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Hey dolls, my name is cheli & I'm 20 years...

Hey dolls, my name is cheli & I'm 20 years young & have 2 babies. I've been wanting a bbl for over a year now & thinking about going thru with it. I just wanna know the bad side of it or should I say if their is a bad side to it. So girls if ur considering on doing it too or if u had one I wanna know ur thoughts/ experience.

So my consultation will be June 7! Well see what...

So my consultation will be June 7! Well see what she tells me... Can't wait=)

Brazilian butt lift <3

Consultation this Friday!!!!!!

Ahhh I'm so nervous! My consultation is this Friday I can't wait to hear what she says!

Wish pic

Consultation with Afifi

So today was my visitation with Afifi, & it went great! She said to achieve the body I want I should loose 10 lbs & since I'm still breast feeding my bby I have to wait till he's a little older. &&&&& also..:( my hubby is doubting me now, he says what if I leave him for some one else because ill have a nicer body-___- & I'm so deplt sad to hear that from him! I will never leave him or cheat on him. He's the love of my life! But if he keeps doubting me I guess I just won't do it! I'm not going to risk him doubting me in the future....(sight)


I'm sooooo depressed! I keep looking at my old pictures & I wish I can get it back! I am really hoping for this surgery to happen this yr! I hate not being comfortable with my body. ;(

I will post of me before I had my 2
angels & my body now...


I am 5'6 177 lbs

I don't want to be this skinny again tho..

Post op

Assss & curvess

Idk if I have to loose a couple pounds before my procedure????


So I have changed my dr. From Afifi to jimerson in ATL
I'm obsessed with his work!!!!
I'm hoping to get this done by April 2014, meanwhile I'm going to save up. I will probably book my appt next month or two....

Afifi it is

So I am sticking to dr Afifi, the reasons why is because my husband & I think it's better to not travel & also he likes afifis work & I do too but ill be honest I like jimersons better (its just hes not in califirnia)& We both feel like a natural sexy body fits me better so I really hope she can give me a small waist with a natural bubble butt


I'm now 175 & not planning on loosing or gaining more i think this is a good weight for the bbl...

Afifi no more....

Ok so oficially i wil not go with afifi, i Dont want to regret it later. So i guess i will look into hughes..i have to do it here in California and he is probably the best dr here. Ugh this is so frustrating!

Hughes it is!!!=)

So I already sent him pictures and I hope to see him soon!!!! I have lost a couple pounds, I'm currently 171. I'm hoping on getting this procedure done before summer so I can look hot hot hot in my bikinis!!!!! I also would like to get my boobs done i. The future but I was wondering g if you can still breast feed with implants?....

Before pics

I want my body to be sexy not scary! I wanna be a 21 year old milf!

Got my quote

So dr Hughes said he will charge 9,500 & I have my consultation the 7th of January!!!!:0 can't wait to meet him! Soo exited!!!

Consultation went great...

He said he can definitely get 1500 cc in each & he will lipo my sides lower back and stomach!!!!! & lucky me today was last day of promotion so I will pay 8,000 instead of 9,500 yayyyy & I will pay cash. I left a deposit so now I just need to choose when I wan to get it done!! Their is no turning back now woot woot=)


Need help

Even tho I've read soo manny reviews I'm still not sure what I need. I live in the area so I won't be traveling. I need help on where to buy the fajas & what I need!!! Please & thank you:)


Does Hughes provide a garment?


I'm not sure if I should add hips... & do what do you guys think, is 1500 cc to each butt cheek too much? Ugh....

Plastic surgery stimulator



So I'm wondering if Hughes patients also got the massages? & if so where did u get them.


For how long did you ladies take pain meds?

Getting ready!!!!

Soooo exited I'm almost next!!!!

A little weight Loss

So I've lost a couple pounds.... I feel like my results will be even better now!!! Can't wait to get it done!!!!

Pre op tomorrow!!!!

So tomorrow will be my pre op, yayy!!! && I was hoping for next week to get it done but my mom is going to Mexico & have to wait for her to come back so early July it is! Julyyyyyy come fastt cuz I can't stand feeling this way!;( I hateeee my body!

Surgery date: July 14

So I went to my pre op & signed all the paper work, got blood drawn & finally set a date!! I'm sooo exited I hope these 5 weeks go by fast!


I was wondering if I should but a faja now or wait till after I'm out of the one dr gives me??


