain shaking quiet back from the anesthesia but they did their very best to control it the worst part was been putting on the garment but I have to say compared to what other pictures or reviews I've seen I'm glad they gave me this Catwoman like suit that has a little slick for me to go to the bathroom

I can already see it in my legs and somewhat in my stomach that I finally made a turn to the flat side but I have to tell you in the interim I'm just trying to fight back the nausea remember to drink my fluids and trying to get rest as much as possible I will try to update as soon as I feel better thank you all this is been a really great site and I appreciate all of your feedback and suggestions

Day 5 PO

Well Day 5 and with each nap I feel
A little better. I think trying to eat healthy helps and keep moving although that's what makes me exhausted. Will try and post more tomorrow.

Day 12

Well I am feeling much better I can almost stand straight was able to run some errands today however my lower back gets tired.

I am OVER these drains they are irritating, itchy and a pain!! I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon and am hopeful I can get them out.

I put a long shirt over my cat woman fajita or workout suit that I have been wearing and was shocked to be on the flat side.

My legs hurt the last few days but each day is better.

Thank goodness for my fiancé and mother in law I would not have gotten thru this without them.

I can walk around a lot better probably after 6 days and am thankful for little things like having my honey wash my hair yeah!!!!

I will take pics soon.
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