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Where to begin... by the age of 19 i was pushing...

Where to begin... by the age of 19 i was pushing 250. family problems, depression, drug addiction... FOOD addiction. I slowly started losing weight, got down to 170 then found meth. Meth got me to 140. When I got clean and sober in 2004 (my sobriety date is 10-12-04!) i ballooned to over 200 again. then exercised back to 170ish. got pregnant and delivered at 250. My body had more stretch marks prior the pregnancy then pregnancy gave me... I have stretch marks from the tops of my boobs, down my sides, from under my boobs allllll the way down to my vagina! seriously, i got waxed one day and the lady was like, "oh, um.... i guess i must have got wax on this one area because its bald... huh... i didn't think i went that far down..." i just laughed and told her no, its not you, its a stretch mark down there! lmao. wow the things we go through. my stretch marks are also all around the top of my arms and down my sides on my back. they are my battle wounds and i know i am stuck with many of them forever. BUT its time.

I am currently consulting PS's in the Orange County ca area and I'm feeling TONS of different emotions. Ive been a lurker here for a while, had a lipo procedure done hoping to deflate a bit, which helped very slightly... so now i need to just go for it. TT, Breast lift and possible aug, depending on my weight at the time of procedure. I tend to lose weight from the breasts down... my bra size is 34G right now. when i lose weight they deflate and get to about a 34f... I'm not sure yet what just a lift would do. i don't want them reduced... just lifted and perky, not saggy and gross.

i love reading your stories and seeing your dramatic results. I can't wait to have the same before and after pics.

Im currently 5'5" and around 175 lbs. last June i was down to 155. I want to get back there before surgery. Im meeting with a PS on Friday and can't wait to hear what he has to say about my 'situation' and losing more weight before surgery.

I have so many questions. Have any of you done this without any narcotics? Im a recovering addict/alcoholic and am not excited at all to have prescription meds in my possession. Im sure i can do it all with tylenol but am super nervous about the pain!

I can't wait to get to know you ladies. I will post pics hopefully later today.

I have made a decision! Dr Richard H Lee in...

I have made a decision! Dr Richard H Lee in Newport Beach! I feel so comfortable with his presence and confident with his technique. Not sure that makes sense... He is so calming. So soft spoken. Not flashy at all. No ego. Very genuine.
I gave a deposit and I'm set for august 14!!!!! Wow. This is really happening! Advice from anyone is always appreciated. I have a recliner but its not a "lift" chair. Will I be ok? I took pics and will post them later tonight! So excited!

Just a quick couple of pics to document where I am


just under 90 days!


Ok so Im kinda freaking out... I do not have health insurance. Ive been applying but am finding myself with a problem - I had a procedure done in February and I did not include that on my applications - so when it goes into underwriting my prescription medication is popping up and i am being questions as to why i was prescribed antibiotics and pain meds... I was so caught off guard that I fibbed and said I had an infection. ACTUALLY I had told the dr that did my procedure that I DID NOT WANT pain meds anyway - and she gave me other options - told me she would not prescribe them to me due to my history - so when I went to pick up the meds low and behold freaking pain meds. I didn't realize that until i paid and got in the car - i threw them away and didn't use them but still. It seems like now I'm screwed. Im nervous about this procedure anyway - but not having insurance... I don't know what to do! Im scared that they are going to deny me. I know there are HIPPA laws and I think i would have to approve them calling that dr for any other info, right? but when it comes to applications, maybe i signed something already that says they can contact any of my doctors...
Has anyone gone through anything similar - or done this without insurance? Im bummed. I have life insurance, lol, but Im not expecting that i will need it! However there is always a risk of complications and it would be just my luck to do this without insurance and end up in the hospital... :( I'm so sad

Having Second Thoughts - would love feedback...

So here is where Im at... 4 weeks away from surgery, and still maintaining a weight that I am not happy at. Id like to ideally lose about 15 pounds before surgery - I leave for vacation on Saturday for one week so to think Ill lose any weight next week is a joke. Im not going to even try, Im just going to enjoy my vacay...

