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So for a long time I have not been too happy with...

So for a long time I have not been too happy with my crooked teeth, and I have finally decided to do something about it. I never wanted bracesin high school, because I did not like the way they looked, and still do not that is why I'm getting linguals on the top and ceramic on the bottom.
Went in for a consolation on October 7th of 2014 after reading many reviews on this website, and finally daring to go for myself and try and fix what has bothered me my whole life.

I chose to go with a real orthodontist after having a dentist try to push invisalign really hard on me, and I refused many times and she just would not stop. I knew I would get better results with real braces, and that I wanted lingual braces, not invisalign. So after doing my research I found a great orthodontist, and i met with him and felt comfortable and like I had found the right place. Dr. Shawn Miller is my orthodontists and Kelly is his amazing assistant, they are both great.

After consulting with them, we set up my date to take my impressions and that was done on October 16th of 2014. The procedure took all about 20 mins I want to say. Not the most pleasant feeling having the gooey purple stuff take impressions of my top teeth for my Harmony Linguals, but nonetheless it is bearable. They said it would take 8 weeks for my braces to come in, and if they came in any sooner they'd call to move up my appointment and fit me in sooner !!!! So we set up an appointment for December 12, 2014, and today they called me and said that my braces are coming in sooner, so they would like to see me a week before (Dec. 5, 2014) to have me fitted. In my case I am not opposed to having my teeth extracted, they went over with me that even when they align and make my teeth straight aesthetically my smile will still not be perfect because my teeth protrude, and my full lips and what not, make me an ideal candidate for extractions. I also still have my wisdom teeth in, they have not came out, and my ortho says i will actually most likely not even have to have them removed, if i have my extractions done, he says he thinks I will have enough room for them.

So I am just anxiously waiting for next Friday to come along and be able to write a review and let you guys know how it goes, and keep you updated on my journey!


Well these were not so fun to have done... But honestly my dentist did a great job.. It was just a little uncomfortable to do through, but I made it.

So far my teeth hurt bad some days.... I'm sure that is good though because if means the braces are working.

I can't say either hurts more than the other because they both hurt in different ways. The clear ceramic braces on the bottom hurt my gums, and the linguals hurt my tongue sometimes.
Either way something is always hurting lol, but honestly it is not too bad.. Wax is like heaven when I use it. I try not to though because I have to get use to it and so far I feel like I have.

Besides extractions I also got some power chains put on to begin closing my gaps... That hurt quite a bit. Must be the reason why my teeth are a little soar towards the extraction area.

I bought a waterpik which has been great I love that thing! I also carry a little bag with a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss,, and wax with me so I can always keep my teeth clean.. I haven't been able to get use to the feeling of food getting caught and stuck all around my mouth.. But it's all worth it.. Can't wait to see how my teeth will look in a few months and see progress now that I have room for my teeth to move!!!!

Appointment in two weeks..

I haven't written in a while because not much has haoownd. We are working on closing my bottom arch gap first before working on the top some more. My ortho said we are going to try with just chains, and see how my teeth do with those. However, he said he might place some anchors (implants, TAD's, whatever they are called) to help expedite the process if it's not closing as quickly as he would like them too.

I can speak a heck of a lot better now, every now and then I still lips a bit. It might because I get tired and lazy and do not try as hard to not lisp. I am over it though, I really don't care anymore, I realized I notice it more than other people do.

I'll post an update again after my appointment maybe then I'll have some better pictures from my ortho visit if not I will take some. I'm hoping in this visit they finally but my bottom teeth wire completely on, since I don't have it on my main 8 front teeth I wanna say.

Hmm well we will see how my next appointment goes :)

Nothing dramatic yet..

