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I decided I would document my journey on realself,...

I decided I would document my journey on realself, because honestly, I checked it everyday before surgery to see reviews, photos, and testimonies. I will be having rhinoplasty, turbinoplasty, septoplasty, and a chin implant in Newport Beach, tomorrow! I am a 25 yo, AA, female looking to reduce the wideness of my nose, and improve my tip, as well as enhance my chin projection. I will post a few before pictures, and update my progress as much as possible! My surgery is tomorrow morning with Dr. Sajjadian of Newport Beach, at the South Coast Specialty Surgical Center.

A little about me; I've always hated my nose, I knew it was two wide, and I have always been self concious about it when taking pictures especially. Most of my pictures are at an angle to avoid looking at the camera straight on, easiest way to camouflage my nose. Everyone in my family has a big nose, but for me, I couldn't deal with it. I wasn't ever bullied but I did get made fun of by mostly family and friends about my nose. I recently decided to have surgery, mainly because I was in a pretty good financial position to pay for it in cash, and because I am 25, on a pursuit to happiness, and this is just one step closer to getting me there I hope!

I am very confident in the way I look, I just had a flaw that I wanted to fix. Everyone has been trying to tell me that I don't need it, but I am very confident that this is the right time, and the right doctor to make me AMAZINGLY happy and beautiful!

Wish me luck, and I will be posting more soon :)

Surgery day & recovery

So I went into surgery this morning at 7:30. Only thing I really remember is the IV hurting, but other than that I didn't feel a thing. Nurse, assistant, anesthesiologist, and surgeon where in the room. It was about a 5 hour surgery. Everything went well, so far so good! I do need the pain pills, I take one every 3-4 hours, I'm a punk! Lol. I haven't had any appetite so I've been just drinking fluids, and taking my meds. I'm not bleeding all that much, everything is pretty much AOK!

3 days POST Op!

So i decided to pull myself together, get outta bed, take some pain meds, brush my teeth and do my hair! That made me feel alot better. I haven't really needed the meds today for pain, so I was holding off.. but when I woke up I felt a little pain, mostly because the entire left side of my chin and lip is numb. I HATE IT!!!! It's the most uncomfortable thing ever. Besides the numbness I'm doing pretty well. No major swelling, or bruising, **knock on wood**, just a bit puffy under my eyes, and eyelids. Nothing too serious or noticeable though. I've been trying to stay elevated when I sleep, so I think that is helping with the swelling a lot. I am going to try and walk around every 30-45 minutes, hopefully that'll help with the numbness, not too sure though? I've iced it, massaged it, and walked, any other suggestions? I've been taking my steroids and antibiotic regularly, and am trying to be consistent with the arnica pills as well.. So much stuff to take I kind of get tired of it though. Overall, day two and three haven't been that bad. Now that I have pulled myself together, I feel better, and am feeling decent enough to snap some pictures!

3 Day post op pic

Sorry didn't take too many, this was today and yesterday's photos, day 2 and 3!


I've been pretty bored, so I decided to update. I haven't tried to look or critic anything at this point, i'm still bandaged and swollen for sure. Hardest part of the process is breathing out of my mouth, as I mentioned BUT I read a review about gargling your mouth with oil before bed.. so last night i gargled a few seconds with coconut oil, to coat my mouth... don't know how much of a difference it really made, but I did it again tonight lol. Face is still numb, and still extremely annoying, but other than that still doing great! Just waiting for Friday morning for my post op appointment!!!!! Pictures will follow :)

Photos & Question??

also, still coughing up blood, is that normal from anyone's experience? It's not much, but its there!

Packing Removed Tomorrow!!!!

I'm soooOOooo excited about my post op tomorrow. The annoyance and discomfort of this packing in my nose will not be missed! I'm so scared though, can someone tell me how badly it hurts? I have so much nasty inside of my nose.. And stitches I'm horrified. I even you tubes some examples and it made it worse haha. PLEASE share your experience with this! ALSO I posted a question earlier today regarding the numbing. It gets super tight and stiff. Is that normal? Does that mean nerve function is returning or is it getting worse? Let me know, and stay tuned for pictures tomorrow. I'm excited to get cute for you guys :)

Cast Off today! First Post Op done

So I got my cast and packing out this morning! Thank God, amen hallelujah !!!!!! Life is 100% better when your packing is out and you can breath. So much nasty in there though, he cleaned it out a little, and then I came home and did some extreme cleaning.. Gross!

Well, my nose is pretty stiff, but it feels fine. It's taped now. So no great pictures yet, but before he tapped it he let me look. WOW!! Such a difference. It's honestly an amazing perfect nose. It's narrow and defined at the bridge, the tip is cute and defined, and the profile is awesome! Now here's the BUT, the nose is perfect, but I'm not used to it on my face. So I'm nervous. It's still swollen but I'm hoping it starts to mold to my face better once that goes down. I also just have to get used to it on my face I guess. Overall, I like it, just will take some getting used to.

Exactly 1 Month Post Op

Hi everyone, I refrained from updating until I had some news for you all... but today has officially been 4 weeks post op! So I will start off by saying I am IN LOVE with my results this far. I am pretty much 80% healed, although there is of course still swelling. My scars are healing pretty flawlessly on my nose, but my chin scar is still pretty bad. Not too worried about it though since it is hidden and I can cover it up with make up. I am still using my scar cream (Mederma), and using the nasal spray and anti bacteria cream for inside of my nose as well. I taped my nose all day for a week, and two days, and for the remainder of the time (3 weeks or so) I only need to tape at night. First two weeks, I tape as usual, last two weeks I just need to tape the bridge at night! Everything else is pretty much back to normal. So, let's see... I'm going to throw everything into this post, and then come back with another update in the next two or three months, not sure, with another update! So feel free to ask questions or leave messages in the meantime.