Im considering postponing surgery because Ive read so many doctor opinions re being at goal weight before surgery blah blah... I WANT REAL ANSWERS! What do you ladies think? Do any of you WISH you would have waited and lost more weight first? Or are you happy with just a flat tummy? My concern is that If i have surgery and then lose another 15 lbs I will be left with loose skin again... Im so confused! ALSO another question: soooo many of you look like you have super dramatic inches lost... is it just my imagination and good camera angels? or is it true? Im a size 12 but my body frame is between a 6 and 8.

Im just confused. My mom says to wait and go hard in the gym for 3 months. My boyfriend and my grandmother say GO FOR IT NOW! lol, my boyfriend says he is sick of me complaining about the belly and just get it done...

Thanks in advance ladies! I love reading all of your stories and seeing your pics!

Decided to wait... sorta bummed but I think for me and my crazy head its better for me to be closer to my goal...

I really wanted to have my surgery in August. But, Im 30 pounds from where i was last June and I was sooo happy at that weight... even with the lose skin. So, I know that if I get down there again and then have the surgery i will be one freakin excited happy lady. I made the painful call today to my dr and rescheduled my mommy makeover. I have a full 3 months get lose as much as I can. Im going to crossfit tonight to sign up again (it is so great and i had to stop last year because i didn't have a babysitter at the times of the classes.. now i do :) ) Im excited to build some muscle and lose some fat before this surgery. Im looking forward to whats to come in the next 3 months. Ill keep you all posted!

SOOO Excited!.. like, beyond ready!

Although I am super nervous mostly. I have been working out 3-5 times a week but I am not weighing myself because the scale messes with me too much. I thought about not doing the breast lift due to financial reasons, but a family member has agreed to co-sign for part of the amount which allows me to go for the whole thing! I am very very excited that I get to do both procedures together. I do however find myself freaked out a bit about my bra size going down, even though I get so sick and tired of these huge 34G size breasts. I guess because my whole life I have had huge boobs. Ive always been 'that' girl. I think mentally I will have to adjust to the new me, and who am i kidding, I will have to adjust no matter what. Ive purchased my moms plane ticket (as she will be the one helping me during my recover and with my 4 1/2 year old) so things are going forward as planned.

I read through realself constantly - obsessively - trying to find a body like mine with the results i hope for... seems silly sometimes but i guess we all do it. these are our bodies! why wouldnt we...?

im considering hiring a night nurse for the first couple of nights so that my mom doesnt have to be up all night will me and then deal with my daughter and me all day... anyone have any thoughts on that?

Im also going to rent a hospital bed so i can try to be as comfortable as possible. dang this just keeps adding up and up, lol.

even though i search constantly on this site for helpful tips, ill ask - anyone have any good advice? what about sports bra advice for after? i want to be as prepared as possible so my mother doesnt freak out. she has a tendency to get stressed and frazzled pretty easily and i need this to be as simple for her as possible so i dont stress out!

5 weeks from today...

I will be in surgery! I AM SO EXCITED TO GET THIS OVER WITH!!! I cant wait to put pants on and not have to tuck my skin into them... or to have that horrible flap hanging over the front and flanks.

I was getting dressed this morning and started smiling to myself, knowing that my life, my self confidence, my attitude, etc is all about to CHANGE in a huge way. I understand that I will have good and bad days and taht I will undoubtedly have days of questioning why on earth I would do this to myself, etc... but overall i KNOW in my heart and my head that these feelings will be temporary and that I will feel so much better, stronger, confident, and alive doing this for ME! I cant wait to not have to try on 10 outfits in the morning trying to figure out what to wear to work! I cant wait I cant wait I cant wait!

I ordered a dress from one of my favorite company's and got it in the mail yesterday. It is beautiful and I cant wait to wear it. It fits good now, a little tight but not bad - the problem is my boobs are HUGE and they do not fit. I cant wait for my lift! in this dress my boobs just spill out - my boyfriend loved it - lol - but agreed that I could not wear it that way in public.

Anyway ladies I know in the coming weeks I will have many conflicting emotions. Today, its all excitement!

Lets talk poop...

I have used a product for several years with great success due to my chronic constipation and don't want to hold out on anyone. I haven't seen it mentioned here so here ya go.... I'm copying this from a post I made over in the November TT forum....