I totally blanked on posting a review after my last ortho visit, and I am finally getting around to it. So I went in and my ortho said my teeth are moving according to plan, he cinched (if that's the correct spelling) my canines in my top arch, the gaps there seem to be closing quicker I think. He said we are going to focus on straightening my bottom teeth out first before we do the top. I have noticed within the past couple days that I am getting little gaps in all my front teeth on the bottom arch which I hope is a good thing.. Next appointment hopefully I'll get a full wire all across my bottom teeth finally!!!! So far I've only had power chains on my teeth to close the gaps created by the extractions.. My teeth hurt on and off, and they seem to rotate on which side hurts when.. which is kind of nice so I can chew food on one side lol. Talking about food I am extremely happy I bought a waterpik that thing is amazing, gets everything out!!! So much gets stuck in the lingual braces that I wouldn't have even known about if it wasn't for my trusty waterpik getting it out.

I did want to mention I know some people get scared of extractions because of facial changes and what not, but I haven't noticed a change at all. Maybe it's because I had the ideal circumstances for extra rooms I don't know but my face looks the same I haven't noticed a change, at least not for the bad if there has been.

Well I have another appointment in 3 weeks I think March 24th I want to say, let's hope then I get my bottom wire on finally :)

Bottom wire finally on!!!

I had an appointment this last Tuesday, the 24th, and it went great. For starters my ortho had been working on spacing out my bottom teeth so I could finally have my wire put on all the teeth down there, and there was finally enough room. Wish I could post a picture of before the wire was put on because I had pretty big gaps, and soon after my wire was put on they began to close.. I lost my phone so there went all my pics and everything. Anyways, he also put on some metal ties to help began closing those gaps. Before my canines had been really bothering me because when they were spaced out they came out at am awkward angle that made them dig into my gums all the time, thank God for wax, now that hasn't been an issue and I have not had to put any wax on.

However, I have been in a lot of pain and today was the first day I was able to eat a real meal. It was still pretty hard to bite into anything, but I tried. I was so sick of smoothies and soft foods.

Another big thing he did is he put a spring in my top arch behind my two front teeth which are really crooked. He said it will help space them out to allow for room to bring them in straight, so I guess I can't wait for that gap..(sarcastic of course). It will get worse, before better I suppose lol. He also put metal ties up there he said I don't know where but he was explaining everything he did, I was just more focused on not being a baby from all the pain of pressure and tightness that comes with each appointment .

This probably was the most painful my teeth have been after going in. I was sore and sensitive for days. I couldn't even bite into a banana.. That should say it all. I had a minor lisp too for a few days because of that spring he put in. It's gone now though and my teeth feel a lot better today! I don't have another appointment until April 29th, and unless something drastic happens I probably won't post till then. Feel free to comment though or message me, I often visit the site. I'll attach some photos so you can see what the heck I am writing about !

New Gap, yay? lol.

So I decided to write because I have noticed that right next to one of my two front teeth, which are rotated, I now have a new gap! I want to say that the spring my ortho put in my linguals last time I went in is the reason I have this gap.. However, it is only on my right side since my left side continues to be a tad bit more stubborn..but it always catches up so I guess I just have to wait. Since I have that gap there, it is sort it of pushing my tooth out where the gap is (kind of hard to explain so I will post a picture so it is better understood).

Other than that, my bottom teeth still are a little gapped, but they are starting to straighten out.. I'm sure next time I go in I will see a lot more happen(: My main teeth all in the front area have been achey lately, so it has been hard for me to bite into food. Thank god for protein shakes, yogourt, mashed potatoes, and all soft foods in general lol :)

I have an appointment in less than two weeks. Every single time I go in I come out soar and in pain, but I'm excited to go in and feel my teeth in pain (cause I mean that's how I know they're moving and progress is being made).

I'll post then an update and hopefully more progress I made :)

5 months so far

This is going to be a short update, but went into my ortho's office last week and more chains on the bottom teeth to start getting them all lined up, straighter, and some to get my gaps from extractions closing more.. I picked color bands (was bored of clear).

What I am really excited about is the spring he had put in my linguals is making room in my front teeth, and next appointment I will be getting two brackets finally put on so we can begin rotating them back into place!! Since my teeth are moving fast, he's seeing me in 4 weeks rather than 5 so next update I'll let you know how that goes!

