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Like many of you ladies, I got the implants to...

Like many of you ladies, I got the implants to feel secure and more feminine with myself. I was barely filling a 34B cup and felt that I was not proportioned with the rest of my body (5”6” 135-40 pounds). BOY WOULD THIS CHANGE 3 ½ YEARS POST BA. Since the early age of 15, I had always been obsessed with having this procedure done. Both my sisters (older and younger) always had nice-full natural breast which further confirmed my decision to one day get them done. After months of research and saving, I found the perfect docter in San Diego. Dr. Pousti was amazing and his staff beyond the meaning of great customer service. I was well informed of the procedure and decided to go through with it in August 2009. I remember waking up from the operation and thinking “ Ohhh SH**.” I had wanted a full C cup but ended up with Ds because I have a rib cage that sticks out. I knew since the very beginning that I was unhappy but because of my pride and to avoid the “ I told you so” speech from my mom, I sucked it up and told myself I would like them.

Fast forward 3 ½ years and I still feel the same way I felt when I looked down at them immediately after my surgery. I’ve been fortunate not to have had any medical issues, like some have experienced, but I just hate the feeling of plastic in me. Worst of all I hate it when I hug my niece and feel as if a plastic hard ball separates us. I admit my breast look nice and that they feel soft and natural, but I just can’t stand having them in my body. I hate going to the gym and seeing my plastic perfect set of breast bouncing awkwardly in the mirror. I find that I cover myself up more than ever before because I get the paranoia feeling that A- people know their fake or B- people are just staring. I feel heavy up top and completely miss proportioned with the rest of my body. I get neck pains and my posture is like “Quasimodo.” Of course I’m afraid of what my breast will look like after removing my 510 cc water balloons but I hate to feel the way I do. I want my little babies back and I’m saddened that it took this lesson to understand what my family and friends were warning me about. Anyway operation “explanation” is well underway. Ladies if there is any advice, suggestions, or kind words you’d like to share please I’m open to all? ****will post pre-pics soon

I went to my 4th consultation today and so far so...

I went to my 4th consultation today and so far so good. I met with Dr. Chong, whom I found through @WantMyLittlesBack thank you much! She was sweet and was really imformative. She truely put me at ease and made me feel confortable with my decision. So far I have gotten great response from all the doctors I've been to with the exception of one (Long Beach Dr) who straight out told me I would look deformed. Never something you want to hear but I'm glad he didn't sugar coat the possible negative outcomes. Anyway I think Dr. Chong will be the doctor to perform the procedure. She said I will not need any drains and will leave the capsules in. She mentioned that because I'm young (24), no children and I have good skin tissue I should not have any problems. However I'm preparing for the worst just in case. Have not set the date but I'm thinking it will be set for June.

Surgerey Tom

So excited. Not nervous. Totally calm and looking forward for tomorrow. After months of wait my explant surgery is finally here. I'm mentally prepaid for the worst, because I have been completely encouraged by all you brave ladies who have been courageous enough to do it. I will have an update- maybe a pic- after my surgery. Wish me luck!

walked out with a smile after the OP

Surgery went well. I felt nothing after surgery for several hours, obviously due to the anesthesia. Since I was under local anesthesia I fully participated in the surgery. At some points it was a bit tough because I was able to feel the tugging and removal of the implant. The music and great conversation we were all having in the operation room helped me take my mind off the situation. Overall the procedure could not have been as bad as a visit to the dentist. In fact I rather do this twice before heading to the dentist, but that's just me. I had no pain all yesterday, but today I really do feel a bit sore. I am due back for a check up on Monday so I will be posting pics then.

510 cc of plastic in me


4 Day Follow up

Saw my PA yesterday, she said everything is looking and moving well. As of now I still don't feel any pain, my only complaint has been the itchiness of the bandages. My PS pointed out that i had been carrying around nearly two pounds (510cc each). No wonder my neck ached so bad! Over happy with results- NO REGRETS yet only wish I had done it sooner.

4 Day Follow up

11 Post Explant

11 days Post Explant

Its been 11 days since my explant op and I must admit I have not felt this great about my self image since before I put them in. 6 days after my op, I noticed I was getting a rash on my right breast. It was very itchy and I though it had been caused by the gauge or wrap. Anyway I sent a picture of it to my PS and she prescribed me an anti-biotic and a cream to apply on it for 5 days. So far so good. The rash or infection has began to dissolve. There is also a bit of scabbing on my right nipple, this is due to the area in which the local anesthesia was administered. My PS said it will dry up and eventually fall off.

21 Days Post-Explantation

As always very positive about my decision and out come. I Feel light as a feather and have found a whole new appreciation for my small breast. I had a doctors appt on Monday and Dr. Chong was very happy with my results. She suggested I buy BIO-OIL, to apply on the scar and rash that I had developed. The rash/infection has diminished but it left behind a bit of a scab so I am applying the bio-oil there. Dr. Chong has given me the Ok to exercise, but to keep it light- that means no heavy lifting/crossfit for another 2 weeks (just to be on the safe side). I no longer wear the ace wrap. Got rid of that about a 1 1/2 ago. I do, however, wear a snugged sports bra.
I've noticed that I have more sensation on both breast, but maybe its bc they are still tender. One thing is true, I no longer have the neck spasm that I use to get on my right side- just like magic!

3 1/2 months Post Breats Explantation

Ladies i can't believe its been over 3 months. I have seen small changes along the way and I'm completely satisfied and happy with my results. Absolutely no regrets EXCEPT getting them put in the first place. Even then I can't actually say that was a regret because it was a decision I made that unfortunately did not pan out. Kinda like being in a long term relationship that don't work out at the end yet no hard feelings or regrets just memories- hopefully. You live and you learn like most of you are feeling. To those still beating yourself up or debating about getting them out I highly encourage you too. Why? because your not happy with them now so you might as well get them out and feel better about doing something about it. Overall, I still apply Bio-oil on and try to exercise and eat well. I feel like this has helped along the way..
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