Wow! I don't think I have any special diet but I guess I'll find out pre op. I do plan to "clean myself out" a day or two before though. I have had constipation issues my whole life. Even had a colonoscopy at age 28 to see if there was a problem... No problem. Lazy colon was the diagnosis lol. So I use a product called calm. It is powder form and tastes great. It's magnesium. Totally works! I'm going to take it to preop and ask if its fine to take post op to help w the potty issue. U can buy it online or at whole foods or mothers or most healthier food stores. I highly recommend. Much better to take than milk of magnesia and does t hurt like laxatives. The company tht makes it is called natural vitality. Hope that helps someone :)

O. M. G!!!!!

I got engaged!!!!! I'm still in shock but I am soooo excited!


Pre op done and labs are great! IM SET! My mom flies in the night before to help with me and also my child. I ordered my hospital bed rental yesterday and it will be delivered a couple days before. less than two weeks now... starting to feel anxious. My PS office said they can prescribe valium pre op for my nerves but I cant take it. Im a recovering addict and dont dare do that. I will be taking pain meds after surgery but my mom will be handling them and giving them to me as prescribed and ONLY for as long as is really necessary. I plan to start taking tylenol as soon as physically possible.
So this weekend will be full of cleaning and shopping for supplies so that next weekend, right before surgery, I can focus on hanging out with my daughter and doing fun things since I will be down for several weeks. Anyway happy Friday everyone!


How do I delete pictures????

the only reason i ask

the only reason i want to delete the pics is because i have a feeling that a nosy relative of mine is lurking and so... ill leave it at that. im pretty sure we cant delete much off of this site which is unfortunate but id love to delete SOMETHING that identifies me. Overall its NONE of anyone elses business and if I or what i am doing is so important than i guess lurk all you want. still makes me a little upset :) oh well

A Week From Today...

I will be on the flat side, resting comfortably… lol, well, Ill be on the flat side anyway. My nerves are all over the place. Im so excited and so stressed and so nervous. I have total faith in my surgeon and in my heart I believe that I will be just fine, I will wake up, and kiss my little girl and my fiancé… But I guess we all have nerves that won't quit right about now, the fear of the unknown.

Im almost done with my christmas shopping and I do hope to finish it this weekend so that I can take the holiday season to enjoy it and to rest without stressing over shopping… I have pretty much everything on my list for my recovery - just need to get my rx filled this weekend.

Work has been super stressful the past two days and monday is a holiday here with leaves me with two days work until surgery. THAT IS NUTS TO ME! Of course now my boss sprung a ton of stuff on me yesterday that must be done by weds… although it has certainly added to my anxiety it will probably help to keep me distracted. I hope so anyway.

My fiancé is great. he is excited for me as I believe my family is… I think everyone is sick and tired of me complaining about this body of mine for so long. The hanging skin is no joke. no one in my family gets it so they get really tired of hearing about it. and Im looking fwd to not only the results but honestly two weeks of NOTHING!!! Ive started scoping netflix for shows Id like to watch or catch up on and am feeling excited to have that time to just simply rest.

I also feel very fortunate to have my mom flying in to town to help me. i don't know how i would do this without her!

Here goes nothing...

In a ton of traffic headed to surgery. Crying all morning. Nerves all over the place. Ill update as soon as I wake up and get my phone!


Its a done deal! Surgery was yesterday morning. 5 hours long. I stayed in the hospital last night and came home this morning. Im actually feeling pretty good. I have a pain pump and four drains... two down low and two for my breasts - lift no aug... Im sore more than anything. i coughed once this morning clearing my lungs i guess and OMG hell. thankfully i dont feel like i have much in there to get out and Im following my dr's advice and taking deep breaths to keep my lungs from collecting gunk as he calls it... Ill post more later and add a few pics. right now im loopy and tired.


today is post of day 3. Its been rough but nothing unbearable. everyone is right that says the muscle repair is the worst - AND THE BACK PAIN - HOLY ISH! Ive never in my life hurt so bad on my back. It almost feels like I will collapse from walking bent over because you cant use your ab muscles to support your lower back as you walk - hard to explain it really but be prepared for complete hell. So here you go... My story of surgery til day 3:

