Tumescent Liposuction- Upper and Lower Abs, flanks, lower back, BBL - Orange County, CA

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I have always had a stomach that I never felt...

I have always had a stomach that I never felt comfortable showing. No matter how much weight I lose, my stubborn stomach is always the same. After meeting with a doctor to discuss weight loss options he told me I was an ideal candidate for the procedure. I never thought that I would be able to afford it even though it something I always dreamed of doing. It has been several months since the option was presented and now tomorrow is finally the big day. I am very excited, though slightly nervous as I have read hundreds of reviews and of course the negative experiences people have had stick out.

Oh, just wanted to add some measurements, etc...

Oh, just wanted to add some measurements, etc details to my posting
Age 28
Weight 134
Neck 12.5
Chest 34.5
Waist 29.5
Abdomen 32
Hips 35
Thigh 21
Knee 13.5
Calf 14
Ankle 9.25
Arm 10.5
Forearm 9.5
Wrist 6

Ok, well here goes. I arrived at the Dr's office...

Ok, well here goes. I arrived at the Dr's office yesterday ready to go at 9:30 am ( I weighed 136 lbs). By the time I had taken something to help me relax as well as another shot it was close to 11am. I met with the Dr. who has been great. I was schedule to have upper and lower stomach, love handles, lower back and he suggested fat transfer because of the C curve I had ( my stomach at the widest point was wider than my where my hips should be and then my thighs were as wide as the stomach) so it formed an ugly C shape that has prevented me from finding clothes that fit properly and never ever wearing a two piece bathing suit. He also wanted to transfer this fat to the upper part of my butt to give it a heart shape. I agreed.
After putting on the extremely unflattering paper underwear and my own bra the Dr came in to mark the areas as well as take photos. Here is where things went a little sad, haha. He told me that I had much more fat than he had initially thought and that it would take awhile and or two treatments - I wanted to get the area under my arm where there is bra fat done as well. He told me that I wear the weight well, considering I spent the past 15 years only buying clothes that would flatter in some places and hide others I guess this was a compliment.
On to the procedure. He began administering the lidocaine/tumescent liquid, which didn't feel so great. I really did not like the fact that I could feel it under my skin and in some places where it was not completely numb it did hurt. I did make it known that I was feeling it a bit and he gave me another shot of something that helped. The procedure did not begin until about 12:30. Apparently, I fell asleep for large portions of it but did wake up a few times when I felt some pain. This was mostly in my lower stomach and for some reason even though it had been numbed and numbed again I still was uncomfortable. I will be honest, for the parts that I was awake for it was not so pleasant. I am not sure if it was because I was grossed out by the fact that I could feel the pressure of what was happening even if it wasn't painful. It was after 5 by the time everything was done, this included about an hour of down time while the extracted fat was seperated until was the right consistently to inject into the divett and the top of my bum. I was READY to go. Sadly, he told me that the fat on my sides was very dense and stubborn and had been slightly difficult to breakdown/remove and it had taken longer than anticipated. He was able to get my love handles, upper abs, some of the lower abs, the pubic area as well as fix the C curve and transfer the fat to what now I would call a booty. The bad news, is that he feel that he could have gotten more out of my lower stomach if I had not been feeling discomfort there, he decided I had enough for the day. He also would have like to take more out of my upper back and the bra roll, which he did not get to. I was disapointed but I also was tired and wanted to go home so I agree it was for the best that we did not do any more.
I put on the compression garments and went straight for the pharmacy to get the pain killers and additional anti-biotics.
I didnt end up getting home until close to 7pm. I couldn't resist checking the results, so I will add the photos from yesterday. Oh and side note, I weighed 144 lbs AFTER the procedure, so yes, 8 more lbs than that morning. I know this is because there still was fluid to be drained, but it wasn't what I had expected. This morning my weight was 138. I am not draining as much as I thought I would be. My skinny jeans definitely don't fit yet, which is possibly due to my newly fat ass :)

Here are my measurements this morning, from after the shower without the garments.

Date 4/6/12
Pre Op 136
Current Wt. 138.4

Chest 135
Under Chest 31
Waist 29.5
Abdomen 31
Hips 35
booty 37.5
Thigh 21

Ok, I wanted to update my post from this morning...

Ok, I wanted to update my post from this morning as it has now been 24+ hours and the swelling has really increased :( I knew that I should expect it but I feel huge. I did shower this morning to clean the incisions etc. The draining has mostly subsided so I am guessing that is why the swelling has increased. My pubic area is especially swollen and tender. I am really hoping that the swelling will gradually go down from here because I can't imagine getting much bigger than this, I look heavier than I did before the surgery. I purchased arnica as it was recommended my Dr. and other folks who have posted on this site. I have my follow up appointment on Monday but would love to hear any suggestions about the swelling.

I woke up this morning after not the best night of...

