Stick a fork in me, I'm done! Finally! My Mommy Makeover!!! - Orange, CA

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My husband - Ladies, I thought I would give a...

My husband -
Ladies, I thought I would give a husband's perspective on a mommy makeover.
My wife and I have three wonderful daughters to whom she's devoted her life to, not to mention putting up with me for the last 25 years. My wife is going to be 45 years old this year. She is 5' 7" and has gone from 290lbs. to 220lbs. She intends to be 205lbs. at time of surgery at the end of May 2013. My wife is comfortable in her size. SHE HAS & LOVES HER CURVES - And so do I. She'll never be a size 7, nor would does want to. Besides being a little heavy (by other peoples standards), she's quite healthy. The kids, weight loss, and age has left her with excess skin and sagging.
It's time for her to do something for herself. I completely support her. SHE DESERVES IT.
Procedures that are being considered are: tummy tuck, lipo on the flanks, and breast aug/lift. We are still doing multiple consultations in Orange County, CA. I think these procedures will take a beautiful woman to a full figured super model!
Ladies, if you're uncertain when you're ready to have some work done... Ask yourself these questions:
1. Are you trying to get to unrealistic weight because some chart tells you what you should weigh?
2. Are you trying to look like some image that society makes you try to become?

If your expectations are realistic, any procedure done will only enhance your beauty and give you more confidence.
Best of luck to you all. This site has been so helpful!
"From a loving and supportive husband."

Me -
Thank you Dear! I still can't believe that this is finally going to happen! :}
We will be posting some before pictures this weekend. :0

7 weeks to go! Hurry up and get here! I had a...

7 weeks to go! Hurry up and get here!
I had a total of seven consultations with doctors in the Orange County and Los Angeles County area. After all the time and effort, I chose Dr. Hisham Seify in Newport Beach, CA. The consultation, the time he spent with me, the explanation of the process and procedures, and "Tatum" the patient consultant convinced me that I found the surgeon for me. I continue my walks and my diet... I shouldn't use the word "diet." I watch what I eat but more than that, I watch the amount that I eat. For me, portion control is the key. The weight is coming down (though sometimes I feel that it is not fast enough).

4 weeks to go! Going for blood work tomorrow.

4 weeks to go!
Going for blood work tomorrow.

I have 3 weeks to go! I'm so excited! Hurry up...

I have 3 weeks to go! I'm so excited! Hurry up 5/24 get here NOW! Oh and my mom gave me money as a Mother's Day present to do some lipo on my legs! :). I also went for my blood work on Wed, got a portable potty, and my husband bought me a medical adjustable bed (just in case I need it). My daughter said she wanted it after we are done with it.
I'm stuck on my weight, I want to loose 20 more lbs before my surgery. I don't know what else to do, I'm watching what I eat and exercising. ARG!

4 1/2 Days to go!!!!!

4 1/2 Days to go!!!!
My husband thinks I'll look great in my same old clothes... So I'm posting this as another "before" pic, for him.

Just got home

It's done. Time to recover! Here's the preop pics and the picture I just took at home. Going to rest. Will check in tomorrow.


Ladies, I just experienced the hiccups... Ouch! That totally caught me off guard.
I'm feeling okay. I can walk to the bathroom and kitchen. My husband made a wonderful chicken stew. I was able to sit at the dining room table to eat my meal.
To my surprise, I received a call from my doctor. He wanted to follow up and see how I was doing. He called FROM HIS PERSONAL CELL PHONE! He said he'll see me soon, but if I had any concerns to call him at this number. Is this my imagination, or is this above and beyond? Especially during Memorial Day weekend!
I'm swollen, sore, amd sleepy because of the pain killers... But so impressed with Dr. Seify. I sent him a picture of how I look this morning (a little weird) and got to see my new body. It hasn't sunk in - that what I saw is me. My husband said "Wow." My daughter ( I'm lucky enough to have a real nurse in the family) said the incisions look fine, the drains are good, and nothing out of the ordinary.

1st look Idk

Full body picture. So much removed. It still hasn't sunk in...

Had my 1st po visit today.

Had my 1st po visit today. Dr. Seify said that I looked great! There was 9lbs of skin removed and 4lbs lipoed out. I feel awesome! I've been taking walks around the house, and have been going to the restroom regularly. I sometimes feel achy and a little tired, so I've been napping throughout the day. I will be posting some more pics tomorrow.

9 Days PO

9 Days PO. One drain out and one to go. For some reason, my second drain is now draining more per day. I was expecting to have my second drain removed tomorrow but I don't think I will. Too much fluid coming out.
I'm feeling okay - just get tired very easily. My incisions are very thin and the ones around my arreolas are basically invisible. I'm so happy with them. My implants are still sitting high. Started wearing my compression garments. They feel great. They really help.
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