First 24 Hours...
My fiance picked me up at 630 in the morning and we drove to the surgery center. I cried the whole way there. God bless my man because he just kept trying to keep my mind off of things and get me to talk about the wedding we are planning lol. once we got there I was taken back pretty quickly which was nice. The nurse on duty was fabulous, she took me inot the bathroom and asked me to pee in a cup and to put on a gown, compression socks, booties, a hat and i think thats all. from there, i laid down on a heated bed. My surgeon came in, marked me up, laid me back down, and then the anesthesiologist came in. He said he was going to put something in my IV to make me less anxious so that I could relax.... he actually knocked me out right then and there and i remember nothing until i was in recovery! Once I woke up I felt pretty good. between pain meds adn anesthesia i was relaxed and comfy. my mom and my fiance came in around 5 and brought me flowers. i stayed overnight and i highly recommend that if given the opportunity. my doctor requires it and i was so thankful he did. the night nurses were great. so so helpful. I started my period surgery day - which was wonderful, lol. I always have one HEAVY day a month and of course it was then. oh well at least its over.. anyway the nurses got me up to walk at one point during the night. I didnt have panties on, just a pad between my legs, and i told them that it was going to be messy. i dont think they understood really how messy i meant, lol, because as i got up and took a ocuple steps blood was running down to the ground, leaving a trail behind me, and I had a large red blood streak down the inside of each one of my white compression socks! yay for periods and surgery! lol. the nurses were so sweet about it. once i got to the sink i started to try to clean myself up (habit i guess) and the nurse was like 'no no honey, we will do it'... and then i felt it... complete nausea. it was a feeling i ahvent felt since the days i use to drink. that spinning drunk feeling. i told the nurse and she yelled to the other nurse for a shot of some anti nausea meds... i shuffled back to my bed not giving an eff about the bloody trail that i was leaving behind and stepping in at the same time... i leaned up against my bed, the nurse gave me a shot straight into my IV and almost instantly the nausea went away. They got me a cold washcloth for my forehead which totally helped too. I got another pain shot into my behind, demerol i think, and then back to bed. what a night that was. My mom came to get me at 6:30 am and she got all of the instructions etc and we went home.

Day 2
Well. my frist day at home was pretty good. still feeling the effects of the anesthesia and taking pain meds so pretty comfortable for most of the day. At night time I got up by myself to go potty and did pretty good. Only problem that I had was getting back into my hospital bed (which i HIGHLY recomend renting). It was so dark i bumped the table with my meds on it, so then I had to get on all fours and pick up my medication off of the floor, then get myself back up again... not fun. At this point the pain im feeling is from the muscle repair. It does burn like others have said here and it is such an odd feeling!

I slept pretty much all day yesterday and all through the night last night. Ive had zero problem sleeping which is fabulous! For the most part I am taking full advantage of having my mom here and my grandmother here too. I am being taken care of completely and even though I really dont need that attention anymore I must say that it is fabulous to have it and I a so grateful for it. As women we tend to go and go and go and do and do and do for other people... this is the first time in my life that I have ever let others take are of me and baby me. Its hard to give up the control a bit but at the same time its fantastic to let go! Anyway Im done for now. Ill post pics later and update omre as well. Im still kinda out of it lol and having a hard time focusing on writing this- i fee like my sentences are all over the place! happy healing ladies!

Photo sitting day 3 PO

3 days pos op pics. BEYOND EXCITED


I swear I am in awe... I really didnt expect to have results like this after only 3 days. I know that I have a long road ahead of me and swelling will kick in big time and play with my head. But just knowing that I was right when it comes to what was underneath the skin and fat even though no one else did makes me SO ON TOP OF THE WORLD. For years people would tell me that i didn't need to lose weight or have surgery and so i battled with self image for a very long time because I knew what was under my clothes and I knew that the hanging skin that would be removed would create a body that even my closest family members didnt believe was there... - I cant wait to get these drains out! I cant wait to get some healthy sexuality back in my life with the man i love, my fiancé! we both deserve it. He has put up with my uncomfortableness and he has never ever complained. But my self confidence has skyrocketed already and I know that it will only get better! I cant wait to give that to him :)

Can I just say this - my vagina got a nice lift too! holy moly i knew it was hanging but i had no clue it was hanging THAT low! Its amazing to look down now and see my girly parts - ALL of them! not just pubic hair - not the mound... but the whole full on vagina, slit in front and all. I feel like a new woman and i feel so confident! Im kind rambling now and i apologize. I know that some of you understand because you have been there, or are there now... and the rest of you WILL understand an will feel as amazing as I do!!! Anyway enough for now - but i willl be back for sure with more pics! woooohoooo!!!!!!!

