5'5 110 28 No Kids Looking to Go from B to Full C Small D - San Diego, CA

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I have thought about getting a boob job for years...

I have thought about getting a boob job for years now. I am finally in a place financially and time-wise where I feel like now is the time. I'm very thin, 5'5 110, with a BMI of 18.3. I am smaller on top with a short torso and long legs. My boobs are actually decent for my size. I'm probably a full B right now and I think I have a decent amount of breast tissue. I am going to going to get some measuring tape so I can figure out my boob measurements and stuff.

I would love to be a really full C or small to medium to. I would like to be able to wear more low cut-clothes and jut have fuller bigger boobs to fill them out. I see boobs as an accessory that will just make me look more polished. I do not want to have the obviously operated-on look. It's really important to me that I have more fullness but that I have a natural slope. For that reason I am most interested in moderate plus implants. I'm afraid HP will make my boobs look too round and fake. I definitely want to go with saline. I don't have any kids yet, and I definitely want to breastfeed. I just feel uncertain about having silicone in my body while I'm trying to feed my babies, so I just feel safer going with saline. I am interested in either a transaxillary or crease incision. I love the idea of transaxillary because I scar sort of badly and would like to avoid an obvious scar. On the other hand, because I'm interested in natural results, I know that crease incisions provide more access to the breast. I will ask the surgeon about this when I see him. I'm thinking about 350-425ccs. That's just what I'm thinking but I can be totally wrong. It'll be interesting to see what I think after using sizers and talking with the surgeon.

I'm looking to get my surgery in August. I have an appointment to meet with a surgeon soon. I like his work so far so if I'm happy with the consultation I'll book it right away. I'll post some pics of my wish boobs. I really love Draya's boobs. They look full and natural and we're similar in size.

my measurements

So I took my measurements tonight.

My band size is 28

Around the fullest part of my bust is 32

So I guess technically I'm a 28D. I have never seen or worn a bra that size though.

My BWD is 12.5 if I'm measuring it right.


SO excited. Scheduled my surgery for August 3rd. Can hardly wait!

Some before pictures

Post-Op Day 1

So yesterday was pretty intense. Right after surgery I felt great but once I got back to the Airbnb it hit me pretty bad. I felt so much pressure and pain on my chest. I could barely move or talk. I asked my primary care doctor if I could take more pain meds. He said yes and thank God because it really helped.

Today is much better. I'm hungry so me and my bee

Whoops, continued

My boyfriend has been so helpful. He's a keeper. I'm hungry so I'm going to get some food.

Oh yeah! So I ended up getting 410xxnand 380cc Saline unders through an inframammary crdde

Post op Day 5 Review

Please excuse the broken up/incoherent reviews from before. I was on drugs lol. So each day has gotten better I do not have much pain except I keep getting really annoying hiccups! I'm talking I'll get hiccups for a good 15 minute set at least 4 or 5 times a day. It's ridiculous girls! And annoying and painful. I'm hoping that ends soon.

SO today my mom saw my boobs. She thinks they look really nice. I agree. My only thing is I just want them to Drop and Fluff! They're pretty but they look like bowling balls and I wanted a more "hangy" Natural-slope look. I know my doctor understood that so I guess I just have to be patient.

There isn't too much else to say. I've been sleeping on my back with my reading pillow and my neck pillow and have been quite comfortable. I remember to have at least a small snack with all my pills so no sickness there. My boyfriend has been so wonderful and is in charge of getting me my pills on schedule.I really appreciate him for that.

I've been putting Bio-oil on my boobs everyday because they kind of itch and I'm trying to prevent stretch marks. Right now I kind of (slightly) wish I went bigger but I feel like when they D & F I'll be happy. I'm just hoping that they do.

My surgeon mostly does periareolar incisions but I was really adamant about wanting a crease. He was so kind and accommodating to do that for me, and I'm really glad. I haven't seen the scar yet but I'm not worried. I have this scar removal cream which has been amazing for me. I'll probably use that again. I'll try and take more pics and keep you ladies posted!

Here are the wish pics i showed my surgeon for your reference.

Two More Quick Things!

1. You may get itchy from the pain meds. I certainly did. I took a loratadine and that has helped me immensely.

2. Constipation- it's a real thing. Last time I went under anesthesia I didn't have that issue but this time I did. It wasn't painful and I wasn't THAT bloated but I got my surgery on a Wednesday and didn't have a BM until Friday afternoon. Normally I have one at least once a day. I took a stool softener every day after surgery and I also ate some dried apricots, which I personally feel like really did the trick.