Top two brackets attached!!(:

Had an appointment this morning at 10am with my ortho. The only exciting thing that was done today was he attached my two front brackets, since he didn't have room to do so before, and had to put in a spring to make room. Now, finally we can begin rotating those two into place, and I'm one step closer to a straighter, healthier, better smile :)
Needless to say I'm quite soar, and sensitive, so it was a good thing I had a healthy breakfast, or I'd be dying right now..

I'm not due to go in for another 5 weeks, on July 1st... He said then he will change both top and bottom arch wires so I cannot wait for that!!! (: till then there's not much else to say.. I'll post again if I notice anything happen in these 5 weeks
And I'll attach pictures so y'all can see!

Patiently waiting..

Just waiting to go back to see my ortho.. Nothing new has really happened, my front teeth have been really soar. I cannot bite into things so I use my molars a lot, or cut things into small pieces. I have a dentist cleaning appointment next week that will be nice to get a deep clean. I try my best to floss, wash my teeth often, floss, waterpik, and all that good stuff but it will be nice to get a good clean in just to make sure.

The only thing I've really noticed is that my teeth are straightening out, but they're still flaring .. Hopefully with my new wires next appointment that will change.

7 month update

So I went in today and I had my top arch wire changed, as well as my bottom one. I don't have any more metal ties, chains, or anything on the bottom just a thicker wire. On my top wire I no longer have the plastic tubes for where my extraction sites are. My ortho explained that they were in before because the wire was so thin it could really cut my tongue a lot, so it was there to protect my tongue, but this wire is a little thicker so it shouldn't cut my tongue.

Something cool they did today was he did some IPR on my bottom front teeth so they fit better with my top. It's part of my treatment, and he said maybe he'd do a little more again later, but he thinks he won't have to anymore than the tiny bit he did today. I have tiny gaps in my main front bottom teeth again, but that was expected.

Aside from that nothing too crazy.. I go in again in 4 weeks (July 28) for both bottom and top wires to be changed again.. And we'll see what else happens :)

Definitely can see my teeth straightening out a lot! I smile a lot more :) which makes me really happy, because I didn't like smiling before. I was too self-conscious about my teeth.

8 months down..

I went into the Ortho last week, I had both my upper and lower arch wires changed. Currently in my lower arch I am now wearing stainless steel wires, and we are working on getting there with my upper arch as well. My ortho said now he will begin really closing the gaps from my extractions because he's found a good position for my bottom teeth that he likes. I'm excited to start seeing those spaces close up.
Also, my last appointment he did a chain on my top four teeth (linguals) which was interesting. I had started to get a gap, felt like I was rocking the "London Look" lol, but he chained those teeth up and began closing that up for me.
Not much else going on I guess .. Just working on getting my upper teeth all to their ideal position, and then we can began closing gaps, and idk what else .. I guess I'll find out when I go again in September.

9 month update

I just had my ortho appointment yesterday at 11 am. I honestly did not know what to expect this time around that I went in, I don't remember him telling me anything last time I was in, so I was in for a surprise yesterday for what would be going on in my mouth. This time he changed my top arch wire to a steel wire just like my bottom arch has. Also something new is now instead of ligatures on my bottom braces to hold the wire in place, I have a chain like elastic going across all my teeth. The elastic goes from my right molar, all the way through all my teeth, to the left molar. Same thing in my lingual braces going on, even though those don't have ligatures since they are self ligating, they have the doors to open and close, but they also now have those elastic wrap going all around. I am not sure what these elastics are for, but I am guessing it is to bring my teeth all in together. Till now I have felt like yes my teeth are getting straight, but they protrude or flare out slightly.. Maybe, this is what I think or am hoping for, these elastic things will help bring all my teeth in. I need to still research that a little more. I'm excited my ortho said we can really start closing my extraction gaps now that we have stainless wires on both top and bottom. My bottom steel wire was not changed this time around, I already have a pretty thick one they said. Maybe next time I will get a thicker one *crosses fingers*.