More pics day four


So I've showed the pic of me holding out my naked pre op belly ski on each side to my mm and to other family members. They all were shocked that I had been living wig and HIDING it so we'll for so long. It made me feel so good to show that picture to the ones closest to me who have doubted my need to do this surgery vs just losing more weight. Their reactions alone we're worth this surgery.

I'm doing well. I think today is po day 5. I have been home except for one outing to the dr yesterday. And I finally got to take a shower yesterday which felt great eventually but my back is killing me and killed me the whole time in the shower. I've been sleeping a lot and am kinda bored. Tomorrow my mom will drive me into Los Angeles to secure the church I will be getting married in so am really excited to see it and show her. She lives out of town.

I'm drinking tons of water and hoping it helps w swell hell. I think I'm just starting to get there as NOTHING fits me lol. Nada except sweat pants. I did expect it but it's weird when it happens because you look so different and yet things are tighter than before. Doesn't seem possible. I have lots of longer type clothes for when I am at home but when it comes to work I'm stuck. Anyway enough for now. I'll post more pics later!

Longer than I thought...

Well it's been a a couple days since I've updated and even though I'm not feeling much like typing I figure I really should. Let's just be honest. This sucks. My drain sites are in the crease of a swollen vagina and they HURT like nothing else. My back feels better but for several days my back felt like it couldn't support my hunched over body. I had thoughts of my back actually giving out because it was so so so sore. No way to describe that feeling. I've had backache aches before. This is not that. This kind of ache feels like it must have had its own surgery. It actually hurts so bad that nothing else on my body hurts. I've never felt my incision hurt at all. The muscle repair does hurt depending on what I'm doing and it's more like soreness rather than hurt. My mom said something the other day and I had to stop her because she had me laughing and it hurt so bad but it was so funny.

Two nights ago my fiancé freaked out my family. He realized that I had been prescribed oxycodone and he marched intothe living room where my mom was and told her not to let me take any more of them. My fiancé and I are both recovering addicts so I understand his concern. I agreed to try taking only Tylenol even though I was only 5 days post op. I had been gone all day that day which was a huge mistake in and of itself but the. To not take the pain meds before bed and only take Tylenol...... HUGE MISTAKE. He had good intentions and. I appreciate him looking out for me. But my doctor knew from day one as did his staff that I am an addict and my doctor told me not to try to be a Hero. Basically I woke up yesterday morning in agonizing pain. Agonizing. Horrible. Couldn't move, was stiff and angry and crying. I told my,mom fuck what my fiancé said give me the meds lol. She did. I went to see my ps yesterday and had my stitches taken out which was painless but the whole office said take the meds! So I'm slowly weening myself off. I had been taking two every four hours and now I'm taking one every six hours. I feel way less loopy which is fabulous.

My boobs ares starting to itch a bit. My nipples look fabulous. They are small and my boobs are perky. My doctor is a true artist and I'm in shock. I'm still swollen and will be for months and I accept that. But to see my body this was is just amazing. I've never looked like this and it feels soooo good even with all the uncomfortableness lol.

I can't wait to feel better and be well enough to take a walk. I'm getting married in 9months and I desperately want to get in the best shape I've been in for that day!

Anyway I will update pics later today. I'm suppose to not move much at all because of drainage. Oh if I can offer one bit of advice to those still waiting..... Get a neck pillow!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe this is my body!!!

I'm 8 days post op and I can believe this is me. Excuse the monster and princess bandaids. My 5 year old has been helping :)

hanging in here...

Im so sick and tired of these two drains that I have left. They are in the worst place imaginable - the crease of my vagina, and they HURT when I walk. They are starting to pull and just drive me crazy. Im off the drugs, just taking tylenol so maybe that is why Im so uncomfortable now... IDK but im hoping to get them out monday. Im having a feeling however that I probably wont - draining has to be less than 25 in a 24 hour period and Im holding steady at 25... sucks. I guess if I have to keep them in I have tokeep them in... I certainly dont want to end up with a seroma or hematoma.

Other than that drains and the occasional laughing (muscle repair) I feel good. Im tired, Im in a recliner all day with my feet up, and Id like to feel a little better. I just know that once these drains are out ill feel so much better

on another note im so damn satisfied with my body. yes im swollen. no my clothes don't really fit (except my pajama pants fall off me which is funny) but Im on cloud 9 with this new belly and no skin!