I woke up this morning after not the best night of sleep feeling pretty well. The swelling had gone down and the soreness was very minimal. I felt well enough to get up and run a few errands and about two hours later the swelling came back. I am still wearing the chest to knee garment as well as a binder. There was a bit of drainage from the lowest incision points this morning and I was instructed to wear the binder for 24 AFTER all the drainage had stopped. I feel as though my calves have swelled a bit too. I am getting more and more concerned about the swelling dissipating within a week.

Today is day 3 since my procedure. Yesterday was a...

Today is day 3 since my procedure. Yesterday was a tough day. The swelling was very intense and I was very uncomfortable all day. I was able to get up and run errands but it seemed as though the movement caused me to swell up even more.
I am mentioning weight here only as a reference point because I did not expect the result of the procedure to be about weight loss. When I woke up yesterday I was a 136 lbs, the same as the surgery day but I definitely look larger. I have also not had a bm since Wednesday. I have taken vegetable laxatives and still nothing. I am guessing this has added to the discomfort I have been feeling. I havent been hungry though since the pain meds make me nauseous.
I still have a small amount of drainage at the lowest incisions so I will be wearing the binder for another 24 hours at the absolute least.
All I am thinking about now is that I really do not want to have this procedure done again. However, I am concerned now because of the the bra roll and the fat I have on my upper back looking disproportionate. I have my follow up appointment tomorrow.

Day 5- I met with the Dr. for my follow up...

Day 5- I met with the Dr. for my follow up yesterday. He was pleased with the healing so far. I however am not. Yesterday I was very swollen and the Dr. told me that I should no expect the swelling to increase, however it has. Today was so uncomfortable, none of my pants fit and the dress I had purchased before the surgery for an event I am attending no longer fits. My stomach now looks just as it did before the surgery- actually it is worse, I look pregnant. Also, my butt is huge. My stomach is numb due to the compression garment. The bruising is not very bad, that is the only positive. I feel as though I should have known better, especially after reading so much about the procedure but I trusted when my Dr. told me even though I would have some swelling, I would be slimmer than before the surgery. Now all I notice are the spots that he pointed out should also be treated, which seems like my entire body. Its not that I am offended that he pointed out that I have problem areas but its making feel self concious about things I hadn't worried about before. I know that I will be happy with the end result, but I think I would rather continue to work out and eat right (which I did pre lipo) than go through this process again.
I was told the compression garment was like spanx, it is not, it is from my chest to my knees and zips up the sides and velcros underneath that. Contrary to what I was told, this doesn't fit under clothing. I am hoping that today really is the peak of the swelling because it is really depressing to go through this and spend all the money only to be so much larger than before.

1 Week Post- I am feeling a little discouraged...

1 Week Post- I am feeling a little discouraged today, I was hoping the swelling would have gone down a bit more by now. As you can see from the photos on Day 4, my stomach now looks the way it did before the procedure, only worse because of the bruising and incisions. I have been wearing the chest to knee garment almost all day everyday. It is leaving indentations on my sides from the zippers that run all the way up the sides. I additionally wear the binder at night.
The doctor tole me not to try to lose weight for 3 months!!!! The main objective of getting this done was to fix the areas that I could not through diet and working out, but I still have weight to lose even though my shape has been impoved. Another item I wish I knew before the surgery. So basically I feel unattractve and uncomfortable The garment is a nuissance because it is so bulky in places. I will update with photos again soon but for now I look the same as day 4 but with less pain and the bruising has gone down a bit.
I am taking Arnica tablets and using the cream. I like to think it is helping but so far I can't tell. My pants still do not fit :(

Tomorrow will be two weeks since my surgery. On...

Tomorrow will be two weeks since my surgery.
On the Plus Side
1. A lot of the swelling has gone down
2. My bruising is almost completely gone- only experienced on my love handles
3. Pins and Needles/Numbness has reduced
4. The soreness/sensitivity has reduced.
5. My weight has stabilized a bit
6. Incisions are healing well and fading
7. Very happy with my butt- hoping the swelling does not go down further, like how it looks now.
8. Able to fit back into most of my clothes
1. Still wearing compression garment which leaves/left marks on hips and stomach
2. Lumps are visible- Front of stomach looks horrible, not flat and uneven below belly button- I am not sure if this is due to swelling or if will need to be corrected :(
3. There are weird indentations on my sides that will need to be corrected if they stay as is.
4. I don't know if I should expect the Dr. to offer to correct without payment? Any feed back on this would be great.
5. REALLY do not want to go through this post-op process again.

I wanted to update because today was a big deal. I...

I wanted to update because today was a big deal. I went to work out for the first time in a fitted tank top. I have never done that as everything I have worn in the past 10 years has been such that it masked my love handles and stomach. I really feel amazing today, confident even...that alone is worth every penny :)
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