Something I haven't had before, and I do now, are rubber bands going from my top arch canines to my first molars on my bottom arch. My elastics are called "Fred" and are heavy duty. I did some research on these yesterday, and they are for class 2 bites, which are over bites from my understanding. I don't have a huge overbite, but none the less I do have one. They have definitely made my jaw really sore, but I am keeping them in to make sure I get my braces off as quickly as possible, and to make sure treatment goes as it should. I hadn't had this much pain after an adjustment in a while.. I had forgot how much my teeth could hurt. I am back to not eating any solids only smoothies, yogurts, mashed potatoes, etc..

I'm excited though to see more progress and change, my smile has improved drastically. I love smiling now, and it really helps having a nice smile at my new job. I am constantly speaking to people face to face, and it's nice being able to smile and not be embarrassed anymore.

Well next appointment is on the 6th of October, so unless something drastic changes.. I'll write again after that appointment.
I will post photos too, sadly my elastics didn't let me open my mouth enough to show you the inside views. I am still not the best at putting my elastics on, so I did not want to take them off lol.

Waiting for my next appoint.

Nothing new has really happened, at least I don't feel like it has. I have wore my elastics religiously, I never forget to put them back on, and I only take them off to eat meals, and brush, floss, all that good stuff. I try and leave them on even when I snack since they are a pain in the rear to keep taking off, and putting back on right after. I finally learned how to put them on without having to use a mirror, or look at myself doing it, I'm such a pro now!! I wonder how long I'm going to have to wear these for? Will it be for the rest of my treatment?? Will I only wear that pattern, because as far as I know I don't believe I have any other type of bite problems, but then again I am not the ortho.. So I guess I will ask next time I am in his office, which is in 2 weeks I want to say (13 days to be exact on Oct. 6th).

I'll attach some more pictures, but there isn't anything really different I don't feel yet.. Idk maybe since I see my teeth everyday I don't notice.. I guess my bite is a little bit better? Idk.

10 month update

Sorry it has been a while since I had time to post an update. So let's start with my last ortho appointment i had. I went in unsure of what we were going to do for this appointment, and well to my surprise it was not really anything new or exciting. We are still working on getting my extraction sites closed up, which they are slowly but surely as I always have to get my wires clipped at the ends. So that's good news (: This time again he kept me in the same arch wires on both top and bottom. He said they are still some of the strongest ones to have on to help close spaces, so we would keep the same ones. I just had my elastic chains replaced with some that I believe if i remember correctly he said were a little tighter? I can't remember now exactly what his words were, but I'm sure they just help add a little more force than the ones before. My ortho also still has me wearing my elastics, but instead of having me wear them from my canines to my first molar I now wear them to my last molar. He said that would help add more force to move my jaw for my overbite. I must say i have noticed my bite come in a good amount this time and my teeth feel like they fit better which is what we wanted so yay!!! I don't know how much longer i will wear elastics, but honestly they aren't as bad as some people make them seem. Granted I had a pretty decent bite before, only issue was my slight overbite.

One last thing to mention I have noticed that my extraction site for both top and bottom of my right side have both closed up, if not completely then like extremely close to it. I'm happy about that and cannot wait for my left side to catch up!!

Well till next time, I will post another update after my next appointment which is Nov. 11th!!

1 year update!!

So I totally forgot to update for my 11 month update, and now it has been a whole year! I see such a huge improvement, and it makes me so happy. My extraction gaps are basically non existent anymore. My teeth have straightened out so much, and we are just working on my bite and I'm not quite sure what else. I will know more once I go into my appointment this upcoming Wednesday.
There are minor little things that still we have to fix in my opinion, but I still have one more year with my braces so I am sure my ortho will work on it. I cannot believe how straight my teeth are, and how much I smile now! (:
I will post a mini update with what my ortho says we are still working on after my appointment.