Stupid drains

So frustrated! I am 10 days po today an can't get these drains out until they are LESS than 25 in a 24 hour period. I've been doing absolutely nothing in hopes of slowing drainage down but nope! Nada! I have an appt tomorrow morning to have them removed but the office told me don't even come in if they aren't ready. It's really irritating me. I can't walk comfortably or even lay comfortably half the time because these darn drains are stitched in with these wire like stitches. Ugh I want to cry.

Pray pray pray....

That these darn drains come out today!!!! I have an appt in about an hour so I'm getting ready to leave and if they don't take them out in going to freak out. To say they are annoying is an understatement. I think the first few days when I was doped up they weren't such a bother. But the pain at the drain incision site is unbearable hb I move around and I'm so done. So so done. Ill keep you all posted in that later today. I I get them out ill post pics too.

Showering.... So lets talk about that. A chair is a MUST. I was sitting on the edge of my shower before I got one bc I couldn't stand. And it's true what I've read by so many women. Showering WIPES you out. At 11 days po I had I sit on Te toilet seat after my shower in a towel for about ten minutes just so the nausea and feelin of passing out would go awy. Thn I lotion re up while sitting there and Then move to sit on the bed to get dressed which took another Ten Minutes. So now all I am praying fit is that these drains come out and I have a whole week without them before I go back to work - which btw is freaking me out a bit lol. I feel like I'm going to have to get up an hour early just to get me and my. 5 year old ready I the morning.

But is is worth it? HELL YES!!! I crossed my legs in the shower to scrub my feet and couldn't believe I didn't have to move the skin as fat outta the way ! And I put on a fitted sweatshirt and yoga pants today and I feel so skinny!!!!!! Recovery is brutal but the benefits are so. So worth it!!!

Lovin this. 11 days po.

It's really hard to imagine that this is my body. That I can wear these panties without them rolling down!!!! And I'm not even two weeks out. I LOVE MY PS!!!!!! Dr Lee is amazing and his office staff is equally amazing!!! Sooo soooo happy!!!

Day 12 feelin ok

So I woke up feeling crappy but once I got moving and took a shower I started to feel pretty good. My little girl asked me to go to pre school today ! I was shocked but I think she was super bored at home w me all day so I actually drove for the first time today! Felt good nothing uncomfortable at all. I took it slow. I drive an SUV so I was worried about getting in and out but again zero problems. I was pretty tired once I got home. Still off work til Monday and hoping for an easy week! Just taking the advice of all of the women who have come before me who say just because you feel good doesn't mean to push it! So I'm posted up in a recliner w a heating pad on my back and a blanket.... Bored beyond words yes but would rather be bored than end up with a complication! Happy healing!

Water blister

So last night I went to change into my pajamas. I wear a wife beater under my binder and noticed it was wet at my right hip. I investigated and found this huge water blister. Sort of freaked me out. I emailed my drs office not expecting a response until this morning but he emailed me right back! I feel so secure with him and his staff. I feel like I matter ad that my health is super important to them! Again I HIGHLY reccomend dr lee if you are in the Orange County area. Fabulous from sart to finish. My incision line is clean and beautiful. I am so happy!!!

Water blister day 13

Day 14 blister

So it looked flat last night now not so much. Anyone else have something like this?

So THIS is swell hell

Its here - and the night before I go back to work, of course. Im grumpy and Im nervous about tomorrow. I will wake up around 415-430 and shower, do hair and makeup, because I will have to leave the house by 615 in order to pick up my 5 year old from her father at 640... then back home by 710 if there is no traffic (yea right lol) and then its a mad dash to get her ready for her pre school day - This is our Monday morning and Thursday morning routine and for the past 2 1/2 weeks we have been so off of that schedule taht its going to be hard to get back on. I normally dont have to wake up so early but showering wipes me out still and I need enough time to get ready or Ill be rushing and a bitch :)

