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Ive been looking into the BBL for a while now....

ive been looking into the BBL for a while now. constantly looking at pictures on here and other sites, googling doctors, asking numerous questions,etc. Now i think i have finally made a descision to go with dr.Afifi in california. 

I was dead set on jimmerson but something is...

i was dead set on jimmerson but something is telling me to put my body in her hands. i called yesterday and spoke with a nice lady who told me wayne handles dr afifis patients so she took down my info and told me he would give me a call. he called me back and sounded very rushed and made me feel rushed! he told me to send photos and they would get back to me. he wasnt exactly rude but he didnt exactly make me feel warm. anywho today i kept checking my email being impatient to see if they had reviewed my email andsent me a quote. no reply yet so i contacted the other office and spoke with tammy! she was sooo sweet and helpful she stayed on the phone as i forwarded her the email and she reviewed the photos while i was on thephone. shes awesome. shequoted me 6500 for 3 areas of lipo and said they would giveme a call back when dr afifi actually reviews them herself. thanksto tammy im feelin good ab going with this doctor she was very imformative

I spoke with dr.afifi herself last week. She also...

I spoke with dr.afifi herself last week. She also reviewed my photos as i was on the phone. I'm 5'6.5 130lbs. So one of my questions were if I should gain weight. She told me her honest opinion which was gaining weight just for the surgery isn't her recommendation but she isn't dead set against it either. So I'm not actually going to try to gain weight but I'm gonna try not to lose any either. I carry all my weight in my stomach and bra rolls and I'm not going for a huge butt because I kno I'm too small and it's also not what I want. I'd just like my hips and burt to b fuller. And have feminine curves. She said she could lipo my inner thighs as well so I can have more fat. I'm not positive because I haven't spoke back to tammy but I believe that would be an additional 500 taking the quote of 6500 to 7000 I'm still debating on doing it but I think i will. I'd like to transfer as much fat as possible and i wouldn't want to regret not getting it done over 500 dollars (just my opinion). Dr.afifi sounded very friendly and honest. I felt as if she gave me honest answers and was looking out for my best interest

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Spoke with tammy again yesterday and today. im...

spoke with tammy again yesterday and today. im booked for pre-op wed janurary 2nd and surgery date friday the yes they can put a rush on your bloodwork etc.! post op dates are the 5th which is the saturday right after surgery and wednesday the 9th. not sure of times and everything yet. i have to call her back when i make a decision on flights. as of right now im still unsure if im going to get the inner thighs. my mind is pretty set on yes. now its just making sure my funds will be right. also it is verified that it is 500 ea. addtl area. so 6500 for 3 areas and 7000 for 4 areas which mine would include (bra rolls,love handles,stomach,and inner thighs)

My flight and hotel are booked. ordered my garment...

my flight and hotel are booked. ordered my garment today. surgery is only 2 weeks away. tammy has been wonderful. since i am traveling alone and its last minute she said she could possibly look after me for the first 24 hrs. i would be paying her of course but alot less than i would be paying an actual caregiver.if you are traveling alone you are required to have someone with you the first 24 hours and someone to drive you to and from the hospital.also im sticking wit the 4 areas of lipo for 7000.

After following redbonz journey on here now i am...

after following redbonz journey on here now i am nervous about going to afifi. i kno everyone is diff and its still early for her but an automatic red flag for me is the no fat transfer to hips...that is my main focus point with this surgery. i emailed tammy with some of my concerns. ill also be calling tm. my surgery is right around the corner and this is very important info to me.

Made it out of surgery. I have alot to fill...

Made it out of surgery. I have alot to fill everyone in with. But I don't have the strength or energy right now to do so. I will probably update in a week or l so with details

Ill keep updating the rating for afifi as I...

Ill keep updating the rating for afifi as I recover. So far I can't really tell my results as my garment is too big in the mid section :/ I ordered a small and should have gotten a xs. I am going to try n get out today to hunt down a waist cincher. I've spent too much money for my tummy to not be flat because of my garment. ESP cuz I'm already skinny! Healing is going ok. I kno I skipped over alotta details but I'm updating from my cell right now and need my laptop to really be able to fill u guys in. Short n sweet update: pain level 6 when meds are wearing off 7! Peeing sucksss! Anesthia had me throwin up like crazy. Sore&stiff&Bruising. No appetite. Face is raw from itchy skin and scratching. Not oozing very much. Not depressed...YET lol just bored & hoping I can get a waist cincher today. If afifis assistant jwauna can't take me ill take a taxi! The store is 2.2 miles away so roughly 8 mins. I think the pain will be suppressed if I get it cuz right now the garments not tight on my belly AT ALL. And I think it will help me get a better idea of my shape and better results.
Bare with me for all the other deets I've skipped!

