47 Y/o, TT/ MR/Lipo ; 2 Grown Kids, Getting Remarried ! Orange, CA

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I've been wanting this for at least 25 years and...

I've been wanting this for at least 25 years and never had the courage, time or funds as a single mom. Now it's finally my turn at to do something for myself! I'm going in on Monday and I'm getting nervous now that the time has come! This site has been a Godsend, I've read the good, bad and ugly! Wish me luck!!

1 more night to go!

Ok ladies it's the night before my surgery and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I'm trying to convince myself that what I'm doing is justified and I'm going to be fine. I've never had surgery and I don't know what to expect and it scares me because I'm a total control freak. My fiancé and kids are being supportive and I find myself irritable and short. I feel as if I'm having chest pains so I keep taking deep breathes to calm down. My mom was planning on being here to help me out, however she had to leave to see her brother who is on his deathbed - so I'm feeling really emotional. If anyone could give me some words of wisdom and a little pick me up it would be greatly appreciated ????????????

Made it to the flat side!

I made it! Everything went well, I'm sore and got a little nauseous but other than that I'm doing fault well. I walked a couple of laps on the hotel floor, ate dinner then had some frozen yogurt. My nurse Tiffany is thing that taking the 2 Percocet is to strong for me that's why it upsets my tummy. So I take a song ran with it.

Difficulties that I had earlier was climbing into bed, this bed is made for Giants! So it's challenging but doable. I feel better this time, had to pre again thought I would attempt myself but it didn't work so I called Tiffany to help me out. I went to the bathroom by myself - it's hard to have to depend on someone but I have to! I'm very bruised but that is understandable since I bruise anyway. Have some gas which I passed just now and it was great! lol . Haven't taken the miralax or mins yet, will do that today - I didn't want to chance it being in this high bed! So I'll do it when u get home. I will post pics in a little bit, so far I like what I see! Dr did lipo, muscle repair on my lower abs and a couple of stitches up high. The major work wasn't lower abs which were shot!

Thank you and wishing everyone a safe, happy and healthy recovering!

1 day post op

Ok here are the pics from this morning - 1 day post op

Before and after 1 day p o

Day 2 PO

Ok so I went to get checked today and everything going smoothly. Changed my dressing and I got to see my new belly button - I did get a small vertical incision but I can live with it. Go back again on Tuesday to see Dr, the nurse changed my bandages. I took s shower last night, didn't get my front drenched just used a wash cloth and handheld. After the Drs I had to go to the dentist office, one of my veneers fell off after surgery either during intubation or when my teeth were chattering. Haven't popped yet, just gassy and swollen today. But it's tolerable - had 1 Percocet and 3 ibuprofen at 730 this morning and will take another when I get home. I do have to admit I am tired! Happy healing girls!!!

Awe the simple things in life!

We after I went to Drs and dentist I was exhausted came home took another shot of MOM and passed out just woke up and pow... I finally pooped! It felt fantastic! The simple things in life. Make sure you hydrate!!!

3 Day PO

Feel good today, took a shower by myself but I'm tired from it, couldn't wait to get binder back on! I'm swollen today it's uncomfortable but not unbearable. Still gassy and have tightness at my sternum area, but other than that nothing to dramatic! I'll try and take some pics in a bit! Happy Healing Ladies!

Post Op 4!

It's getting better! Still not completely upright but working on it! Showered by myself again, took your advise and used a stool. Mother Nature decided to come 6 days early, so I have to contend with that! I got to experience swell hell yesterday, I took my binder off so I could breathe while I was laying down and massaged my stomach with a menthol rub that seems to help, did some breathing exercises then put the binder back on oh and I pooped again! All in all everyday gets better! I did have to make a note to self this morning - I was going to get out of bed and forgot that I can't stretch, out I sprung back! I use the hearing bad on my back when I sit and I ice my tummy, I'm also rubbing lotion on my tummy to ease any tightness, I don't know if it does anything, but it feels good to me!

Happy Healing Girls!

