Acne Scars, Ice Picked Scars, THIS LASER RUINED MY FACE! - Orange County, CA

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I did sciton profractional laser for my pitted...

I did sciton profractional laser for my pitted acne scars. I have these deep pitted scars and I really wanted to get rid of it.

I got 400 on my cheeks and chin. Now, a month after my procedure, my face has DARK SPOTS from the laser. Also, it has extra scars that the laser caused because my skin broke up during the heeling process. I NOW have Inflammatory hyper pigmentation ALL over my face along with TERRIBLE track marks from the laser.

I talked with the nurse who did this laser and she said it may take up to 6 months OR LONGER for my brown spots to fade. This laser MADE MY FACE WORSE AND IT RUINED MY FACE!

Please PLEASE PLEASE think twice before doing this laser. I am writing this to warn you guys. I can't post pictures, but I will. I just want this matter to resolve first before I post pictures. The staff was very nice on where I got the laser and I don't want any conflicts in the office.

I look like a freak, a clown

It's a month post laser. I look like a freaky clown. Dark spots and orange spots. I am so depressed.

DONT DO THIS LASER!!!!!!!!!! Ask me questions if you like. I will response.

Still healing

The staff to where I got the laser from are really nice and helping me heal. This laser ruined my face but the staff understand what I am going through.

I just really HATE this laser.

To answer questions:

No, I am not a sun person. After this laser, I barely went outside and always wore a hat. Inflammatory hyper pigmentation is how your skin reacts after a laser treatment. Sadly, I am one of those people who are very prone to hyper pigmentation. Google "Inflammatory hyper pigmentation after laser" and DO THE RESEARCH YOURSELF! IT'S A HUGE RISK!!!!!!!!!!

Overall, my scars improved 10 percent! JUST 10 PERCENT! IT'S NOT WORTH.

I have included pictures. I refuse to show my face. I cry every night ever since I got this laser done. Also, I don't want any conflicts with the office I got this laser at. I really like them. I just HATE the laser.

Still have marks on my face because of this

It has been a year and I still have marks on my face because of this. It's terrible.

There are still dark marks on my face. I have been using 8 percent hydroquinone to get rid of the dark marks and it's still there after a year! Imagine if my nurse only gave me 2 percent hydroquinone then it would take me YEARS to get rid of the dark patches. My skin is uneven and it looks terrible. You can tell where I got the laser done because of uneven patches. There's still holes too.

DO NOT DO THIS LASER. LISTEN TO ME!!!!! I wish I could turn back the hands of time. Oh God, I really do.
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