26 Y/o, 5"4' 105lbs, 32aa-- Sientra Silicone HP 385cc Unders - Orange County, CA

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Hi girls!

Hi girls!

I created my account awhile back, used this site more as a reference tool, but now that my BA is coming, would love some advice and feedback.

Met with my PS on 4/7 for my preop, decided that I was aiming for a full C/small D. But looking at girls with similar stats, I'm worried 385cc will look huge on me.

Before my preop I thought I was set on 350cc with a mod+ profile. But since I have very little breast tissue to begin with my PS suggested high profile to get that "full C" look. My PS said no one ever complains about being bigger, but I have a pretty small frame.

My BA is in 8 days & all I've been doing is researching boob pictures!!

What do you girls think?

Tomorrow is the day!

Holy crap, can't believe how fast the surgery came up. I've been so busy with school & work, it sort of just snuck up on me.

Tomorrow is the big day! Saying goodbye to my little pups and welcoming new ones tomorrow :)

Post Op Day 1

Good morning ladies!

Today is pod 1 for me! Still in some pain, feels like there's an elephant on my chest. I haven't taken any pain meds today, it hurts but bearable.

Recap from surgey day:
Checked in @ 8am, signed some paperwork and was immediately taken back to pre op room. Did a urine test to make sure I wasn't preggo. Then the nurse brought me to my hospital bed, it was nicely warm & toasty! She took my blood pressure and started my IV. Anesthesiologist came by and briefly spoke with me, then Dr. Ip followed. They started the anesthesia and before I can remember I woke up in recovery! Surprised it went by so fast- literally in the blink of an eye.

Boyfriend came by and nurse said I was ready to get discharged because I wasn't in that much pain. I got home took my meds & knocked out. Woke up ate some soup and knocked out again.
This morning will be my post op check up & I can't wait to see these bad boys! Will finish update later :)


I met with Dr. Ip for my follow up appointment earlier today, he said I'm healing well, (although im very sore) he said I could start massaging them. Man it's feels good to massage them, my skin feels so tight right now, but the muscle relaxer helps.

I have a 1 week follow up scheduled for next Saturday. I love how Dr. Ip cares for his patients and doesn't just shoo them off. He wants to make sure you're recovering well & he encourages you to ask him questions!

I'm in love with my new boobs lol, can't wait to see them drop & fluff!

3 days post op

Hi girls!

Today is my post op day 3. I'm feeling better, not in much pain. I stopped using pain meds yesterday morning & I only took the rest of my abx & 2 tylenols yesterday. I can pretty much get myself up from my bed with little assistance from my boyfriend. The only thing that's bothering me are my stitches they're a bit itchy, but other than that I feel great! I walked around a little bit yesterday at the outside mall nearby, had to take it easy to make sure my heart rate wasn't too high.
I still have to wear a bandage over my breasts, hopefully Dr. Ip lets me remove it the next time I see him (this upcoming saturday)

Overall my BA experience has been good. I can't wait till I can step foot in the gym again! Summer is around the corner & I feel so lazy lol.

1 week update

It's been exactly 1 week since my surgery (4/17/15) & my ladies are looking better everyday. I see my PS tomorrow for my 1 week follow up. I feel good, it's still a little sore & I'm still healing with a little bruising. But overall feeling almost back to my regular self, it's still hard for me to reach over my head but im pretty much independent other than that. I'm gonna ask my PS tomorrow to see when I can go back to the gym, I'm losing muscle tone! Lol. Happy Friday ladies :)

11 days post op

I went to VS yesterday to guesstimate my size, I can wear a 32c & 32d. But we will see where I end up once my ladies drop & fluff.

RS ate my photo

Oops idk what happened- uploaded the VS 32D

Almost 3 weeks post op (tomorrow)

I have my 3 weeks post op with Dr. Ip this Saturday. Feeling back to my normal self, my skin still feels tight because it's still stretching. I had very little breast tissue to work with so this isn't uncommon for petite women. I'll update after my 3 week post op appt. In the mean time, here's a comparison picture from 6 days to 20 days.

Happy healing all! :)

1 month post op

So yesterday marks my 1 month post op for my breast aug. Overall I'm so happy with my results, there have been days where I've experienced boob greed but am way happier to have something than how it was before. My 3 weeks post op visit with my surgeon went well, he took off the steri-strip and I got to see how my incisions looked like, looks good like it will heal will. A little bit of the stitches hasnt dissolved under my right boob, but I'm sure it will have dissolved by my six weeks post op visit with Dr. Ip. This past weekend is when they've really started to soften up and finally feel like my own, super excited for the fluffing process as I'm already seeing changed and I am going on 5 weeks post op this week.

I've tried a couple bras here and there from VS and Nordstrom, I can't fit in a lot of 32Ds comfortably as well as 32Cs so I'm pretty excited to go bra shopping in 2 weeks. It'll be my pre-birthday present lol.

Here's a 5 days vs 1 month post op.

6 weeks 3 days

Hi breasties!

So I just had my 6 week post op appointment this past Saturday with Dr. Ip. So far, he & I are very happy with how they are looking. I still get the boob freed from time to time, but I do believe my boobs look proportionate to my size. In 6 weeks he'll be taking my post op pictures, cant wait to see what I looked before and my "final" result.

I feel like they have dropped all the way, I've definitely see the fluffing going on but I'm hoping they even out by the time I come back for my 3 month post op. I got the clearance to wear wired bras & resume my regular workouts at the gym.

Anyway, here's a few 6 week post op pictures for an update :)

2 months

Hi ladies!

I know it's been awhile, but I finally found some time to update my status. I'm a little over 2 months, my surgery was on 4/17. I can't believe how much time has passed since then. I've pretty resumed my normal life, my boobs feel like their mine and I'm very happy with the results. I don't really get boob greed anymore since well I'm content being a 32D :) here's a few picture for updates. Thanks to everyone for the kind compliments and for following my journey! Excited to see similar stories like mine.

3 months (almost)

Hi RS!

So, it's been almost 3 months since my BA. 3 days short of this review, and I just wanted to give a quick update on how I've been doing since my last post. I saw Dr. Ip this past Saturday and he was very pleased with my results so far! I am beyond ecstatic, Dr. Ip did such a wonderful job with my BA. He knew exactly what I wanted, and I felt like I barely even told him, he just knew, just goes to show how experienced he is. He took my 3 month after pictures and cleared me to do about anything, gym, tan, etc...I'll be seeing him in 3 months for my 6 month post op visit. My twins have definitely gone through changes the past 3 months, between weeks 7-9 was when my breasts dropped and fluffed. I actually got resized at VS & Nordstrom as a 32DD/30E! I was already satisfied at being 32D!! Never imagined I'd be sized as a DD or E lol. Anyways here's an update with a picture. From top left to bottom right: 1 day post op, 1 month post op, 2 month post op and 3 month post op.
Thanks for all the kind words and support ladies! Much appreciated.

4 months/ 19 weeks

Hi ladies,

I know it's been a while since my last update. I rarely ever go on here but thought it'd be nice to update those who've been following my journey. I'm a little over 4 months & im still in love with my new boobs!! They've given me so much confidence and it's nice to wear a sport bra at the gym and not be completely flat lol. Anyway here are some progress pictures.

Dr. Jane Doe

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