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Hello all.. I am a 20 year old female from...

Hello all.. I am a 20 year old female from beautiful Orange County California. I am 5'6 and i weigh 150 pounds. I would not consider myself over weight but i would like to say i have "problem areas". My so called problem areas are my stomach and my arms. I have had issues with my body and confidence for as long as i can remember and now I'm looking for a change. NO i am not lazy nor am i looking for an easy way out. I work out regularly but i have a love/hate relationship with food… which is why i have the belly. Recently i have changed my eating habits and training so i am beginning to lose weight. I am hoping my Smart Lipo procedure will help me maximize my results and help me get the body i have always dreamed of! For the past few months i have been reading everyones reviews, seeing their results and it has finally given me the courage to go through with it. I hope by contributing my experience i can influence someone.. just how a few have influenced me. Originally i wanted the brazilian butt lift because of my lack of derriere but my doctor was quick to talk me out of it (and save me $4,000)…So i will just have to try to achieve a nice booty with some good ol squats. My idea of a perfect body is thick thighs nice butt and a flat stomach (basically a sexy hourglass figure) …so thats the goal here!
Im excited for my new journey and to finally no longer feel insecure!!

Few days left

I have a few days left to go.. I'm super excited and nervous at the same time. I've been weight training 4 times a week but haven't really been dedicated to my eating or cardio. :(
Hope it doesn't effect my results too much !!


Sorry all, my procedure got postponed by a week so it was actually yesterday!
Everything went prefect.
I was completely awake and talking throughout the 3 hour procedure. I took a few prescribed xanex before i went in.
During the procedure i felt a few pokes here and there but nothing too painful.
They did not end up doing my arms like i wanted because apparently i looked smaller than when i originally went in (even though i actually gained 7 pounds) but oh well.
They just did my upper/lower abs and flanks.

After the procedure I got right up, dressed myself, and my friends picked me up.

Yesterday was pretty much a blur as soon as i got home. I slept the day away. I did wake up starving around 11 so my friend brought me grilled chicken and rice.

Sleeping wasn't too uncomfortable, just sore when i move around, But once I'm actually sleep I'm fine. I go back to the doctors in a few hours so ill let you all know what he has to say when i get back

more pics

2 days out

So far so good. I'm just really numb and it's a bit uncomfortable walking around and sleeping. Nothing my prescription couldn't take care of though. I can already notice a difference and I'm so excited to heal. Areas are still numb so well see how long it takes for the numbness to go away. I hope everyone has a happy holiday

Little over a week out

Its been a little over a week out and I'm not as sore anymore. I really want to start working out but I'm still in pain if i move too quickly. The holidays have come and gone and i haven't been eating the best. I've really been trying to watch what i eat but its tough. I have minimal bruising now and my incisions turned into scabs. Im having mixed reviews about it right now though. I feel i look the exact same. I keep telling myself that I'm still swollen but i doubt it. I wasn't expecting my stomach to look perfect or anything but i thought my pouch would at least be gone/very little....but i feel like its the exact same. I don't know.. I'll give it a few more days.....


Still not really happy with my results, thats why i haven't really posted any pictures. I will soon though. I began training this week. Cant work on abs yet because it hurts but everything else is good. Ive just been weight training for my arms and for cardio I've been able to do the stair master, treadmill on incline (still really painful to run) and Cycle. I honestly feel bigger than when i started but i know I'm still swollen. Well see how it turns out! Trying to stay positive!

Working out

Its too painful to run and I'm scared to do abs still but working out is going very well! :) still don't have the results i want but I'm still going to be patient


I know it sounds like I'm bitching a lot but I'm really not THAT upset about it ( I just feel like every time i update i need to share my honest thoughts about it. I appreciate everyones kind words trying to cheer me up though! :)


Okay now i really want a Brazilian Butt Lift!! I just need the money for it :'(

2 1/2 years later?

So it's been a while since I've updated... And I'm still not happy. I don't think I would ever reccomend this procedure. I wish I just lost weight the old fashion way.. Diet and exercise. I think my scars are the worst part, just a reminder of how dumb I was to go through with this procedure. I'm still not sure why my doctor thought it was a good idea to make the incisions right in the middle of my stomach (very noticeable and hard to hide). I hate wearing bikinis and if i wear a crop top I have to cover my scars with makeup (that barely works). My scars were raised and hard for the longest time. Just a few months ago I went back to the doctor to see why he did my procedure in that spot and not near the belly button how I see every other doctor on this site has done. He gave me some excuse and then gave me a complementary cortisone shot that was supposed to get rid of the scar lumps. Well.... The lumps went away but now my skin is discolored around the scars. I read that's a side effect of getting a cortisone shot though. Ughhhh such a nightmare. I might look into laser scar removal but I'm not sure yet. My best advice is DONT DO IT AND USE THE MONEY YOU WOULD SPEND ON THIS AND GET A PERSONAL TRAINER INSTEAD!!!!!!!
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