1 week today

Well it's one week today that I had surgery - gets better everyday. I'm still swollen and bruised but I think it's much better than before. I go to dr tomorrow for a check up and I think to get stitches out. I tried to work today and it was a little exhausting so I'm going to to a nap!
Hope all are doing well! Happy Healing!

8 Days Post Op

Had my Drs appt today thought I was going to get my stitches but I'll have to wait until Friday. I had a small piece of skin that was raw from my binder rubbing, so to be safe we're going to wait until Friday. All in all a great day. Got out of bed, made breakfast for my fiancé, made the bed, fed the dogs, did the laundry, showered, then got winded. I'm walking fairly straight but just need to relax! I'm not used to relaxing! Happy Healing Girls! Here are some pics from the Drs!

Post Op 11

So I got my stitches out yesterday and Dr says everything looks good. I have a little fluid build up(no drains) so he wants to see me back next Friday. I feel good, he just wants me to slow down and recoup! I'm trying!! So far this has been a great experience and I've really enjoyed reading and chatting with you gals! Here are a few pics from yesterday - my daughter took them so they are close up! The black line isn't my scar it's the top of my panties! My sister in law thought I was split open!

4 weeks today

I can't believe it's been 4 weeks that I had my surgery, it's gone by fast! For the most part I've felt really good however last week I developed a rash that I thought was from the bio oil I put on my upper abs, so the dr treated me for an allergic reaction. I finished the steroids yesterday and it didn't go away so I was back at the Drs today and he decided that I had an infection even though I'm not oozing/ I have a couple of sutures that are coming up so I have to go back tomorrow. I'm hoping the itching will settle down and I can get back to normal. I'm standing fairly straight however by the end of the day I get s little hunched. These pics were from this morning I'm still swollen but so far I'm happy with the look. I just can't wait to get back to working out!! Happy Healjng Everyone!

6 Weeks today!

It's been six weeks today and I feel great! The rash that I had ended after 10 days, honestly that was the worst part about this procedure. I'm still a little swollen but it's coming down everyday. I saw the ps last Thursday for my checkup and wants to see me back in a month. He took out a couple of sutures that started poking thru my incision. I'm wearing my spanx during the day which I wear a thong under just to add a little protection to the incision area. I found that if I just wear the spanx it kind of pulls at my skin. I also still wear my binder at night or whenever I feel a little uneven. I haven't really experienced the swell hell other than the 3 day p.o., I do however get some swelling at night after moving around but it's not excruciating or intolerable.

Here are some pics from this morning, you can see that I'm swollen but anything beats the stretched out belly I had before!

He gave me the ok to start exercising...No lifting or abdominal workouts but at least I can do arms and get back to dancing!

I started the scaraway strips on Friday and have already noticed a difference. I use the same strips for a week and then change them. I wash them after every use. You can find them at CVS or Wallgreens, I got mine on Amazon, the box is a 2 month supply and I paid $19.00

Happy Healing Everyone!

6 week photos

7 Weeks Post Op

I can't believe it's been 7 weeks! I started back at Zumba last week and it felt great to get out and dance! About half way thru the class I got a small contraction and I decided to slow down. I've been walking and moving around haven't had any problems so far. Going to start back on weights but not too heavy!

I've been using the scar guard for about 10 days now and I can see a difference. I'm still a little swollen above my incision and my mons area, I know it takes time so I'm trying to be patient!

I hope everyone is doing well! Happy Healing!!

8 weeks

Nothing much has changed this week. I did Zumba twice and went on a 4 mile home with my daughter.

Feeling good, still have some swelling by my incision but it's going down day by day.

Hope all is well, happy healing!

9 weeks!

Made it to 9 weeks! It's gone by so fast, I can't believe it! Nothing much has changed, I'm still using the Scar Away and I think it really works! I'm very pleased with my scar line. The center area is still a little dark and is more firm, but it will eventually go down or lighten. The swelling just above my incision is going down everyday, I just have to keep telling myself to be patient. Anything is better than before! I'm go to the ps this Friday for a checkup. I'll let you know what he says.

