23 Years Old, 5'1, 385CC, Under the Muscle - Orange County, CA

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Hey guys, I recently got my BA about a month ago...

Hey guys, I recently got my BA about a month ago and I am starting to feel that I really should have gone bigger. I was debating between 385cc or 400cc. I ended up choosing 385cc but now wish that I went bigger. It is still healing so the lower bottom of the breast still feels stiff. Other than that, I have zero pain and is fully back to my normal activities. Is anyone else in this situation? I spent so much money on it so now I am just a little bummed. Let me know what you guys think and your own person experience.

* I try to include full body length picture so you can see what it looks like in full body. The camera makes it look bigger than what it really is sometimes which is why I included both up close and full length.
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