Sore and itchyyyyyy.urgh

Sore and itchyyyyyy.urgh

Feeling antsy. Tm is my 1st post op date. I'm...

Feeling antsy. Tm is my 1st post op date. I'm nervous to see what's underneath. The more I look at it I can tell my butt goes out alot further now which yes I do like. But I REALLLY wanted an hourglass shape from the front (which i dont see) It's still early on swelling,etc. so now it's just patience! Ill take pics tm at the post op btw.

At my check up yesterday she took out my gauz n...

At my check up yesterday she took out my gauz n pads. Now when I looked at my body today I have lines from my garment all over! I'm so nervous that these will be permanent...has this happened to anyone else??? I haven't been wearing the waist cincher I purchased because I didn't want this to happen! I see alot of docs leave foam or somethin underneath their patients garments... I think I shud have that as well! Ill be calling the office as soon as they are open to see what she can do because I refuse to have the ugly lines..permanently:(!
Ugh I don't want this to stress me out but that's NOT CUTE.

Back home. Flight was awful so uncomfortable.! I...

Back home. Flight was awful so uncomfortable.! I hated it. My post I visit was not impressing before I left. Kinda felt like I was just there for her portfolio...she was late which almost made me miss my flight. But ok I let that go things happen they were very busy! But to just get me in there to snap pics is what I wasn't happy ab. She didn't ask me any questions or inform me ab anything other than Dnt take aspirin or somethin. Idk. I rushed in my 1 question of how long her recommending me to stay off it. She said 2 weeks as I'm basically bein rushed out the door n told to call her in a month a a Wednesday...I had alot of questions and wanted answers and did not feel as if after payin her 7000 dollars and putting my life in her hands I got the time I shud have! All in all she was NEVER actually rude. Just flustered and in a hurry. She still smiled and was pleasant she was just running so behind and my post op consist of just snappin pics... Anywho so far I'm still likin my new body. There's a couple of uneven spots that I've noticed regarding my hip shape. One side if more rounded out than the other and fuller. but I'm hoping they will even out with time! I'm not going to get too worked up ab it just yet. To me YES it is obvious. To someone else maybe not so much. But everyone wants symmetry so it is a concern for me. Other than that everything looks great! Love my tummy :)

I'm now 12 days po almost 2 weeks!! I'm walking...

I'm now 12 days po almost 2 weeks!! I'm walking alot better. The only thing that bothers me are my inner thighs. Those bad boys are no joke. They are still sore and a little painful. Nothing else really hurts. My knees were REALLY swollen but are going down. I personally suggest that if you are going to get your inner thighs lipod to get a garment that goes well below the knee! Where mine stopped didn't help the swelling of the knees if anything it made it worse. My butt hasn't changed TOO much in size so I'm hoping there's not very much swelling left to go down. Ill upload pics in a couple days at my 2 weeks mark. I'm curious to kno tho how long did u guys start working out after. And what type of exercises to maintain & help the booty, but not lose it..

Hello RS! Update. I'm now almost 8 weeks p.o. So...

Hello RS! Update. I'm now almost 8 weeks p.o. So far I feel healed except for my darn inner thighs! These things are still hard n sore! My hip area is still uneven. At this point im sure it will stay this way:/ overall I'm better than I looked before but I lost a lot of hip volume. And the unevenness is very noticeable in clothing and it bothers me. Afifi did attempt to contact me a week or So ago for a. Checkup but I was busy. When I give her a call back I will mention it and let u kno how it goes!

Not worth it. Butt implants

Couldn't see where I update my procedure so I'll just do it as the title. My reason for my decision isn't a whole lot against her. It's just this surgery isn't for slim ppl In the end it's not worth it. The only thing on her part I don't like is the uneven ness!! One side is very noticeably bigger (it doesn't go away) I'm well over 3 months so don't feed into that it goes away crap. And also the lipo of my thighs are uneven. One side is bigger than the other. Also the thigh that is bigger is still a bit numb!! Still healing. But my lipo I feel wasn't aggressive enough I had very bad fat on my upper back from where she didn't lipo compared to the rest. But overall it did improve my shape a bit...but not 7000 dollars worth.. Or surgery n travel at that. Now I'm looking at butt implants in colombia. If anyone has any info to give (POSITIVE and doctors only) please let me know. I don't need to hear the dangers of travel blah blah blah. I kno the risks just as there are risks here in America. So don't waste your time with those comments :). anywho. I hear the butt implants there are really soft! I've contacted dr Carlos triana so far no quote. They called me once n I kissed the call but tell me some docs guys!
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Just not worth it for the slim chicks.

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