This morning I had to go to sears auto center to find out what is going on with my back tire. I was first in line. it took them TWO hours to take a dang nail out and fix my tire - again - I was FIRST IN LINE lol and it was a freakin patch that was needed... so for two hours I walked around the mall and bought a couple things for chirstmas - not much because I cant carry more than 5-10 pounds per my dr's instructions which i dont want to ignore... when the car was done i went and got a pedicure which was fabulous, and then to the grocery store to get basics for the week - I got home around 230 and started working from home just so in the morning Im not stressed out too much. and tonight ladies, its here. the swelling. Im sure it will get worse other days - but this does suck. this is the first time Ive experienced this. its just so tight and I feel like I have fat on my abdomen. Im sure tehre is some fat there because i know going in at 180 there was not much he could do to get it all but still, its a weird feeling and i dont like it :)

Im eating healthy and drinking my water so I guess im doing what I can - this is just the beginning and I need to buck up and deal with it. anyway thanks for letting me vent. Ive been a little emotional lately - zero regrets - absolutely zero - because even with this swelling i wouldnt trade this body for the one i use to have, lol, but idk... im just being emotional. I cry for no reason. and i cry for good reason lol - eff it ladies... i think i will take a hot shower and get my behind in bed since i have to get up so early. Hope you all are doing fantastically! happy swelling - err umm... Healling, yes, happy healing!

Day 20 I think...

Feeling ok. I've been waking up at about 4 am daily which really sucks. Some sort of internal alarm - so I toss and turn and then finally just get up and make coffee. Swelling is mostly at night after working. No have an office job and I'm still beyond EXHAUSTED by mid day. Like could lay down and nap for real kind if tired. It's super strange. Nothing gives me energy. I hate that. Anyway here r some pics. Blister is much better. I take bandage off every day to shower then I cover it back up per dr orders.

20 days

A side shot

End of day comparison swelling

Pic at almost 4 weeks

Fourth week update

Just a quick update. Flat as can be in the morning. So swollen at night and seems to be mostly my ken doll gains tht swells and Te tissue right above it in my lower abdomen. It's annoying but so so so muh better than before! SO WORTH IT!!!!! My blister is gone. No problems with that at all and in fact I feel so lucky to have had zero complications thiis far. Four weeks this Thursday. I can't believe that. Time has flown by! I see my dr tomorrow. I can't wait to not have to wear this stupid binder! Two more weeks w it. I take it off the day after xmas. Might Give myself an early Xmas present and take it off on the 25th!!! It's a bitch to wear to work under my clothes. But I do it as directed bc I don't want problems!!!

4 1/2 weeks

I'm feeling really good. Probably 80% back to normal. I saw my PS last week and he was very happy with my progress. I have not started scar treatment but I need to. This time of year that's the last place I'm puttin my money lol. Swelling is up as I start to move around each day. First thig in the a m my waist measures 32 hips 38 1/2 and busy is 42. As the day goes on bust stays the same but waist goes up to 34 and hips about 40. I'm cool with that! Even w swelling I'm flat and thick which is fine w me! Here's a quick comparison of po day 1 and today. Hope you are all doin ok. I've been running around shopping and wrapping and I'm almost done. Today it will be wrapped up. Thank goodness.

Side view

No Period...

So I was on my lovely TOM during surgery, see story above for yucky details, and tomorrow I will be 5 weeks post op. I was due to strat my period last wednesday, 7 days ago and nada. I had some swelling and some cramps last week but no cycle... my face is broken out in places it hasnt since i was a teen - and Im so over this. I actually look fwd to my period - call me crazy - but I feel healthy and normal knowing my body is doing what it is meant to do once every 28 days. Ive heard that some women experience this after surgery due to the trauma - but OMG when will it end/start??? I talked to a family member about it and she said, oh, it will probably start on CHRISTMAS lmao. boy I hope not - I have a big day that day traveling and visiting etc and the last thing i need is to be in pain from cramps etc...

7 weeks po

In feeling really good. Everything is back to normal except sleep. I'm having a hard time stating asleep past 3 a m most nights and I still don't sleep on my stomach. I think I can but it feels too weird so I just don't. I woke up this morning and my waist is 31! It's been holding steady at 32 so this is kinda exciting. I'm not back in a gym because I haven't been cleared to lift heavy yet (see my PS next week) but I have been hiking a few dys a week for a couple weeks and it feels good.

7 weeks

7 weeks

Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Dr Richard H Lee Newport Beach Ca I cannot say enough about dr lee and his staff. I am amazed. Beyond thrilled and only 12 days out. THANK YOU DR LEE!!!!! You have changed my life!

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