So just a couple things to be aware of. I only have bruising on my sides, Clearly that's not bad though. Ask me anything!

Two Weeks Post-Op

I'm a two weeks and one day post op! I finally started feeling more normal yesterday, at exactly two weeks. I stopped taking my pain pills 3 days post op and haven't taken anything since. I was a little grouchy because I was in some pain, especially that first week. However, the pain was really not so bad that I felt I should take any medicine.

I experience pain the most at the end of a busy day. Since my surgery I've been driving and doing basically everything I would normally do, with the exception of one thing. Don't judge me- I haven't showered!!! But I have taken baths. I would like to shower though. Does anyone have suggestions of waterproof bandages that work? My doctor and the nurses have really encouraged me to keep my incision dry in order to get the best results, so I just don't want to risk it. I think they will get removed at my next appointment in three weeks!

I'm still sleeping on my back and trying to stay elevated. Still, I usually wake up flat on my back. I look forward to feeling comfortable sleeping on my side again. I miss it!

Initially, my boobs looked round and fake to me. They still kind of do, but they are better! I really wanted a natural slope, and I trust my doctor so I know they will drop and fluff soon. I will be looking forward to that because right now (to me) they just scream- I had a boob job! That's not the look I was going for. However, at two weeks PO, I guess that is to be expected. I have a lot of upper pole fulness. My left implant is riding higher than I would like. (That's the larger implant at 410 cc) So it's normal for that one to take a little longer to settle.

I'm grateful to be feeling more like myself again. I have more energy and I'm back to feeling carefree. Having pain weighs you down! My weird and new complaint is the outrageous nipple insensitivity I have. My headlights are on at all time and my nipples are just crazy sensitive. Like they cannot be touched and even if something brushes against them, it's intense.

In other news, I am excited about the way I'm filling out my clothes! It's kind of TOO much at this point, but once they drop it'll be great. My doctor requires us to wear the initial surgical bra for four weeks. I normally wear a lot of strapless/strappy shirts and dresses so this huge grandma bra with the underboob compression strap is totally cramping my style! Plus it is SO hot out. I hope that in two weeks when I finally get out of this thing, I'll still have some summer left to enjoy my new boobs in my summer clothes- especially the sun dresses! Btw- my boyfriend was not super excited about the surgery. He always made me feel beautiful and sexy before, but now it's even better because he LOVES my new boobs. That's a plus!

I am so grateful I chose Dr. Pousti. He's so professional and kind! I am really excited to see my final result, and have enjoyed working with him and the wonderful ladies in his office. They called me everyday the past two weeks to check on me which was so sweet! They are all also so kind whenever I go to the office. It has been a real pleasure working with him and his staff. I highly recommend him!

I'll try to do better with taking photos and posting. Here's one. I am happy with the progress and am pleased I got the surgery. I'll try to update next week!


Just purchased a warranty for my implants. During registration, I realized I have Mentor Saline 325cc (filled to 380s) and 350cc (filled to 410).

I am glad to have the protection of the warranty for sure.

Three Week Update

I'm feeling well! Three weeks seems to be the magic number. I feel pretty much back to normal. I have no pain.

I still feel like my boobs need to drop! They're so high still. I am happy to report they are much softer. I put this bra on I found at Ross today. It's so comfy! I can finally stop wearing my surgical bra next week and I cannot wait!

My nipples are no longer extra sensitive but they do constantly show through my clothes lately. I never experienced that because I've always worn super padded bras.

Please excuse the mess in the background of the pictures. I am in the middle of moving!

4 weeks Post Op

So today makes four weeks post op. I'm feeling pretty good except my left girl has been kind of uncomfortable the last day or so. Not sure what's going on but it feels stuck and kind of hurt. I have a post-op appointment on Tuesday so I will ask the doctor about it. Still waiting on my left to drop. She's the problem child!

Some days I feel I went to but then I look at pictures and feel good about them. I do feel they are kind of wide at the top but am just looking forward to when they stop.

Still haven't seen my incisions! Looking forward to getting steristrips removed next week and taking a look!

Hope all of you are well.
Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS

Dr. Pousti and his office have been wonderful throughout this whole experience. I chose him because of his impressive gallery of work, and his skill. I trusted him immediately after talking with him. He was very open and genuinely wanted to understand the results I was seeking. He was so skilled he was able to give me just what I wanted. Dr. Pousti was also always kind and respectful and always made me feel comfortable. I am very happy I chose him as my surgeon! I highly recommend him. The hype is well deserved.

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