In 3 weeks I'll be with my boootyyy! OMG time is really going quick! I feel so impatient tho cuz I don't gave most of the things I need all I have is the cup to pee, scale, measuring tape, & nursing pillow...
BTW my measurements are: under bust 35
Waist 36
Hips 41
Thigh & butt 43

Faja Maria E

So my faja came in today & I tryed it on... I CANT BREATHE!! I was soo hard to zip up but it did. My but is fine but since it will be bigger I'm wondering if it will be too tight & kill the fat. Here are some pics, if someone can give me some advise please, don't know if to return or keep for later or if this is what I should keep.. It's a large

Large Maria E faja

Paid in full

So I just paid in full and got my prescriptions yayyyyyy meeeee!!! Lol ahhh I'm so exited!

Wish pictures

Made it!

So today was my sx & thank got everything went well. I will update good tomorrow, I just had a question when do I change my padding, tonight? Or wait till tomorrow?

How do I shower?

My husband told me the nurse said I can't wet my holes that I'm supposed to be wraped like a burrito lol so do I sponge bath or how?


So I showered today and omg I love my results! I know it's going to change but so far I love it! I'm not in so much pain I feel more like sore. My hubby put on my binder & I'm wondering if it's how it's supposed to be. My hubby is being soo good taking care of me & my mom too I feel so blessed I just can't wait to be able to carry my baby I miss him so much! But here are the first pictures comment what u guys think:)


So far so good since day one I get in and out if bed on my own and I haven't been much in pain I'm feel more like sore. I took my measurements today and under bust I'm 34 waist 34 butt 45 1/2 I'm loving my body and can't can't for all the swelling to go and the stiffness to go and be back to normal!

Day 4

Wow today is a good day! I was able to put my garment on by my self, go down stairs and I even put on my underwear on my own too!!! I feel like I'm healing quick and so happy about that. The one thing I'm not happy about is that I haven't been able to poop:( I'm taking laxative and eating papaya,hope I can poop by tonight!

Follow up

Yayyyy I have no fluid!!! They took my garment off and I got into my own faja! Wow I'm so happy I'm healing good and fast. Olga Sid Dr. Hughes took out 5 litters and put 1,080 cc, I wanted 1,500 but he knows best and I absolutely LOVE my body!!!

10 days post op

I'm feeling so good I can do way more things now. I'm lovering my body, I feel like my butt fits my body because it's nice and round not too big but big enough. My husband in in love with my transformation he can't wait to have sex lol but we have to wait 2 more weeks. Also I'm planning on buying a vest or just something for my wait because I'm so paranoid this faja is going to kill my fat...I hope I don't loose volume!!! Weight wise I am 155 now bit I'm sure I'll go down a couple more lbs because I'm still a little swollen. Oh and the pain killers I only take one if I'm standing allot and I start to feel uncomfortable but I don't take them every 4 to 5 hours anymore since like 4 days ago... I think that's it for now I will update more in a couple days

3 weeks tomorrow

Pretty much everything is back to normal. Ican bend down and clean I just take it easy but at the end of the day I feel sooooo tired my feet hurt soooo much from standing all day. I rarely get to rest because I have my 18 month old boy. My mom watched him for 10 days and after that I've had him because I couldnt be away from him any longer. What I wear now is only a waist cincher but I'm thinking if buying a vest faja to wear under. My butt has soften allot and gone down a bit but I truly love it because it goes so good with my body, it looks natural and fit not big and sloppy. I just hate my tummy because I have allot of loose skin because of my pregnancies but plan on being a gym freak when I can work out so my tummy can look better. I have some bumps and I'm wondering if they go away? I massage every night but idk if I'm doing it right. Also I'm wondering if I can wear heels now? Oh and I went shopping a couple days ago and now I loveeeeeee to buy me clothes everything looks sooo cute u lovee it!!! Just can't wait to be able to shed the fajas so the clothes can look better. I will update tomorrow with pix

All of these pics are from today

I decided to wear my binder to sleep tonight because I feel like my stomach is stil swollen and I hateeeeee it. Although my butt is allot lea swollen and I see it smaller, obviously, but I had fallen in love with the size at first. I still love it though because I feel like I look natural. My butt is cute not sloppy and that's great! My hubby loves the size he says it's perfect lol. Also it's allot so get and it giggles a bit haha it measures a 45" my waist a 30.

