Too Much IPR - Unhappy with Front Incisor Teeth Shape and Gap - Orange County, CA

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My front two teeth have been round, trapezoidal...

My front two teeth have been round, trapezoidal shape. Now, after 0.5mm of IPR in between, the sides of the teeth are left rounded but the center line is now ruler straight. The center line was also filed a bit jagged, and when I rub my tongue against the back of those two teeth, I find my tongue getting caught along the sharp and jagged gap. Maybe the sharp feeling will be resolved once the gap fully closes.

However, after 3 trays, I still have a sliver of a gap between the two front incisors and it worries me that it will never close fully. I never had a gap there in my life and I don't know if I can ever get used to having one.

Even though 0.5mm isn't considered "much" and a negligible amount of tooth for removal, in my eyes it looks too much. I feel that my two front teeth are less dominate appearing and are too skinny for my face. I have a prominent nose too, and I never realized the nose/teeth/face relation until after you did the IPR. Now, every time I see a photo of me with my new teeth, I immediately zone into my skinnier teeth and my appearance looks "off". It bothers me so much that I almost wish I could have had this IPR undone, even if it meant compromising the results of the treatment.
I am 3 trays away from completing my invisalign treatment. I will probably need refinement trays.

I thought Invisalign would help my teeth and smile improve, but no, it's been just the opposite. I had nice teeth before. I miss my old smile and loathe my new. If you don't have anything severe to correct, please do not even bother with this treatment. Go for traditional braces if you have to.
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