21 Year Old Saline Implants - Really Want Them out - Orange, CA

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And so the journey begins. I have gained so much...

And so the journey begins. I have gained so much from reading the reviews on this site, it would be unfair not to return the favor.

Twenty one years ago, when I was very young and underweight (5'6" and 105lbs) I decided that I simply had to have breast implants. If I had only listened to my mother who told me that I just needed to gain a few pounds and I would look fine. I went from a size 32A to a full B cup. I was never looking to have porn-star boobs, just to fill out my clothes and bathing suits a bit better. I have had two children, breast fed them both, and gained 10 pounds since implanting. I'm really hoping for the best in terms of the final aesthetic result. Fingers crossed.

I guess you could say that mine has been a best-case scenario. I had no capsular constriction, no rupture, the look was natural...just no problems whatsoever. It is only within the last year that I have started to experience some weird symptoms that may or may not be related to toxicity from the implants. I have slight tingling in my arms, frequent urination, and seemed to have developed a case of restless leg syndrome. All of the symptoms are very mild and not debilitating in any way.

I want them out because after 21 years, I know that a rupture is looming in my near future. If I get re-implanted, then somewhere down the road, I will need yet another surgery. I just want to be done. Also, if my implants are beginning to make me sick, getting another pair is the last thing I want to do.

Ladies who are considering getting implants, I promise that your natural boobs are fine. If your partner doesn't think so then there's something wrong with him, not you. My heartfelt advise would be to not do it.

Anyway, I have my consultation appointment tomorrow with the same PS who implanted me, so I'll update soon after.

Consultation today

Today's consultation went well. My pre-op appointment is on July 16th and explant surgery will be on August 1st. I've decided not to have the capsules removed. I know some people wouldn't agree with that decision, but I'm more afraid of being under gereral anesthesia for an extended period of time and the added risks associated with a more involved surgery than I am of keeping in the capsules I suppose. Or I'm just a big chicken. If my implants were silicone or if I were very ill, I would have them removed, but under the circumstances, this decision feels right. Hopefully there won't be regrets down the road. I have enough of those to last a lifetime!

A dirty little secret about breast implants

There is a side effect of breast implants that is very rarely discussed. I'm not sure if everyone experiences it, but I sure did and so did my close friend from high school who got her implants just a few months ahead of me.
Getting implants had a negative effect on my sex life. I know that sounds counter-intuitive. It would seem that you'd have more body confidence, and your partner would find your sexy new curves appealing and everything would be great, but here's what happened to me.
My breasts became what I would describe as hyper-sensitive after being implanted. It actually almost hurts when they are touched. My husband doesn't appreciate having his hands swatted away, and the pleasurable feeling I once got when my breasts were touched is long gone. For reference, my incision was under the nipple.
My high school friend, who got implants right before me had a different but also negative change in the sensation of her breasts ,which also had an effect on her sex life. Her incision site was under her breasts and after implantation, her breasts became numb. It didn't irritate her to have them touched, as it did to me, but it no longer felt good.
I don't know if all women who have implants experience this, but there is no way you can have big bags placed in your chest and have no change in sensation whatsoever. I wish I had known of this before being implanted. It's probably the one thing that would have gotten through to my stubborn, young skull 21 years ago, and I'd really like to know what percentage of women experience this.

Explant tomorrow

I explant tomorrow morning. So busy cooking, cleaning and doing things I assume I won't be able to do for several days. It's keeping my mind occupied and the nerves away. I'll post after-pictures soon.

Well, they're out.

So I've been home for about an hour and the pain meds must still be in full effect as I am totally comfortable. However, I took a look at the results, and I'm devastated. Both breasts are totally concaved. I look more awful than I dared to even imagine. It's confusing to me because my implants were small (250cc) and I had breast tissue before implanting, although it would appear that I no longer have any at all. I have seen far better results on women who had implants way, way larger than mine. I can't even bear to post pictures today, although I wll in a day or two, despite how hideous I look. Sigh.

24 hours post explant

Well it's been 24 hours since I had my implants removed and there has been no pain worth mentioning. I haven't taken as much as an asprin. Energy level and apetite are fine and I was able to sleep pretty comfortably last night. All is well, with the exception of the result, which is my worst fears realized. I know I have to give it time (and what choice do I have anyway?). It was obviously naive of me to think that because my implants were small and I had a decent amount of breast tissue before implanting, I'd look ok after explant. As terrible as the pictures are, the actual realtiy is even worse. There have been some amazing transformations decumented on this site, though, so I'm trying not to panic yet, but it's tough.

Three days post-explant

Three days post. No fluff, no skin tightening, no change whatsoever. The only difference has been in my attitude. The depression has lifted despite my disappointing results. I've never had a bout with depression before; not even baby-blues after I had my boys, so that was something I was unprepared for. I guess I've just gotten used to the way they look now, and I'm tired of moping about it. Hopefully when I can wear a non-surgical push-up bra with the heavy artillery, pads, wires, whatever support I can get, they'll look a lot better in clothes. I need a good trip to Victoria's Secret!! The stitches and bandages will be removed on Tuesday, so that will be nice.

Day 8 - stitches removed

Well, today the bandages came off and the stitches were removed. The itching subsided almost instantly, which was a blessed releif! Also a relief is that I don't have to wear a surgical bra anymore and I can now sleep on my side. Taking baby steps to normalcy. I never fluffed or changed in appearance in any way after explant, so ladies, if you're expecting it, I hope it happens for you but please know that there is no guarantee. I don't even fill out an A cup for the first time since I hit puberty. For some reason, in the front -facing pictures, I look a lot bigger than I actually am, but you can see from the picture in the bra that I have absolutely no cleavage. Oh well, no use crying about it. Time to move on.

One month post

It's been one month since my explant. Where has the time gone? I still haven't experienced any type of transformation and don't expect to. There was no 'fluff' and I'm definitely smaller busted than I've ever been in my entire adult life. I barely fill out a 34A and in some bras there's a gap. That's ok with me though. I've completely adjusted. Do I sometimes feel wistful or a bit envious when I see a woman with big implants or even big natural breasts? A little bit, but then I quickly get over it. I don't have any excess skin...no deformities. There's a little asymmetry (left side is smaller) but I was that way before implants. I'm fine. Small, but fine. Good quality bras go a long way and I've bought several in my new size. When I'm wearing them, I really don't look all that different from when I had my implants. Of course, when you're naked you can't hide much, but there's only one person who sees me that way, and he, surprisingly, seems fine with things as they are. It's a great relief to know that I don't have those possibly toxic, ticking time bombs in me any longer. My only regret is getting implants to begin with. As far as the explant is concerned - no regrets whatsoever!
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