The look of my nose is amazing to me, I love that my nostrils were taken in, making it look smaller overall, and noticeable even though the bridge is still swollen. Healing is doing well, and no pain for the most part, however I do sometimes have random aches, or a sharp shocking pain for a few seconds. Not a big deal though I am just assuming everything is still trying to settle. My chin is not noticeable to anyone but me, which I am 100% okay with! I love the way the chin projection makes me look overall, so I am 100% happy with that as well. I am however still numb on the left side of my chin and bottom lip. I have been taking B12 and Folate pills twice daily, my surgeon recommended both of those for nerve regrowth and improved function, but still no luck. At this point the numbness is livable, I am just hoping it won't be permanente. Sidenote** I went to Halloween Horror Nights, an amusement park, got scared and ran into my friend chin first last night. So right now there is some sharp pain, but I will be calling my doctor on Monday to talk to him about that. Other than my mistake my chin is doing well, and my nose is looking great!

Overall, I am satisfied with my appearance so far. Some days I will wake up, and not LOVE the nose, but once the day progresses the swelling subsides and it starts to take shape, so that helps! It's honestly a process, and I know that. I have remained positive about the changes, and for now I am extremely pleased. I know a year from now I will be perfect! Your nose will constantly be changing, because swelling is at play, so don't be too critical on yourself. Give it time! After the first few weeks I started seeing my friends, and honestly most of them haven't mentioned it, so I am assuming they can't tell. A lot of people have been telling me how good I look, and some say I look different, but can't really tell why, some even say I look like I lost weight in my face. Hahaha, so Dr. S, did a great job with keeping it natural, and making it still fit my face. My smile isn't quite the same, but my nose is still a little stiff, and my lip is still numb, so I am going to hopefully assume that once those tw othings are gone my smile will be perfect! I will be posting pictures on the next post from my phone, so stay tuned!

Follow Up/Doctor Rating:
I have seen the doctor 2 times since surgery, once for my cast removal, and once for a follow up that following week and a half. I do not have another appointment until the end of the month. My doctor is very pleased about the results as well. He was way more excited than I was when I first saw it hahaha, but I love that! He was very happy for me. I haven't had a chance to reach out the the coordinator, but I will be also giving her a call to thank her and follow up! Overall, I am 100% satisfied with the doctor, there are only two things I would mention. First, after surgery he didn't follow up, not a huge deal, BUT in some reviews of other doctors I was considering patients would say the doctor called them personally to check on them, and see how they were doing. Not a huge deal like I said, but it would have been nice! Second, appointment wait times. I am usually waiting 45 minutes to an hour, for him to see me! That is extremely annoying. Luckily, I haven't had anything planned after, but if I did I would be pissed. Those are honestly the only negative things I can say about Dr. S. Everything else has been great, honestly.

I don't really have anything else right now, so feel free to leave comments :)


These are pictures from week 3 and 4!


Most of the swelling is in this area.
Here is a video of swelling from week 3.

Much needed and requested update!

Hi guys,

So sorry I haven't updated in months. I got a new job and I've been crazy busy and tired! Thanks for all of the positive feedback and comments, I will try my best to reply to everyone's comments and messages! I will also be posting photos in the next few days! I just downloaded the RealSelf app so updating should be much easier!

But anyway, it's been 5 1/2 months since my surgery. Everything is still healing and adjusting but I'm feeling and looking good.

My chin still has little sensation on the left side. The numbness has gotten a lot better, but it has not fully come back. And because of the numbness I've had severe acne on my chin. I haven't gone to a dermatologist so I can't 100% say it's from the implant, or it could possibly be from the bandaging I had on it and the lack of cleaning when I was taped and all those germs, so I'm not sure! But in January I started Proactive and it's a million times better!!! So that's all good, not sure of the cause but it's doing a lot better. My chin is still super sensitive. I can't lay on it, and I accidentally got hit in my chin the other day and it hurt so bad! I don't know if the sensitivity will ever go away or if it's permanent but I'll be sure to ask Dr. S!

My nose is doing well. I'm at the stage where in pictures my nose looks pretty big/swollen. In person or in the mirror it isn't bad, but for some reason the camera hates it! Lol. I still have some scaring on the outside but it's looking better everyday. Scarring inside is still pretty bad, but can't see it so I'm not tripping . The swelling goes up and down depending on how hot my shower is, or what time it is. I no longer tape my nose, and I do no massaging. I'm afraid I might damage it lol. Other than that everything is pretty good. I'm almost 6 months in.. So we're in the final stretch!

I will do my best to keep you all updated. Thanks again :)

Updated photos ranging for 6-8 months

I'll try my best to reply to comments and messages but here are a few pictures for you guys! Hope all is well.
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

I went to my FREE consultation with my aunt. I capitalized "free" because I had also gone to a few consultations that charged me $250-$350 in Beverly Hills. I did research on doctor's that specialized in "ethnic rhinoplasty" and Dr. S was top rated doctor in OC. So I booked my consultation. I'll be honest and say, I was happy it was free, and local to me. But after meeting the Dr. I felt comfortable, and felt that he understood exactly what look I wanted to achieve! My aunt also loved him, she kinda talked his ear off, and he patiently listened to her, haha. His staff is also cool, Maricla is so sweet, and cute, and apparently is also a patient of Dr. S! Also, when I went to my consultation, I saw another female patient come into the office post Op, which was pretty cool. That to me meant that this is something he does on a regular basis, and I really liked that, perfect timing I guess!

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