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Just like everyone on this site, I've always...

Just like everyone on this site, I've always wished for a different nose. I have the typical bulbous Asian nose and have always been taunted and teased growing up. With the mean people, it was called a "pug nose". With the nicer people, it was a cute "Asian button nose".
When I was 18, my mom offered to pay for my nose job. I turned it down bc I had seen too many scary nose jobs (Michael Jackson) and thought I could live with my nose.
Fast forward 22 years and mini mid-life crisis, I'm ready to take a chance with surgery. I've just had a ba and feel so happy with it. I originally couldn't handle scars and imperfections, but as I age, I'm more accepting of these things that come with surgeries.
I think I'm in a better place to accept the outcome. I have obsessed over my nose for about a year now and I think I can accept that my nostrils will not be perfect after the surgery. I'm done my research and I'm trusting my ps.
I decided to go with Dr. Peter Newen and it's been kinda crazy. I haven't seen what my new nose looks like yet. My husband and 8-yo daughter want to know when the big reveal is. It's been 3 days post operation. I'm not a pretty sight and I haven't left the house. After the second day, I felt fine, I just don't know how to clean the blood that crusted. I think my ps did such s great job with stitching that I don't know where the stitchings are. I don't want to take a chance to clean around the nostrils and irritate the sutures. Honestly, I'm tempted bc it doesn't look like I have stitches anywhere around my nostrils.
Either way, I don't want to chance irritating anything.
I hope when the time comes to remove the casing, my ps gave me the perfect nose or as close as possible.

Post Surgery Pictures

This is how I looked the day of after my surgery.

5 days Post op

This is after the ps removed the cast. I went home and tried to scrub off that surgical marker. What a pain in the ass. It refused to come off. These were the results I really liked.

The Indentation/Groove :(

Here are some pictures of the groove/indentation that's making my nose not perfect. Also, the swelling went down a lot and my nose has kinda gone back to being bulbous and what it used to look like. Despite all this, it's still an improvement :/

Some before pictures

Here are some before pictures. I know that the change is subtle, but definitely an improvement.
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