Happy Healing Everyone!

14 Weeks Today!

Hello Ladies! Allstar well here, nothing major to report. I'm doing well, hiking a few days a week and back to Zumba. Need to work out more, I put on a few lbs., but I've been crazy with work! Everything is back to normal, I'm a little numb around my incision but other than that, I'm ok. I hope everyone is doing well. Happy Healing!!

20 weeks PO

I haven't posted anything in awhile - nothing has really changed - I'm down 5-1/2 lbs which is great! I still have to lose another 4 lbs to get to where I was right after surgery - had some blood work done and found out I need to adjust my thyroid meds - it's lie again! That's why I've been so tired! Hope everyone is doing well! Happy Healing!

27 weeks

So my love and I went to Cancun this past week and it was beautiful! I haven't posted in awhile, but I've been viewing the site. I haven't gone to my ps for my checkup, I've been too busy! I'm hoping to get in soon. So far I love my results, I think I might need a revision but I'm not sure.

I hope all are doing well. Happy Healing!

27 weeks

So my love and I went to Cancun this past week and it was beautiful! I haven't posted in awhile, but I've been viewing the site. I haven't gone to my ps for my checkup, I've been too busy! I'm hoping to get in soon. So far I love my results, I think I might need a revision but I'm not sure.

I hope all are doing well. Happy Healing!

8 months Post Op

I can't believe it's been 8 months since the surgery. I've felt great, trying get my work outs in - it's been tough with work - but I'm focusing on me! My wedding is on November 26th, so I have to get cracking! Hope everyone is doing well! Happy Healing my RS friends!

Got married on 11/26/16-

I didn't post anything recently, but I got married on 11/26 - I didn't have my revision before, since Dr wanted me to wait until after the wedding.

I had my revision today. PS ended up doing lipo above my incision especially below my belly button since I had a pooch. He made a 12"!vertical incision and removed my vertical scar and some excess skin. He did it under local anesthesia and it took about an hour. No pain meds and I feel good so far. He said I might be a little sore tomorrow, but I can drive since I don't have any strong meds. I get my stitches out next Friday and I should be good to go! I'll post pics tomorrow. But in the meantime here are some of my wedding! My nephew was our ring bearer!

Revision -12/8/16

Revision- lipo below belly button and 12" incision to remove excess skin and vertical scar from tt - it was done under local anesthesia and took about an hour - procedure was covered other than $300 that I paid for supplies

Revision - stitches out today

Had my revision 8 days ago, removed the stitches today. He did lipo and made a 12" incision. I'll start silicone strips again. My vertical scar is smaller, wasn't completely removed, but I'm happy with it. Happy Healing!

4 weeks PO revision

Nothing much to update other than I ate too much during the holidays! The weight crept up! So back to eating clean have dropped 4 lbs this week - getting back into the swing of things! Got a UTI last week, don't even know when the last time I had one of those, so I'm on antibiotics with cranberry pills too! Feeling so much better, it came on last Friday, so our New Years was quiet! Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years!
Happy Healing!

1 year PO 1:18/16-1/18/17

Can't believe it's been 1 year since my tt, and it's been 6 weeks for my revision. I am so happy I did this for myself - it's been a great experience and I love my results.

I've picked up some weight which I'm not happy with even though I'm working out- need to have my thyroid panel checked again - the scales up but my tummy is flat!

This site has been wonderful and it's been great reading about everyone's journeys and receiving all the support!

Happy healing everyone and can't wait to see how everyone is doing.

1 year PO

1/23/18 - 2 year update (1/18/16)

It’s been a great two years! I’m pleased with my results but not so much with my weight, which has been fluctuating. Still dealing with my thyroid issues. My scars are fading, which I know can take one time, honestly I not even notice them. I don’t know if some of you ladies still feel like your dreaming, sometimes when I wake up, I feel my stomach thinking I still have the pouch and realize that it flat and feel elated! I love it! My best to all that are in the process of starting, currently and post journey,
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