Before and after pics

Can anyone tell me if I can start using wraps on my tummy and back? Thankx!:)

One month out

So I'm one month already yayy! My but feels almost normal and it's soft and bouncy. The one thing I don't like is it has gone down Allot!! :( soooo sad! I wish dr could've put in more fat, I do like my butt, but I don't love it wich sux! I hope once I start working out I end up
Loveing it. My tummy right now is not as flat because I resently got hives, I got an allergic reaction at the fair from a turkey leg that they fried with peanut oil & I'm allergic to peanuts, so I could've wear my faja. I'm hoping their all gone soon! Anyways tomorrow is my 2nd post op appointment & am curious to what they will say, I have lots of questions.

Missed my 2nd post op

So I changed my po appointment to Monday. Today I was looking at my booty and I noticed it's dropping :) can't wait for the "fluffing" and then the working out ahhh yes yes determined to improve my already improved body. Dr Hughes really did tramsform my body, I sometimes wish it was bigger(like the first days out of surgery) but I do love how I look!!!! Feeling my age now!!:)

6 weeks post op

I'm feeling great! But I'm still swollen from my lower abdomen and heard if you drink and rub aloe it will help the swelling so I will try it and update in 2 weeks if it works or not. The people that have seen me say I look great & I loveeee it;) lol so manny fronds and family members want to do it now including my mother in law lol but she just wants lipo because she already has a HUGE ass! Jealous much! But anyways.. I recently started sleeping on my sides but not the whole night, I'm so paranoid to make my butt flat again lol but I'm sooo tired of laying on my stomach all the time ang laying on the car ugghhh my elbows are so cracked and sore already but oh well.

I massage every day and wear a waist corset size small but I will order another one this week because it doesn't do much anymore I need a smaller size or different brand.. I also want to try the wraps, I did one already but I took it off before I was supposed to so I guess that's why it didn't work, I also am going to buy a healthy people brand gel to tighten my abdomen & trust me
On that one it does work I used it with my first pregnancy and it helped my stomach sooooo much. The thing I wanna know is when did the swelling completely go away for u girls that have months post op.



So I think I haven't mentioned that I didn't have my middle section around my belly button lippoed. The reason is because thought I might have a hernia.. So he didn't risk on getting that fat out. I now notice it but it's not that noticeable wiith clothes on and without the faja. Also, I don't wear my faja all the time anymore. Sometimes when I go out I don't wear it, is that ok?

Ok so just one more week and I'll be 2 months!

So I always forget to mention I Did Not Get Middle Part Of My Belly Lipoed. The reason is because dr said the day if surgery when he talked to me for a bit that I may have a hernia so he didn't want to risk it. Now, I will go to check up tomorrow and I'm going to ask if I do it not and if I don't does that mean he can lippo it now because now it's starting to bug me. At first not so much because I was stiff swollen and all that but now that my stomach is going back to normal it's noticeable I didn't get that lippoed. Also I still have allot if swelling and wondering when does that all go away or if I'm wrong and their lips and won't go away??? Another is that my vajay is still so swollen. I just want all this swelling to go away and I'll be happy happy! My but is great it giggles bonuses and all that! :) I love the shape and size but I'm looking forward to getting it right and tight once u can work out.


The swelling is on my lower abs and vajay only btw


Update almost 2 months PO

Ok so I wil be 2 months post of this 14. First of al let me say this has been one tough journey. Not so much due to pain nexus wi never rely had pain, but more like emotionally. For thinking my booty wasn't big enough then thinking it was perfect and so on. Also not being able to do sertain this was emotionally stressful. Now that I'm am almost 2 months I can do wayyy much more things. I even started sitting 2 days ago, although I put a pilot under my thighs and I only sit on the car. At home I lay on my tummy.

So I finally went to my second PO on Wednesday and wow it was an amazing eye opener and I got al my doubts questions concerns answered! The first thing I was red to know is how will my belly progress and will it look better with exercise. dr said unless I get a tt my belly will still stick out because my muscles and skin is so loose and messed up lol but until I have 2 more babies I will do that, I also asked about my boobies, i do want a breast augmentation in about a year.

Now , I saw my before pics and OMG did dr do an AMAZING job he completely transformed my body and I already knew that but I didn't have pics of myself in all the angles so to see my before body in those angles I was completely shocked how my body is now! I am completely in love with my body and I am determined to keep a healthy lifestyle to keep it up and make my body even better.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hughes transformed my body completely! He is truly the best! I'm in love with the waist and booty he have me. I'm forever thankful! Definitely recommend to anyone who wants a bbl!

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