1 year 2 months

I am so sorry it took me so long to post another update on here, I've been very busy with school and work, but I am getting to it now. I just went in to see my ortho a couple weeks ago, and he said that I might get my braces off sooner than he initially thought! I am very excited about this! Initially, Dr. Miller estimated treatment would take 21-24 months, and so far I have had my braces on for 14 months almost 15. Hopefully, that means that after summer maybe? Who knows for sure, but it's exciting to think of.

The last things we are working on is the baby gap I have on the bottom of my teeth, the front two, we have to close that. He said he sees a couple things he wants to perfect still, but so far my bite is good, and everything is going according to plan. I believe I am on the last wire for my bottom teeth, I do not believe that one will change anymore, but my top arch I possibly could have one or two more wire changes. I have not worn elastics since he told me to stop, and he hasn't mentioned me having to have them again. From the start, he said I had a pretty good bite, so I didn't really have an issue there. I know he said he wants to move one of my tooth's from the top still, as it isn't in the perfect position he'd like it to be, and I'm happy he's paying so much attention and detail to things.

I really hope when I do get these bad boys off he can shape my teeth, so they all are even and nice. That's something I would really love. They mentioned that in the initial consultation, but I don't know how these things work, so I really hope it will be done. Next appointment is on the 22 of March, so I'll let you guys know what he says, and what happens then!

1 year 2 months pics

The pics failed to upload with my last update.

1 year 4 Months

So I'm getting to another review finally! Last time I went in was about 2 weeks ago I wanna say, and some I did not know what to expect for the first time lol. So, the first thing we did was take a look at how my bite is doing. Dr. Miller had me bite down on some blue sheets of paper on each side of my mouth, and he said my bite is perfect. Previously, he had mentioned I might have to wear elastics again after he told me to stop wearing them, but now he thinks I won't have to at all. He changed my top wire, I believe he said the one I am wearing now is the one before my final top wire which is exciting news! I am already on the final wire for my bottom teeth, so I only get a new chain elastic put on each time I go in. However, I still have a baby gap down there between my main front two teeth. It's been there for a while now, but hopefully, that will close sooner rather than later. The last thing he did on this visit was he filed my teeth a little bit to better shape them. I was so happy he did a little bit, because I had a small chip on one tooth, and he just about fixed it. He said he would do more once they are off, but for now he just wanted to some light filing on my teeth.

That was about it for that appointment, I go in again May 6 in the morning, and I don't know what we will be doing, or working on then. He mentioned I am still very well ahead of schedule with the way things are moving so quickly. I'm hoping I can have these bad boys off by the start of summer, or end? If it doesn't happen though that's okay. I'd rather make sure my teeth are ready to be de-braced than speed the process up.

1 year and 5 months

So, it has been a while again sorry about that my last ortho visit my ortho bent my top wire so he could move one more tooth a certain direction, and he also tied my bottom teeth together with these string like things. My ortho mentioned he's really just waiting for those two things to get into proper position, and then I can have my braces come off. The little gap he's waiting on to close still is there, so I don't think I will be able to have them off by my next appointment June 10. Hopefully, though, by my following appointment after that (sometime in July) I will be able to take them off.

I cannot believe how much sooner than expected my braces are coming off by. Originally I was quoted 21-24 months, which I thought was fair enough given the over crowdedness and crookedness of my teeth, but I am so happy to know it will not have to be that long! I cannot wait to not have to worry about food stuck in my teeth, and having to brush all the damn time. Well I don't have much else to say, so I will write a quick update after my visit on Friday, June 10, and let you guys know the verdict.
Orange Orthodontist

Dr. Shawn Miller has been great so far! His staff is so nice, and sweet they make me feel comfortable when I go in for my appointments! Dr Miller always explains everything he is going to do and makes sure I understand, so I am aware of what is going on which I love! He tells me what i can hope and expect to happen by next time, and is always nice. The girls in the office that see me before the ortho are always nice, and do a great job at getting me started before the Dr takes over. I love visiting his office(: such a great place.. Can't wait to go in to my next appointments all the time. It's a good feeling going to my orthodontist !(:

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