Fraxel Ruined my Face -- I've Been Told It is Permanent. Orange County, CA

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These stories are like someone is reading my own...

These stories are like someone is reading my own personal biography. My life and face and youth was RUINED by a fraxel:dual almost exactly a year ago. Same issues you all are mentioning here. Have been gradually increasing retin-a strength the past 8 months or so (that's when I started the retin-a) and have noticed SOME improvement but definitely not much. I used to have a baby face and chubby cheeks. It all deflated and I look like I belong on the Golden Girls now. I decided to cough up a TON of money and get a bunch of filler in my cheeks (to lift my jowls!!!! What the F!!!) and under my eyes to repair the hollows. It's just the absolute worst thing ever and I would do anything to take it all back. Today I attempted to fill my most recent RX - hoping to get on Tazorac to boost cell turnover and improve hideous orange peel/ice pick scar look - and the price (with insurance!!) was $320 for 30 grams of cream. I'm so heartbroken (and, don't forget, old looking and ugly).
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