I Would Do It Again! The Lifestyle Lift and Laser Really Worked for Me! - Orange County, CA

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Back in September 2009, I began a journey toward...

Back in September 2009, I began a journey toward physical wellness. I started a diet which now, almost three years later, finds me 100 pounds lighter. I did this the old fashioned way, by learning to eat right and exercising.

The weight loss has made me feel so terrific, much younger in so many ways. But, when I looked in the mirror, I saw this tired and old looking person. My outside did not reflect how I felt on the inside.

I had watched many Lifestyle Lift commercials and felt, Oh, if that could only work for me. Then one Saturday morning, I turned on the TV and sat down at my computer to check my emails. What was on the TV was a Lifestyle Lift commercial. I knew I had watched each one of them at least once, but I turned away from my computer to listen, really listen to the words that were bring said. I reached for my earphones and called through my computer to the number that had just been displayed on the TV screen. A nice lady answered and introduced herself. I began by saying that I had watched the Infomercial so many times, but today I just felt that it was time for me to finally move forward and talk with someone and ask all the questions I had been pondering over. To my surprise, I was asked if I wanted an appointment at noon in the local Lifestyle Lift Office. I had no idea that I would be able to go that quickly. I gladly took the appointment and began to get ready for it.

Once there, I was pleased at how friendly everyone was. I only waited a short while before I was called in. The lady that took me back to a pleasantly decorated room, offered me some water before we sat down to discuss what was on my mind: Learning all I could about how a person could look so young and refreshed by a simple procedure that was performed with so little downtime. This lady, Farrah, was there as moral support and cheerleader through every step of the exquisitely organized process. I was enthused by the brochures that I was given. All my questions were answered. I felt, wow, this is amazing. So, I said "how do I get one for myself?" We discussed all of the fine details as to how and how much and I continued to be amazed. I made my next appointment, this time with the doctor.

I came back in a week or so and met Dr. Go. That isn't his entire last name, but it is much easier to recall than Dr. Goshtasby. See why they call him, Dr. Go. I told him that I had lost 100 pounds and felt my face and neck looked tired and old. He said that is what they specialize in....refreshing the tone of the face and tightening the neck and jawline. We further discussed what the laser was all about. I had quite a bit of sun damage from my younger years in the sun. It was great to know that after the laser, the process continues for about six months. The laser's effect helps to build the collagen under the skin and this is what makes it look younger and refreshed. He also told me that the laser helped to tighten the skin so it would help smooth out the wrinkles. Yep, that is what I wanted.....no doubt about it. In preparation, he gave me some prescriptions to have filled and begin to take a few days before my procedure There were exact guidelines on what to take and do and when. The instructions said that I had to have someone drive me home after the procedure. Truly there were no questions left unanswered. I felt so comfortable about my decision, that from the time that I had my first appointment with Farrah, until the morning I was walking into the building for the procedure, I never once questioned my decision.

Upon my arrival, a very pleasant surgical nurse took me to my suite. There was a white board on the wall which said who my doctor was, who the surgical nurse was and.....that "TODAY WAS ALL ABOUT ME". I was given the medicine which I had picked up from the pharmacy that Dr. Go had given me, to help me relax. Before I knew it, I was being prepared in the exact same manner that was done in a hospital. I sat in an overstuffed surgical chair much like that seen in a dental office. But this one began to tilt back and raise. My head was comfortably placed on a pillow and in such a position making it easy for the doctor and nurse to continue the procedure. Then, I was so comfy that I went off to sleep and didn't wake up until the laser procedure was almost done. The lift had been performed first, followed by the laser. I kept thinking, I am now awake and where is the discomfort? When the procedures were complete and I had become more awake, I was helped back to a large recliner where I sat until I became fully awake. They checked on me constantly and asked if I wanted some pain medicine and I took it thinking I would need it. They my son was there to pick me up. I don't recall much about the drive home. I had placed a large pink scarf over my head and tilted back in his car seat and again fell asleep. When I got home, I went back to bed. Well, I have to admit that I looked at myself in the mirror....and smiled inside to realize that what I just did was the first thing I had probably had ever done that was 100% just for me! I slept the rest of the day. I would wake up and take a pain pill because I thought I probably would need it.

The next morning, Saturday, was my follow-up appointment with Dr. Go. I woke up feeling amazing. Hey, were was the pain that I imagined would happen. I got dressed and went to the appointment. I was checked over very carefully. The bandages came off....the unveiling. The new me.....here I am world!

When I got back home, I realized that I just didn't need any more pain pills. I had no pain, why had I been taking them? Just because I thought I should. Sunday was just as Saturday had been. I got up, I got dressed, I slathered on the Aquaphor, then did the wound cleansing as instructed. And, I began to get to know the new me in the mirror.

On Monday, I got up, got dressed and went to work. I work in an office and don't have any contact with others from the outside so the scarf on my head and red sunburn-like complexion was not that hard to deal with.

Each day I got better and better and when I went back to see Dr Go for my one week follow-up appointment, things were looking really terrific!

In the outside office waiting room for the post procedure patients, there are usually a few individuals waiting to see their doctor about some stage of the post procedure process. Everyone looks around at each other, thinking....what did they have and how long has it been. It is such a great experience to talk with others who have had what you had. To see their progress and hear their story.

So, I am here right now telling you all of the above, so you will know exactly what it was like for me. To hear what I experienced and how pleasant it was from start to finish. Perhaps hearing my words may help you make the decision to call for your own first appointment.

Now many months later, I am totally healed. I have had my one month follow-up appointment. I have been given my before and after pictures....which I still look at a lot. My skin continues to have a healthy glow (or so I am told by my friends and co-workers). I now feel like I totally know the new lady in the mirror.....it is me, a much younger looking me. I now truly feel my outside matches my inside!

Ten months later and every day is better than the...

Ten months later and every day is better than the last. I have grown accustomed to the new "me". So glad I did it!

Ten months later and every day is better than the...

Ten months later and every day is better than the last. I have grown accustomed to the new "me". So glad I did it!
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The Lifestyle Lift infomercial. I was lucky to be assigned to Dr. Go. He is just a great person and physician. I didn't find one instance distressing!

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