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So I guess I did my earlier posts wrong... Can't...

So I guess I did my earlier posts wrong... Can't seem to find them. However, I am now 2 1/2 weeks post-op for a TT and lipo of flanks. I had been considering this for over 3 years, finally got so fed up with my look and found a few weeks between work and kid's schedules to make it work and scheduled it. I posted a few panic attacks on the site with questions and used this site for TONS of info.

I'm 5'4 and about 115 lbs. I had 2 big babies via c-section and have never been able to get my stomach flat again. I eat very well and workout... I went on a stupid diet last year and dropped down to about 100lbs ... Except my stomach still stuck out. At that point I knew it wasn't just a matter of losing weight since I looked like a skeleton!

Anyway, I had my surgery on 8/30. I panicked the whole way into it, including while getting wheeled in to the OR. I was scared of the pain, frankenstein scars, and general fear I had made a wrong decision. However, since the surgery NONE of the recovery was as bad as I was expecting. There was certainly some pain and swelling but nothing terrible (hoping not to jinx myself!). My doctor has been great, he's open and honest, easy to talk to and never makes me feel rushed, answers the millions of questions I have and best of all is a meticulous surgeon. I'll try and post a few pictures soon and give more updates.

I am 3 1/2 weeks after TT and lipo and everything...

I am 3 1/2 weeks after TT and lipo and everything is going well. I still can't stand up completely straight, my stomach is so tight! I returned to work last week and I am finding that I still tire easily (work in an office at desk/ in meetings all day), I've blocked my calendar to leave early still every day. I have no stamina by about 2pm and i'm really stiff after sitting so long.

I'm also most sore when I wake up in the morning. I haven't slept that well since I stopped the Vicodin and sleeping pills, my hips and upper legs / thighs just ache terribly during the night, I'm not sure why, other than maybe I'm not moving much at night and they are sore from being in the same position all night. I'm a stomach sleeper and that's making sleeping harder because I can't get comfy if I'm not laying on my stomach.

I'm numb from my belly button to down just under my scar which is no surprise, it's just a weird feeling that I will be happy when it's gone. In the last few days the area right around my scar has turned colors and now looks a little bruised, I'm not sure why that took so long but maybe because I don't bruise easily... I had bruises on my back from the lipo right after surgery but they went away quickly. I'm anxious to start exercising again, I feel like my thighs and butt are starting to get bigger!!! I had bought a bunch of different binders and have found the following to be best; Maidenform flexees easy up/down from kohls (so easy to go to the bathroom!), Marena post-op girdle (has snaps in crotch so going to bathroom is easier) and Assets from target (spanx type binder girdle that goes up to your rib age).

I'm supposed to return the electric recliner this week... Boy am I going to miss it! Maybe that's why I keep forgetting to call the rental company for pick-up!! I stopped sleeping in it after two weeks but still use it for reading and naps.

I will try and post pics soon. I haven't taken many but I have a few "befores" and I'll take some "afters". The first week after surgery was such a blur that I didn't post anything and can't really remember too much!!

Here's my post that I put in wrong place on site,...

Here's my post that I put in wrong place on site, this was 5 days after surgery......


Hi everyone, I'm 5 days post op for TT and lipo of my flanks. As I've mentioned in other posts, Ive been worried this was a bad decision, don't need to do it, etc. but I'm already feeling good about this. I qwas very nervous in pre-op and probably would have walked out if I hadn't already paid!!! The surgery went well, it started around 11:30am. I don't remember a thing after getting into the OR and talking to one of the nurses. I ended up paying to stay at an aftercare facility and I'm so glad I did! It took a lot of stress off my husband and I was glad my little kids didn't see me that first night and to let someone who knew what they were doing take care of me. I woke up around 6am the next day ....( The is the first that I remember anything-I'm a lightweight with anesthesia!!) with some pain but nothing major and it went away when I took my meds.  I've been diligent about taking my meds to stay in front of the pain so I'm feeling pretty good. The worst things for me are the back pain from being bent over and the drains are really annoying. I'm hoping the drains come out in the next few days. Every day I am standing a little taller and hopefully my back will start to feel better. I haven't peeked much at my scars because I don't want to get grossed out but they don't seem so bad, I had visions of looking like frankenstein! I'm very anxious to take a shower, my doctor doesn't want me to take one until the drains come out, so I've gotten creative with washing my hair in the sink and using lots of baby wipes to freshen up. I like the support the binder is giving me but I wear a tank top under it because it's itchy which then makes me hot. Overall, I'm doing pretty well and have my fingers crossed that the next week continues to go smoothly. Good luck to all of you - so far recovery is not nearly as bad as I had anticipated!!!

Tomorrow will be 4 weeks post-op. I noticed a big...

Tomorrow will be 4 weeks post-op. I noticed a big milestone tonight, I can stand totally straight again, yeah!!!! And I went on my first walk around the neighborhood last night and it went well, not nearly as difficult to get around anymore. I'm finding I'm still tired at the end of the work day and I'm a bit stiff and sore if I've been sitting at my desk all day but I don't think it's noticeable anymore. :-)

My one disappointment was having to say goodbye today to the electric recliner I rented!! LOL, I loved that thing and it was totally worth the money. Even though it didn't match my furniture and was bulky, I fell in love with it... Sigh.
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

I really struggled finding a doctor... although since I live in Orange County CA and there are a lot of plastic surgeons (!!) I think my struggle was more of moving forward with a decision. I went on a few consults and found a doctor who I felt the best connection with and who I had a personal recommendation for. He ended up being less expensive than the others, but the others felt like marketing machines out to get on the next episode of Real Wives of Orange County and they were charging more because of their location.

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